Puneet Issar will get evicted from Bigg Boss on 15th Week

Puneet Issar will get evicted from Bigg Boss on 15 week 3 January 2015

Our last prediction for Dimpy’s eviction from Bigg Boss 8 went wrong! Upen Patel got evicted instead of Dimpy in mid-week eviction on 15th week. And we know why! Rahul Mahajan, Dimpy’s ex-husband is entering in the show as wild card on 4th January, 2015! So obviously they are gonna need her for the content. And they are also saving Sonali Raut for some unknown reasons. She has survived more than 13 nominations, came back after eviction in first week and didn’t get eliminated after slapping co-contestant Ali Quli Mirza. (Violence is against the rules of the show. They have thrown out some contestants for getting violent on co-contestants in past seasons.). So we think she has some connection in the show. Anyway, coming to the fifteenth week of the show, this was supposed to be the final week of the show. But as we broke the news, the show is getting extended for a month. So the show will go on and finale will be happening in February, 2015!

Puneet Issar during a task in Bigg Boss
Puneet Issar during a task in Bigg Boss

This week all seven contestants are nominated for eviction from the house of Bigg Boss 8. And as we said earlier, Dimpy Mahajan and Sonali Raut are safe this week because of the mentioned reasons. Now coming to the rest of the contestants, Gautam Gulati and Karishma Tanna are the strongest and most favourite contestants on the show. They both are potential finalists of Bigg Boss 8. So they won’t get evicted for sure. Pritam Singh is also one of the potential finalists of the show. Ali Quli Mirza is an entertainer in the show. But Pritam and Ali will be in bottom three along with Puneet Issar according to me. Puneet Issar will be eliminated from the show on 3rd January, 2015!

Two Evictions on 3rd January, 2015!

This Saturday they will probably eliminate two contestants. First one is Puneet Issar’s eviction and second will come out as a shock for viewers according to BuddyBits. If they are eliminating two contestants, Pritam Singh or Ali Quli Mirza will get eliminated along with Puneet Issar. Pritam Singh is believed to make it in the finale, but he is giving least amount of content comparing to rest housemates, so Pritam’s chances of getting evicted from the show is higher comparing to Ali Quli Mirza.

Let’s have a look at the eviction ratio this week.

  1. Puneet Issar (50%)
  2. Pritam Singh (30%)
  3. Ali Quli Mirza (20%)
  4. Dimpy Mahajan (0%)
  5. Sonali Raut (0%)
  6. Gautam Gulati (0%)
  7. Karishma Tanna (0%)

10 our of 13 of our eviction prediction for Bigg Boss 8 have came out to be true so far! We will be giving exclusive bits from Bigg Boss till the finale. For more insights and stories around the world, stay tuned to BuddyBits.com. Follow BuddyBits on FacebookTwitterGoogle+ and download our Free Android App for more gossips and insights from Bigg Boss and more.

Past Predictions

Week Our Prediction Eviction Remark
2 Sukirti Kandpal Sukirti Kandpal Correct
3 Pritam Singh Deepshikha Incorrect
4 Soni Singh or Natasha Stankovic Natasha Stankovic Correct
5 Soni Singh or Sushant Givgikar Soni Singh Correct
6 Sonali Raut or Minissha Lamba Minissha Lamba Correct
7 Sushant Divgikar Sushant Divgikar Correct
8 Arya Babbar Arya Babbar Correct
9 Nigaar Khan Nigaar Khan Correct
10 Renee Dhyani Renee Dhyani Correct
11 No Eviction No Eviction Correct
12 Upen Patel Diandra Soares Incorrect
13 Praneet Bhatt Praneet Bhatt Correct
15 Dimpy Mahajan Upen Patel Incorrect

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Puneet Issar will get evicted from Bigg Boss on 15th Week

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