A Year Full of Stories

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Every year, every December,

Year after year, decade after decade

We sit an evaluate think about how the entire year treated us

Was good?

Was it bad?

Was it all worth it?

But what we all often forget is that

“We’re all stories in the end”

Often our own mind creates scenarios

Scenarios too good to be true.

But what do you do when the most real part of your life turns out to be delusional??


GOOD news: nothing is permanent

BAD news: nothing is permanent

Neither your worries nor your joys

Neither your happiness nor your sorrows

So what makes a man completely bloated in his pride?

What material possessions give him an ego boost?

So strong that even the being same as him

Appear smaller in multiple magnitudes

To his pride

Are we all going to take this with us?

Are all the lands, the expensive jewelry you bought

The designer couture be a part of your after life?

(A BIG BIG no)

So this time instead of evaluating the year

Let’s evaluate ourselves

All the good that happened to us

All the bad that happened to us

Will just be stories

Stories that molded us

Stories that made us who we are

Given a chance of changing one life event

Just one

Would you risk losing it all?

So let’s say 2014 was a year full of stories

Stories that we created

Stories that molded us


“We’re all stories in the end”


“We’re all just ashes in the end.”

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Niharika Suneja
A person who's parked diagonally in a parallel universe, part time music lover, drools over men with beard, a funjabi and yoga yoga Mujhse Nai hoga! Can we just skip to the part of my life where I travel the world ? Please.


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