12 Reasons Why I find the Canteens the Best Place of my College life!

12 reasons why I find the Canteens the best place of my College life

1. Bunk Maro aur Canteen me Baitho!

Whenever you bunk classes, the best place to sit and relax is the college canteen.

We are taught and told that the best place to escape from the classes is the college canteen. No disturbance; no books! Yet the feeling of being in the college is vivid.

2. Gossips, Girls and Guys!

Canteens are a treat for all collegians. Guys are able to find all type of girls; bold, beautiful, short, leggy, prim and geeks! Similarly a girl is able to trace all kind of boys roaming in the canteen; the stud, sporty, genius, bunker and the most annoying ones too!

Gossips are the most integral part of the canteen life that one cannot escape. You always find topics to start on! Gossips about the lecturers, girl wearing short dress, boy who got a new Audi and what not! Gossips in the canteens would never have an end.

3. Only place to get Garma Garam Masala Chai!

12 reasons why I find the Canteens the best place of my College life Tea

Don’t worry if you have missed your morning tea to leave for college early. You would be served the garma garam masala chai with refreshments in the canteen. One sip (chuski) of the hot tea with your friends would bring your sluggish senses alive and help you to survive those boring lectures. The canteen chai does wonders, believe it!

4. Mazedaar Nasta!

The Masala Maggi, Tikha Vadapav, Magical Manchurian, Poha and the Cheese Sandwhiches are delicious food items of the canteen that one can never resist. It enhances your taste buds by increasing your appetite! People who stay in hostels and as paying guests would relish the Tadka of the canteen food. People are usually in a good mood after they have some good food!

5. Planning, Plotting and Pricking!

The best place to plan for any occasion, picnic or panga is definitely canteen. You could message the whole group to assemble in canteen and sit for hours planning for a fresher party, farewell party, get together in the evenings or a college picnic. The best of the ideas always flow in a space like canteen which gives a lot of freedom to breathe in! Whenever gangs are charged up against each other, they find canteen the best place to gear up.

6. Enjoying the beautiful atmosphere!

Maybe it be a sunny day or a rainy day, you could enjoy each face of the atmosphere sitting on those chairs in the canteen enjoying the beautiful weather. The outside world looks extremely beautiful! A chilly winter or a schorching summer could be extremely cherished sitting in the canteens and grazing from there!

7. New Mel & Milaps!

The best place to meet new people from all over the collage, seniors, juniors, the new batch, the old ones is canteen. You get to meet new breed of collegians every time. Canteen is a best place for the new Milans and you get ample of time and space to talk to them and get to know each other, exchange numbers and sending friend requests.

8. Celebrating Birthdays, Love and Life!

12 reasons why I find the Canteens the best place of my College life

Merriment can be found 24 x 7 at the college canteens. Birthdays, anniversaries, rose day, valentines day, friendship day or any cultural day. Each day has a different dimension and canteen seems to fit into the picture perfectly. Cake cuttings, sharing bundle of joy, having those Pyaar bhara conversations, staring, stalking, loving, watching, proposing. Almost everything is possible at the college canteens.

9. Aaj Ki Taaza Khabar!

You always find someone in the canteen who is a BBC reporter! That person would possess the greatest information of all things going around the world. The hike in the petrol price, the new Railway budget, Virat Kohli’s current love life, the live update of the Liverpool v/s Barcelona, Oscar winners, new Hollywood flick releasing next month, controversies of the AIB Roast, the time and location of the live concerts in the city and all other important stuff! So you are always stay updated in the canteen.

10. Management Ki Burai!

We all are somewhere down fed up by the college and it’s management process at some point. One finds it easy to spit all the wrong doings of the college and all the frustrations can be easily discussed sitting in the college canteen. People would easily join in to add to the list of ‘What should be done’ and ‘What should not be done by’ by the college authorities. You would find people saying “If things were in our hands, the matter would have been something else now”. The never ending discussions of the loopholes and the partial treatment of the college management system would drain us at times!

11. Selfies and groupies!

Selfies have become such an inseparable part of our lives. A selfie in the canteen with new dish, weird faces, the famous pouts, a selfie with your dearest pal and a perfect groupie picture would be a great delight to your college life. Uploading these photos on Facebook, Instagram and changing our DPs very frequently would keep some colors thriving in our boring lives!

12. Memories

Canteens help to build the best memories of your college life!! Enjoy, cherish and live it to the fullest. These days won’t come back.

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