Upen Patel to re-enter in Bigg Boss 8

Upen Patel is re-entering in Bigg Boss 8 as Wild Card!

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Last week Ajaz Khan was removed from the show for violence against co-contestant Ali Quli Mirza. Since then it was a buzz that he might re-enter in the show. And Imam Siddique was too said to have a chance to enter in the show after Ajaz’s eviction. But the news we recently got might shock viewers. Neither Ajaz Khan nor Imam Siddique, Upen Patel is re-entering in the house of horror as a wild-card entry.

Upen Patel who got evicted two weeks back from the show will now be seen entering in the show again as a wild-card. He was calm and composed in the show for thirteen weeks. But he lost calm on thirteenth week and shown his snappy side when got cornered by house-mates. Upen Patel and Karishma Tanna’s friendship on the show was very strong. When evicted, Upen said he would like to see Karishma winning the show.

When asked, he conformed the news saying “It feels great to go inside the house again. Now, I will try my best to win the show.”

According to BuddyBits, Upen Patel will be on the side of challengers. Which means, he will be on the opposite side of her best friend Karishma Tanna, which can cause some damage to their friendship. But that’s what Bigg Boss wants.

Upen will be seen entering in the house on 12th January’s episode. For more insights and stories around the world, stay tuned to BuddyBits.com. Follow BuddyBits on FacebookTwitter, Google+ and download our Free Android App for more gossips and insights from Bigg Boss and more.

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