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Startup Talk with co-founder of TrackNext

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Today in Startup Talk we are presenting interview with co-founder of India’s first business social network TrackNext. What is TrackNext? How did they came up with this idea? What is their revenue model? Find out everything in our conversation with Shibam Sarbswa.

Who are you? Describe yourself in a few words.

We are a team of two. Ankit Verma and Shibam Sarbswa. Ankit belongs to Patna Bihar- based in Mumbai whereas I, Shibam Sarbswa, native of Jharkhand – currently based in Delhi. Ankit is web entrepreneur professional with experience of 4 years in this field; whereas I’m a serial entrepreneur. I’ve recently finished my mechanical engineering.

Startup Talk with co-founder of TrackNext Ankit Verma Shibam Sarbswa
Shibam Sarbswa and Ankit Verma (Co-founders or TrackNext)

What business ventures you’ve been part of?

Before TrackNext I have co-founded few more ventures with my friends during my college days, I have also organized many national and college level events.

Tell us in brief about TrackNext. is India’s first BSN (i.e. Business Social Network) where people can publish their personal as well as professional profiles together at the same place. It aims at providing Smart Search Representation (SSR) to give every member without charging them even for a little investment. It also provides HR solution to companies.

Did this idea came through a eureka moment? Or was it after long brainstorming sessions?

I think it is basically the solution of all those problems that we, our friends & colleagues where facing while running their ventures or even trying to evolve with their start up. We have tried to assemble all those problem solutions here.

How much time and money did it cost to initiate this venture?

It took us 8 months to develop this website and it cost approx. Rs. 1.1 million.

Explain how does TrackNext work? What is the motive behind it?

This network helps individuals to connect with friends at the same time it helps business personals to connect with other business owners and potential customers. The portal is so optimized that it can enhance the SEO of any business having a company page or profile on TrackNext. Business can also post Jobs & hire quality staffs through it. All of the features provided by the social network are free of cost. Even it provides free advertising for the companies on the portal. Here a user can create his own wiki, share documents in the drives, offer tasks & chat as well. It is just like a virtual working space embedded with tools like links, tables, charts, pool, and events & location which can help you in easily working in team with full efficiency.

TrackNext Business Page
TrackNext Business Page

How do you sustain you self? How do you generate revenues?

We are having company named Webcrayons Technologies Private Limited. So we have our own funds to put into the development.

What has been your biggest challenge you’ve faced till now?

Challenges are many and all looks big but somehow I found difficulty in convincing people to join us and explaining features initially but now I think we are doing pretty good.

Being a young entrepreneur, what would be your advice to young entrepreneurs like us?

Have the courage to face problems; because it will take you to the road of success.

What’s your opinion on BuddyBits?

I think BuddyBits has been doing really awesome & don’t need to say more. It has itself became a brand now. All the best and thanks for all your support to me and my team.

Thank you Shibam for your kind words. We wish you all the best for all your future endeavours.

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