Karishma Tanna fans go against Farah Khan, defends Karishma!

Karishma Tanna fans go against Farah Khan, defends Karishma!

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It has been more than 120 days since contestants are locked in the house of Bigg Boss. Eight season of the most popular reality show is the longest running season. And as we all know, Karishma Tanna is being targeted by hosts of the show from very first week. In the first part of the show, Salman Khan was constantly seen bashing Karishma Tanna on weekends. And even in the second part, now Farah Khan is seen taking Karishma’s classes.

Karishma Tanna, actress of 100 crores collector Grand Masti has always been in limelight since the day she has entered in the house. Intentionally or unintentionally she has always been part of all major fights of the show. She has given maximum content to the show, be it fights or a love angle with Upen or taking stand against the host. She has excelled in all tasks on the show according to Salman Khan and a the same time, we have seen Salman unnecessarily bashing her every weekend from the first week itself. And after twelve weeks, when she broke down and couldn’t control tears, we saw Salman Khan walking off the stage calling her unsporting. After the incident, Karishma Tanna fans went against Salman Khan and defended Karishma on social media. At that time #ISupportKarishma was trending on Twitter in support of Karishma.

Karishma Tanna Trending on Twitter
#StopTargetingKarishma trending on Twitter

Then Farah Khan took over the show from 4th January, 2015 and second part of the show Halla Bol began. We thought Farah will be fair and unbiased host. But she proved us wrong. Farah Khan was also seen bashing Karishma Tanna unnecessarily in Saturday’s episode. She blamed Karishma for spoiling image of Rahul Mahajan; but in fact Rahul was flirting with Karishma for quite long time even if she didn’t like it. It seems like bullying Karishma Tanna and portraying her as a villain is the part of the show. They can’t telecast a single weekend episode without insulting Karishma Tanna.

When Farah Khan bullied Karishma in 17th January’s episode, Karishma’s fans again supported her on Twitter. They all went against biased host Farah Khan and twitted defending Karishma Tanna. #StopTargetingKarishma is trending on Twitter right now. (11:50 PM, 18 January 2015)

We don’t know if Karishma bashing will stop in Bigg Boss or not. We don’t know if the show makers will stop targeting her or not. But the way Bigg Boss viewers are supporting Karishma Tanna and going against biggies like Salman Khan and Farah Khan, we are pretty sure that Karishma Tanna will fly higher after the show. For now, have a look at some of the tweets in support of Karishma Tanna.

Twitter Fans to Rescue Karishma Tanna

This is not all. Have a look at the video made by a fan!

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