Truth behind Hauntings of Dumas Beach

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If you have ever checked list of “Top 10 Most Haunted Places of India” you might have came across hauntings of Dumas beach located in Surat city of Gujarat. We will tell you the truth behind it. First let know more about Dumas. Dumas beach is the most popular hangout place of Surat. Having lived in Surat my entire life, I have visited Dumas more than 500 times but I had never heard of Dumas being haunted until I read about it on the internet. Dumas is actually a village situated at the distance of 19 KM from the city.

Now coming to the story, one day we (team BuddyBits) were discussing about how Dumas is being portrayed as one of the most haunted places of India on the internet. Our team has always been fascinated about the supernatural. And having our headquarters in Surat city itself, we decided to find out the truth behind Dumas being the third most haunted place of India. We headed to Dumas with our cameras few months back. And we found out the reality. Before we tell you the truth, have a look at the stories being shared about Dumas.

Third Most Haunted Place of India, Dumas Beach (Surat)

It has being said on the internet that since the beach has been used as a burial ground by Hindus for several years, a lot of spirits reside here. If you will take a stroll along the beach at night, you may hear whispers of people talking when there is actually nobody around. In one article, disappearance of people from the beach is too mentioned. And it’s been said that the beach is full of spirits of dead people.

Dumas Haveli - Dumas Beach Most Haunted Places
Haveli in Dumas

These stories fascinated us, so we headed to find out the reality. Are stories about Dumas beach on the internet true? Do people disappear on the beach too? Read on to find your answers.

Truth behind the hauntings of Dumas Beach

We went to Dumas two times to investigate about the hauntings. First time we decided to go in a daytime so that we can have conversation with residents of Dumas village and second time at night so that we can see if hauntings are true or not!

Day One at Dumas Beach

On very first day, we went to Dumas around 6 PM with a DSLR camera. There are around four different beaches in Dumas, people mostly hangout on two of them. We first went to those two to talk with the residents. We went to local shopkeepers and asked them about the hauntings of Dumas. They all firmly denied to the news of Dumas being haunted. It was around 7 PM now. We then headed to the third beach, which is known by only some people. That beach is having a graveyard where Hindus were buried. We could see only one stall on that beach. We went to ask person on the stall about hauntings. He too denied to have such hauntings. Now we were waiting for the sun to set. We were waiting for the night; so we hung around till 11 in nearby places. Then we decided to go to the third beach again, where the graveyard is situated. Now it was time to capture some photos of the place. I tried capturing photos with my DSLR. But I could not capture a single picture as something went wrong with the flash light of my cam. We had to return that day.

Dumas Graveyard - Dumas Beach Most Haunted Places
Graveyard on the beach of Dumas

Day Two at Dumas Beach

We went on Dumas again, this time at night. And along with the DSLR, we also brought a Digital Camera. It was around 11. And we were roaming on the beach in search of paranormal activity. On day two, we found fourth beach. Which is around 300 meters away from the third beach. We went there. That beach is known by very few people. We were alone on that beach. We started wandering there. This time I captured some photos on the beach with my digital cam. The beach was so silent, it was dark all around. We had to use flash lights of our phones to see way ahead. We roamed there for an hour but couldn’t find anything except few photos. Day two ended. We left. We almost concluded that the stories being shared on the internet are made-up and not true. But the story took a turn.

I wasn’t able to see anything in the photos we took on the beach. I transferred all photos in my laptop. Again I couldn’t find anything in those photos. Then I searched about ghost photography on the internet and I came across a theory of Orbs. Orbs seen in a picture are the proof of presence of spirits in the picture as per internet. And ghost hunters use digital camera and take orbs to be sign of presence of paranormal activities.

Orb is unexpected, circular artifacts occur in flash photography. Round orb are caused by dust, angular cause by moisture or rain and moving orbs (looking like Meteors) are spirit orbs according to the internet.

I learnt about different kind of orbs and then I checked my pictures once again. I was stunned and freaked out to find spirit orbs in the photos we had captured. I don’t know if the orbs theory is true or not! But according to the theory, photos we clicked on Dumas that night was surly having presence of paranormal.

Dumas Ghost Presence Third Most Haunted Place
Captured at Dumas Beach on 19 May 2013
Dumas Spirit Presence Third Most Haunted
Captured at Dumas Beach on 19 May 2013

We don’t know if the Orbs theory really reliable or not. If the theory is wrong, not a single sign suggests Dumas being haunted.


After our investigation, we came on the conclusion that stories being shared on the internet about Dumas beach are exaggerated and irrelevant. Disappearance of people from the beach is totally incorrect. Some articles also claimed that those who have spent entire night have experienced whispering of unknown. We haven’t spent entire night there, so we can’t comment on that. But the fact that Hindus are buried on the beach is correct. And if we believe the orbs theory, presence of paranormal activity on the beach can be correct too! But stories on the internet are totally made-up and fake. That’s what we concluded from our investigation.

