My take on AIB Knockout Controversy!

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When I first saw AIB Knockout, I enjoyed it to be honest. I didn’t give a second thought. Then next day I heard FIR had been launched against AIB. Then I started thinking on it from a different perspective. From the perspective of those who were insulted in the show directly or indirectly. And I found it to be really offensive. Read on and you will understand what I am trying to say.

Suppose I arrange a show somewhere with 4000 people in audience. Two of your colleagues agree to come to my show to get roasted. And along with themselves they insult you too in front of those 4000 people. And that is not it. Over one crore people watch that video on the internet. How would you feel?

This is how Farida Jalal might have felt after hearing about AIB Knockout video. Apparently AIB member Ashish Shakya made fun of her saying “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai is Ranveer Singh’s favourite film. Even now when he watches the movie, he reaches out for tissues because he is the only guy who can jerk off to Farida Jalal.” on the show.

This is not it. They have made fun of many celebrities on the show without their prior consent. AIB Knockout was basically a roast of Ranvir Singh and Arjun Kapoor. And what my point is; if it was about roasting Ranvir Singh and Arjun Kapoor, why did they bring other actors/ directors into it? Ranvir and Arjun had agreed to get roasted in front of this huge audience, but other celebs whom they insulted on the show had no clue about it.

Now imagine, if someone says same things about Ashish Shakya’s mother in stead of Farida Jalal, would Ashish laugh it away? Would he let it go? Farida Jalal is a respected woman in the industry. Making fun of her was not cool at all.

No-one forced you to watch it!

In their apology letter, they said no one forced us to watch the video. I agree. I request Salman Khan to post a video insulting families of AIB team members. They won’t watch it right? They won’t even raise voice against it. Right?

You made fun of Salman Khan’s sister Arpita Khan and expect him not to see that video? You expect him not to react and laugh it away? Wow!

And they brought Freedom of Speech

They very smartly brought freedom of speech into it. Now apparently we can abuse anyone we want in the name of freedom of speech. Right?

Those who defended AIB in the name of freedom of speech should not oppose Kamaal R Khan now. He is using his freedom of speech after all.

Aamir Khan’s Point of View

Aamir Khan raised his voice against AIB. He criticized Karan Johar and Arjun Kapoor for taking part in the roast. But people who were fighting for freedom of speech of AIB; went against Aamir Khan. Why? Aamir doesn’t have freedom of speech? He can’t put his opinion?

Can’t we call this kind of people hypocrites? I know many aren’t going to be happy with my point of view either. But I am just practising my freedom of speech here.

PS. Some are comparing Aamir Khan’s Delhi Belly with AIB Knockout. Delhi Belly was not offensive to anyone. It was a fictional movie, fictitious characters insulted and abused each other in the movie. In AIB; they abused actors, not characters. Comparing Delhi Belly and AIB makes no sense at all.


Efforts of bringing something new (roast) to India and that too for the charity was commendable move from AIB for sure! But instead of dragging others into it; they should have limited all the insults to themselves. Why did they drag others into it without their consent? I love those stand up comedians who make me laugh by making fun of themselves. Overall they put a great efforts; but it wasn’t worthy because they roasted many others along with Ranvir and Arjun. I personally didn’t find it offensive; but it was offensive to many. Overall it was not cool.

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My take on AIB Knockout Controversy!

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