You may lose faith in Superheroes after watching this video!

Its a bird, its a plane, its superman..oh no wait there’s spider-man too and guess what?!? They are dancing? This video illustrates how has bollywood evolved and no wonder why some of our movies are as stupid as this video! Just have a look!

Still alive?

Are you still breathing? You might want to check another heart throbbing item number. No Munni, No Shiela, It’s Sunny on the floor. Sunny Deol! Click here.

Shalin Shah
A social worker by heart, an entrepreneur by mind. An infidel, though worships Sachin Tendulkar. A casual gamer, loves to eat but can't cook. An art lover, eat sleeps and breaths football. Wishes to have dinner with Sir Richard Branson once in his lifetime. A wallflower. Movie enthusiast too.