We don’t know if Dumas is actually haunted or not but it is surely a scary place at night. When you are alone on the beach of Dumas at night, even whining of dogs can scare the hell out of you!

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  1. Really nice write up. Did you take more photos too? Please share them too, and what do you mean that you were not able to see anything in the photos? It is fairly common for the photos taken at night to be not able to see anything.

    Also, next time if you can , take a digital camera without flash with you so that you can see the preview of the photo you took instantly. That way you can confirm what is wrong. Also try capturing a video.

    1. I M local of this place. This story is totally fake. There is no paranormal activity at Beach. We often Times spent there full night. There was a shamshanghat there and all city has that. In Hindu after death there is a agnisanskar procedure. That’s all.

  2. Hindus are buried??? really?
    Not cremated?
    Please clarify , why Hindus were buried there , even when it is against Hindu belief!!!

    1. Yes. Hindus were buried in Dumas in stead of cremation. That is the reason behind these stories of Dumas being haunted. We don’t exactly know the reason behind it.

      1. Local people of dumas n nearby villages have religious groups called jugat. Those who join jugat are buried or cremated as per their wish. Its all local tradition. These groups worship tenth avatar of vishnu.

      2. aapne bola ki 3rd or 4th beach hai to wo kaha hai??
        or esa to kabhi nahi suna ki dumas me itne beach hai

  3. If u dont mind can i join ur grp for such a haunted journey
    Well my self mandeepsinh solanki

    1. Yes you can, pls come to vadodara and fill the form and deposit 1.00 lakh for safety and you will be the part of furter jounery

  4. I have heard bout dumas too and even i have one more place for u nishit please try to visit if u can its near vadodara named as karjan try to visit i heard stories that couple of decades back there was a train accident many people died on that spot. So i heard that u can hear shouts of that people and crying of ladies and childrens. I m not sure this is true or not but i discuss this with many people of vadodara they added a positive response to this incident and added more ingredients to this incidents. So take a look with ur style

  5. I know many haunted places near vadodara cause i used to check them when i was in college but didnt go through any of them.
    I ask about this confusion so people used to say me about CHAUGARDIYA mythology term.

  6. i think you have to stay at Dumas in some old villa or on beach camping for knowing more about that paranormal activities, but make sure when you staying there area. dint inform local people, you stay as a tourist.

  7. That’s my turn now to check up paranormal activity..!and I send pic too on buddy bits ,thanks buddy bits..!

  8. I don’t think it is so called ‘haunted’..I think haunted word should not exist..there is nothing haunted or any kind of that..I can spend whole night at that beach alone…

  9. wow guys it was a very very interesting investigation that u guys did,
    i felt you people did an excellent job…
    because me too get fascinated by these kinda stories

    tell me more i you do anything more interesting.
    God bless you guys.

  10. I am from Surat, and almost every Sunday I use to visit there, n to be very honest I didn’t experience such things yet, bt yeah thr are lots of incidents happened with my surroundings too. And completely no idea about night time.

  11. Try to visit alone and explore the beach urself but without any Camera, I think so there might be some truth.

  12. Orbs are the effects of dust particles in the air. and pictures shot in beach with digital camera in flash mode always has it. not only in Dumas beach but u can try it in any beach. it is because of strong wind.

  13. Hey I wud like to know more about this beach as I found this beach a perfect or an interesting location for my story. If u can please tell me more about this beach . I hope for ur reply

  14. Its almost truly believed by me that it was haunted,but this truth found from the internet has really made me relieved regarding this, thanks for this post..

  15. Hey Nitish Jariwala
    i am from surat
    according to your information…
    7 years ago, i and my sister were also at that dumas beach at night time
    and at that time when we are returning home I GOT PEE and i and My sister goes to the alone area away from the stalls and vendors
    and at that time..
    I and my sister saw a light rays which were coming from the sky from center and spreading to my area
    and at that time
    we saw everything SAME as you have mentioned in your article
    and 7 years ago ,i was 10 years of age
    so i dont remember much things but my sister remember one thing that
    when she saw to that rays coming from the sky,she put her hand in light rays and she noticed one strange thing that
    and she coudnt able to saw to the sky for that light rays because it was so bright
    and we suddenly ran away from there
    and 25 seconds later when we are nearly about 50 m far from that area

    We dont know exactly , if it real or fake
    but at that time there is a presence of two person who saw same thing.

  16. I don’t want to share disbelief or to scare people but yes I have felt some unusual energy in the day time even before knowing the news about Dumas being haunted. I have gone a number of times after that incident obviously then I was accompanied by friends but Yes there must be something which is being not made public yet. Surat is superbly fast growing city with such big seashore I really don’t understand any reason they haven’t spend money to develop Dumas. I believe the rate with which Surat has grown Dumas is exactly ignored at that rate otherwise a city that is so popular and so developing can definitely spend money to build a good sea shore!

  17. just because of dog holing & captured some blare photos you can not ask anyone that place is scary can you have any other avoidance than show us than we will thing about it

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