Modi’s Suit and Kejriwal’s cough broke Digital Media Yesterday!

Modi’s Suit and Kejriwal’s Cough broke Digital Media Yesterday!

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Breaking news number 1: Narendra Modi suit auction: Surat based NRI bids Rs. 1.21 crore for suit.

Breaking news number 2: Kejriwal’s chronic cough: Modi advises Delhi CM to consult Bengaluru doctor.

Yesterday whole day, these two news were talk of the town on Social and Electronic media. Big buzz was created on Modi’s suit. A Surat-based textile businessman bid a whopping 1.21 crore INR in an auction today for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s controversial pinstripe monogrammed suit that he wore during US President Barack Obama’s visit to India last month.

Along with this suit 455 items that Narendra Modi had received as gifts during his nearly nine-month long tenure have been put for auction to generate funds for the Prime Minister’s ambitious ‘Clean Ganga Mission’. But big controversy was created because of that suit.

Opposition parties like Congress and AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) are taking a swipe at the prime minister.  Not just today, Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi also had raked up the issue of Modi’s expensive suit during the campaign for Delhi assembly polls in which BJP was routed. He had said the suit cost Rs. 10 lakh and exposed the PM as a leader disconnected from the millions who live in abject poverty in the country.

Second news was about Arvind Kejriwal’s chronic cough problems.

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi has advised Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal to consult a Bengaluru based doctor for treatment of his chronic cough problems. The advice came during the “At Home” function organized to mark the raising day of Delhi Police in New Delhi which was attended by President Pranab Mukherjee, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and other dignitaries.

During the function there was a discussion about Arvind Kejriwal’s chronic cough problems and Narendra Modi showed his concern towards Kejriwal and asked him to consult Dr. Nagendra in Bengaluru. Modi said that Dr. Nagendra is an expert in curing chronic coughing and assured Kejriwal of an early cure.

Both these incident are very small and shouldn’t be treated like any national issues but electronic media was continuously showing this news under their trade mark “Breaking News” policy.

“Modi advices Kejriwal to consult a doctor”, “Modi suit sold for whooping Rs. 1.21 crore”.

Along with this these news were also trending on social media with hash tags like #ModiSuit and #ModiAdvice.

We are not against this news, but we just want to say that this kind of news isn’t as important as it was projected on digital media. There are so many important issues with which countryis currently dealing. Biggest of them is Swine flu. Swine flu deaths reaches 663 mark and affected crossed over 10,000. Instead of making people aware about it you are showing this kind of meaningless news doesn’t make any sense.

Electronic and social media are very responsible communication media but only problem with these digital media is that they picking up very minor issues and making them big.

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