10 Excuses We Make to Eat Maggi

10 Excuses We Make to Eat Maggi

Maggi is the yummiest food ever invented. Taking from a 5 year old kid to a 65 year old grandma, no one can resist Maggi. Check 10 excuses we make to eat Maggi.

  1. Nothing tastes better than Maggi at 2.00 AM!
  2. No one has more than 2 minutes to cook on the night before exams.
  3. I am 15 and I can’t cook, but I want to make dinner tonight. So let’s make Maggi.
  4. Breakfast, lunch, dinner or any time snack; Maggi is the only item that can be eaten at any time and no one will question me about it
  5. Bringing Maggi in the school tiffin makes me a popular kid.
  6. Even though the recipe for Maggi is simple, the road side vendor has 20 variations of Maggi which are hard to resist.
  7. At 10 Rs. per pack, Maggi is really affordable especially for hostel students!
  8. I can use my cooking skills to make different Maggi dishes.
  9. Maggi packs are available everywhere; taking from Supermarkets to small stores.
  10. In the battle between “Food I don’t like” vs “Maggi” during meal time, Maggi always wins.

I love Maggi. Do you love Maggi? Add your crazy excuses to eat Maggi in comments below. 😀

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