Rekindle your passion!

1 min

Things that fascinate, you attract, you pull you toward themselves are not ordinary.

They are your callings, things you are passionate about.

Humans have a knack for choosing precisely the things that are bad for them

So this year fall in “self” love

Fall for “self” happiness and become a little selfish

Go pursue the things that make your world a little brighter because to be extraordinary you need to do something extra than the ordinary

Millions of laymen have been stuck with the same mundane routine, a rat race for mince and meat

This year change your perspective follow what your heart craves

Monitory gains will come along sooner or later

People who follow their passion have always I repeat ALWAYS been a subject of criticism and violent opposition from the mediocre minds

Hide fire within you like the stars; work in silence let success make the noise for you

Overcome the fears of the society break the monotony stop being stereotypes

So what you are a man who wants to be an amazing makeup artist

Go ahead

So what you are a lady who wants to join the navy

Remember all the differences the tag the labels are man made

Your passion will give you the strength to encounter every single obstacle will push you towards marvelous things and you’ll emerge stronger and more valiant every single time

Passionate human soul is the most powerful weapon

Anything that sets your blood racing is worth doing

But if you fall in the trap of your own chaotic socially influenced intellect not your own conscious will spare you the regret

Defy the logic, defy the reasoning,

Rekindle your fire

Because the things that fascinate you are not random, they’re your callings the things you’re passionate about.

Niharika Suneja
A person who's parked diagonally in a parallel universe, part time music lover, drools over men with beard, a funjabi and yoga yoga Mujhse Nai hoga! Can we just skip to the part of my life where I travel the world ? Please.