Dear Crush, you ruined my life, Seriously!

Dear, Crush You ruined my life, Seriously!

It was not a long time when I fell in love, but I broke up. I was badly hurt. I was sad. I felt sick and I became groggy. I tried out things to get my life back. I tried music. I tried watching movies. Someday reading, too. Sleeping was the best one though. Nevertheless, later I recovered, writing was the best part to make myself happy. My soul felt happy when I penned down my feelings. I felt relieved from all the sorrows and  pain I was going through.

I just got my life back and my very good friend introduces me to the Crush! Until then I was almost doing good with my life. I was trying new things in my routines. I was pretty good with my destructed life. However, crush gained all of my attention. It became center stage of my life. Moreover, crush became not only my crush, but my love and my life. Yes, “The Candy Crush” you got it right !!!

I started playing it deliberately. Day and night without thinking of anything I gave my efforts to finish all the stages and levels pumping in all the hurdles. I started competing with my brother and friends. It drew my attention even at late nights just to complete a level and get on the highest stage. I became a star amongst my nephew’s & friends as I was the only one on the highest level in the game. I spent many sleepless nights in just a thought of how to finish it in countable moves and life. I used to become impatient when I am lifeless. I got the real meaning of LIFE when I used to have no life. It actually feels lifeless when you have no life to play Candycrush. I used to ask for a life to my friends like a clumsy beggar. I sent invitations to thousands of people without knowing that how annoying it is to get a notification about it on every next hour. And all of a sudden on one random day one of my friends (On whom I had a huge crush) got angry at me for sending him unwanted requests. That was the day I felt in life that I am doing something wrong. I felt this real life which I was finding in this cracky game was actually a real fake.

I realized how I have stopped everything that gave me real happiness. I stopped reading. I hardly had any new book on my bookshelf. There was not any good song in my playlist. My diary has dozens of dust on it and I had lost the track of writing in it. I forgot the real me in me. In addition to it, that was the day I challenged candy crush, you can no longer be in my life. You are a part of my life, but you can’t be my life. And you actually ruined my life, seriously.

My crush crushed my crush on candy crush!

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Shaily Shah

Despite of being a Biotechnologist, she aims to be a writer. She is an ardent reader and loves blogging. She enjoys writing short stories. Having a curious mind, she observes people a lot and is extremely talkative.

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