eCommerce War in India: Flipkart VS Amazon India

Major eCommerce companies in India strikes a new milestone that has a track record of $1 billion in the funds that are the latest. In less than twenty hours of this declaration, the 1000 pound gorilla of the things that are sold on the web Amazon tracked it up with 2 billion dollars in fresh investment obligation in the India. Keep in mind that the company is paying salaries to the employees on the account of service offerings and including a set of human skills are also taken as the best investment and by both companies that employ thousands, a large amount of money might be easily about paying salaries.

Furthermore, this might as well encompass the credited worth of discounts to be provided to customers from different parts of the country. Nonetheless, the numbers are large and have only increased the decibel levels in the online commerce sector in India. Take a look at how the Flipkart and Amazon are hoarded against each other, when it comes to the web based commerce in India in terms of several relative metrics and many other types of features.

Products offered

Flipkart VS Amazon India
Amazon India Homepage Snapshot

Amazon declares that in only more than a year it had gathered a lot of suppliers to offer as many as seventeen million items on this website. But there are no evidences whether this shows the SKU (Stock Keeping Units), but that is what it most probably means. While on the other hand, Flipkart has been in operations for almost 7 years from now, appears to be on a weak thing as they have stocked more than 15 million items.

Flipkart VS Amazon India
Flipkart Homepage Snapshot

But the main question arises to create a difference is that how much are they capable of selling, but in terms of providing to the customers. When you see the statistics, Amazon sounds to have performed well as compared to the Flipkart. But there are no as such details shared by the Flipkart about how many customers they have in the country. Due to all these reasons, you cannot compare both of them. In comparison, Flipkart has the 22 million registered users that make more than 4 million visits on a daily basis. They are delivering five million shipments in every month, which is considered as a big success in the online business world.

Comparison in terms of selling

Flipkart has sold the $1 billion GMV run rate. It means that the Flipkart hassold this amount of money for the next 12 months. While on the other side, the Amazon does not provide any kind of detail about the India-specific numbers, but the main persons of the company said that at the recent growth rates and current scale, the country is on the path to be its quickest country ever to reach 1 billion dollars in gross sales.

Interest in the online business world

When you see the additional insights of both the companies, when it comes to the online business world, it has been clearly shown. Flipkart has been below the radar for above 5 years,but really acquired only 3 years ago. Amazon has been developing at about the same speed as its rival after its introduction in the month of June in the year 2013. Though, it appeared to have attaineda speed in April the current year and crossed the rival company.

Flipkart First VS Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime VS Flipkart First
Amazon Prime

There is no a huge comparison between both of them, as Amazon Prime, the Amazon’s paid membership program, is not still present in the country. Though, the Flipkart has obtained a head start with the release of its own edition of the premium membership previous month. However, it has limited benefits to one supplier, it controls to stand firm against the Fulfilled of the Amazon by Amazon service under which users are already obtaining the free deliveries for most of the products that are sold on the platform.

Amazon Prime VS Flipkart First
Flipkart First

In contrast, the Flipkart First is recently restricted to subsidized or free delivery advantages for a part of its product collection, in spite of an early access to the most popular products. The company has obtained the platform to do it again. But getting attempted and exited the digital music shop, it would be confront for the company to embroider such types of content deals that are moving forward.

Both the companies have a strong reputation in the market. They are trying to meet the demands of the users to fullest. They are trying to perform a couple of months above the line, but the results are not up to the mark.

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Flipkart VS Amazon India
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