Ajaz Khan thrown out of Bigg Boss 8 for beating Ali Quli Mirza?

Ajaz Khan thrown out of Bigg Boss 8 Halla Bol

Extended series of India’s most popular TV reality show Bigg Boss, Halla Bol started on Sunday with new host Farah Khan. Top five finalists of eight season, Karishma Tanna, Pritam Singh, Ali Quli Mirza, Dimpy Mahajan and Gautam Gulati will now compete against five challengers Ajaz Khan, Sana Khan, Mahek Chahal, Sambhavna Seth and Rahul Mahajan. All five challengers have now entered in the house and started fights already. In the precap of 5th January’s episode we saw Sambhavna throwing shoe on Dimpy and Ajaz getting violent on Ali.

Ajaz was entered in the show as a challenger a week back and since then he was seen irritating and ragging Ali. He even provoked Ali. And in tomorrow’s sneak-peek we saw him beating Ali. According to our sources Ajaz Khan has already been thrown out from the show for beating Ali Quli Mirza in the house. Yes, Ajaz Khan has been shown door of the house for getting violent on a co-contestant. Physical violence is against the rules of the show and according to the contract of Bigg Boss, they can evict contestant for attacking on co-contestant. So Ajaz Khan is in real danger if he has really attacked on Ali Quli Mirza.

Ajaz Khan thrown out of Bigg Boss 8 Halla Bol for attacking on Ali Quli Mirza
Ajaz Khan and Ali Quli Mirza in Bigg Boss

In past, we have seen several contestants getting violent on the show. And Bigg Boss threw out all of them from the show for violating the rule. Kamal R Khan, Kushal Tandon, Imam Siddique are some of them. Also in eight season, Puneet Issar was thrown out of the house for getting violent on Arya Babbar. But later, all made a comeback. Sonali slapped Ali in same season but she was saved. I don’t think Ajaz Khan will be spared if he has beaten Ali. Because how many contestants can Bigg Boss save in a single season?

Well, for now let’s wait for tomorrow’s episode to see what happens to Ajaz Khan. Till then stay tuned to BuddyBits.com. Follow BuddyBits on Facebook,Twitter, Google+ and download our Free Android App for more gossips and insights from Bigg Boss and more.

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