Movie Review: Roy

Movie Review Roy

“Okay what if you come up with best ingredients, nice vegetables and all the desired masala; but at the end of the cooking process when you serve it on table that dish fails to tantalize your mouth.”

Well, Roy is that dish which has all required masala, but on the big screen; it fails to tantalize your mind.

Within a week, two movies were released based on film making, how films are made? How films affect people? How things work in the industry? How stories come up? One is a complete package (I’m talking about Shamitabh) and one fails.

Roy, has everything, a strong plot, nice actors, beautiful locations, hit songs; yet it is super boring movie. I don’t even remember when I was bored this much. Movie is extremely slow and stretched unnecessarily. Story is pretty good but it’s not handled properly. (Give this story to Spielberg or Nolanand they will grab an Oscar.)

So our Hero is a writer/ director who’s not able to find story for his film. He flies to Malaysia, meets the lead lady; another director (who’s into different kind of genre). Something this, something that and he finds his story from what’s happening in his life. Something this, something that and lady is gone. Our hero is blank. And father dies. Hero cries, decides to rise from the ashes. Bammm!!! His film receives highest opening. Superhit! Hero ko ladki mil jaati hai. And it’s over.

Arjun Rampal is obviously an eye candy. Jacqueline is Super Sexy (my personal view), Ranbir is yeah!! Nothing new.

At the end of the film, my reaction was a dialogue from the film itself

”Finally it’s over.”

20 to 30 percent of audience will like this movie. I will suggest watching it on television premiere. But still if you want to spend money, go for gold or silver, and not a big loss if you simply skip it. World cup is obvious entertainment.

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Aditya Mehta

Aditya Mehta is young artist and a big Aishwarya Rai fan. He holds baccalaureate in computer engineering and aspires to become a Couturier. Currently he's studying art at Ahmedabad. He loves reading novels and is a Selfie Addict.

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Movie Review: Roy

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