Gautam Gulati to be crowned as the winner of Bigg Boss 8

Gautam Gulati to be crowned as the winner of Bigg Boss 8?

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Eight season of the most popular TV reality show Bigg Boss is the most biased season ever, audience agrees too. Starting from day one, creative team of the show and hosts are openly favouring Gautam Gulati and bashing Karishma Tanna on the show.

In very first week, when Gautam Gulati abused co-contestant Karishma Tanna, she took a stand against him and asked to punish him. All house-mates stood with her. But the host criticized Karishma and house-mates in stead of criticizing Gautam for abusing a girl on national television. Starting from that week, Salman Khan supported Gautam and bashed Karishma throughout the season. Gautam flirted with Sonali Raut, almost made out with Diandra Soares and after getting footage from two, he ditched both of them on the show. But again host didn’t say a word to him in Weekend Ka Vaar. Upen’s lip-licking was a bigger issue for Salman Khan.

Even the creative team of the show was openly favouring Gautam. Remember Gautam City? A task dedicated to a contestant? Have you ever seen such task in the history of Bigg Boss? Bigg Boss Khabri, who is official blogger of the show was also biased towards Gautam. She was praising him openly in her blogs. They sent Gautam’s mother and brother both in the show to encourage him, while some contestants didn’t even get a chance to meet their family once. Each and every guest sent to the house was seen praising Gautam. Is it really possible that in a country of billion different minds, all guests like same contestant? Puneet Issar, the most negative contestant of Bigg Boss 8, got praised even after attacking on co-contestants, abusing and back bitching about other house mates throughout the season. Why? Because he was the only support of the hero, Gautam Gulati.

Gautam Gulati to be crowned as the winner of Bigg Boss 8
Gautam Gulati during task Gautam City

Snapdeal callers (who call contestants to bash them) always called those contestants who were against Gautam Gulati. Gautam, Puneet didn’t receive a single call for so long. When Pritam and Praneet were with Gautam, they didn’t get a call. But the day they left P3G, they started getting calls fron Snapdeal callers. And when our article 10 Reasons Why Bigg Boss is a Scripted Reality Show went viral on social media, Snapdeal caller instantly called Gautam Gulati. But instead of bashing him, she encouraged him. Have you ever seen any other house mate getting praised by Snapdeal caller?

Salman paired Pritam Singh with Karishma Tanna to make fun out of it. And when Karishma refused to be paired with Pritam, Salman walked off from the stage stating that Karishma is unsporting. You didn’t utter a word on Gautam ditching two girls on the show and you want to pair Pritam and Karishma forcefully? Why is it so Salman Khan?

Gautam was criticized by audience after Diandra kissed him in the bathroom. So as we were expecting, Diandra got evicted next week. Because she was harming image of Gautam Gulati, the hero. Diandra was disappointed with Gautam while leaving the show for not accepting relation with her. But after a week, Diandra was sent back in the house as a guest to praise Gautam. Diandra who got rejected by Gautam on national television, praised Gautam when entered as a guest. She bashed Karishma and Upen, who were her best friend, when she entered as a guest. She was clearly brainwashed by the creative team of Bigg Boss to praise Gautam.

Farah Khan who recently took over the show as a host, said in an interview before entering that her favourite contestant is Gautam Gulati and she thinks Karishma Tanna is irritating. We thought she will be neutral to all housemates, but she bashed Karishma Tanna unnecessarily in her first Halla Bol episode. She praise Gautam even after he didn’t actively participate in tasks. Bigg Boss audience opposed Farah Khan and supported Karishma Tanna on social media. #StopTargetingKarishma was trending on Twitter for several days.

Seeing continuous efforts by Bigg Boss’s creative team and hosts, we can only conclude one thing. They might just crown Gautam Gulati, winner of Bigg Boss 8. What do you think? Tell us in comments.

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