7 Tools to Increase Your Productivity at Workplace

7 Tools to Increase Your Productivity at Workplace

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Have you ever caught with a situation where you get lots of things to do but usually get stuck in some stupid task like, you don’t know how can you quickly transfer some important files from PC to Mobile Device and what if you forget to carry your phone or laptop? We all must have fell in such situations before or often in our day to day life. And when it comes to workplace, we all want to be efficient enough to stand out from our peers, to do more and waste less time especially if it’s a Month end and your boss is waiting for sales report or let say it’s a last day of submission of your presentation for a client meeting which is actually held tomorrow and you got 3 meetings scheduled back to back and don’t know whether you’ll be able to review your presentation for a last time before you actually present it in a meeting. So here I bring a list of 7 tools which are mostly used (I use them a lot) at workplace in order to increase your own productivity. Some of them work silently and we don’t even know how difficult certain task could have been without these tools.

1. Google Apps for Business

7 Tools to Increase Your Productivity at Workplace Google Apps

Google Apps for Business is a set of cloud based applications which are best suited for small offices or freelancers for becoming more collaborative with team and clients! Google Apps comes with Google Drive, which is an online cloud storage to store your important files and the best part of Google Drive is that you can access your files from everywhere securely! (i.e. PC, Mobile Device and Tablets) Like Microsoft Office, Google Apps comes with its on cloud based office suite which are known as Google Docs (Google version of Microsoft word), Google Sheets (Google version of Microsoft Excel), Google Slides (Google version of Microsoft PowerPoint) and Google also has Google Sites through which you can make your own website for your business! You know, this blog itself was written and saved in Google Docs, so that I can access it from any devices I use. Google Apps for Business is free for 30 days and then they have a paid plan starting with nominal fees of $50 per user per year. Through your normal Gmail or Google account, you can access all above mentioned tools for free but signing up for Google Apps for Business gives you a feature to use your own domain name as well as it unlocks many other limits in terms of storage and access!

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2. Evernote

7 Tools to Increase Your Productivity at Workplace Evernote

Initially when I heard about Evernote, I thoughts it’s a complex app to use but later on when I started using it, I just fell in love with this tool and over the years the Evernote team has added ample of features in it which made it simple to use and a must have app, if you are not using it yet. Evernote Mobile App is available almost for every smartphone; so whether you are an iPhone fan or an Android boy or a Windows lover, you can download Evernote Mobile App and get started. You can also save almost anything you find on the web through Evernote Webclipper (A browser extension) and you can share the same with your friends and colleagues as well. So you can capture any screen, blog post, image or web page from internet in web clipper and it will further get synced with their main server, so that you can access your stored files, notes, web pages etc from any computer, mobile device and tablet. So next time when you are in a client meeting or your office internal meeting and want to take notes of meeting then simply open up Evernote and start storing your notes! All you need to do is to create an account with Evernote. It’s simple to use and yet an effective tool! I personally use this a lot! Also if you are an aspiring entrepreneur, then the story of Evernote is amazing example to get inspired!

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3. Windows Sticky Notes & TK8 Sticky Notes

7 Tools to Increase Your Productivity at Workplace Sticky Notes

Many of us might don’t know that Windows 7 comes with its own Sticky Notes Software in the Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate and Enterprise editions of Windows 7. However if you are using Windows 8 then you need to download and install Sticky Notes 8 from their App Store. You can also search on Google to find the sticky notes software for your own PC or you can search for TK8 Stickynotes Software or Hott Notes which I normally use at my workplace. TK8 Stickynotes and Hott Notes comes with basic features which will fulfil all your basic needs of Sticky Notes. You can store multiple notes in different colour backgrounds to categorize for your own understanding or prioritizing your tasks. This small tool really helps busy executives and managers to manage and remember their important tasks, clients and meetings! So if you don’t have Sticky Notes on your workstation, install one today to make sure no important task get missed!

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4. Skype for Business

7 Tools to Increase Your Productivity at Workplace Skype for Business

Skype is one of the most favourite Instant messaging applications used in office and it’s highly useful when you have employees or team members working remotely. You can make free calls from Skype to Skype and it gives you crystal clear voice, if you have a good internet speed. With Skype, you can also make video calls to any Skype user absolutely free. Apart from these basic features, it has a feature of sharing your computer screen. So you can share your PC Screen in real time with another user while you are on voice or a video call. If you are in a business where you have to interact with clients from various countries then your can purchase Skype premium subscription, which is further available according to your requirement.

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5. Snipping Tool

7 Tools to Increase Your Productivity at Workplace Snipping Tool

Snipping Tool, I am not sure if you have ever noticed this small tool in your Windows PC or not; but this utility helps you capture a snapshot of full screen of your computer or any part of your computer Screen. This utility comes in-built in Windows 7 & Windows 8; if you ever need to show someone with a screenshot of your PC Screen then this is the best tool. This tool also has a marking pen and a highlighter through which you can immediately mark or highlight any part of your computer Screenshot. So next time when you see any error page on web or need to explain something to your team through screenshot of your computer screen, this is the tool that you would love to use!

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6. Harvest (Time Tracker + Reminder)

7 Tools to Increase Your Productivity at Workplace Harvest

Harvest is a Time Tracking Tool through which you can set your tasks and activities of a day and work accordingly. It also reminds you about any new task which is scheduled in your calendar and you can keep track of any task and activity that you actually do in a day. Well initially you may feel little lazy to update your task & activity list but this is one of the most essential tools. Especially at a time when you are supposed to work on multiple tasks and activities. Keeping track through Harvest Time Tracker, you can actually analyse the time you spend on each task of your day. If you have lot of things to do at workplace like making presentations, working on a training material, responding to emails, researching on internet, then keeping track of your time becomes essential and this tool can actually help you to see where is your majority of time is being consumed and hence accordingly you can prioritize your tasks.

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7. Buffer

7 Tools to Increase Your Productivity at Workplace Buffer

Are you a social media freak? If yes then this tool is for you. Think you got a very funny meme or some thoughtful or some sort of information or your photos of your last party or anything to share with your friends, family or in your professional network such as LinkedIn. Then instead of logging into each account separately, you can link all your social media account with Buffer app and you can post anything to all your linked social media accounts in one go! This app is really helpful if you are a regular social media user and want to share images, videos, blogs etc anywhere from web world to all of your social media account without logging into each account separately. Also if you have bunch of stuff to be shared on your social media accounts, you can even schedule your posts and feed your social media accounts for entire week! Isn’t this a cool tool?

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So these are the tools that are mostly used to increase productivity at workplace and there are many other tools out there which can do wonders in our day to day work life. I use some of them a lot to keep up with my work! So which tools will you use to ease your work and increase productivity? Tell me in comments below.

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Paryush Sanghvi
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  1. Google apps are enough capable to handle tasks and help us to stay organized. For startup’s google apps are good option but if you can afford a pm software then you can go for some popular tools like proofhub, wrike, asana. You don’t have to switch apps for different tasks, All at one place and secure.
    Just my opinion!

    1. Hey Meanu,

      Thanks for your comment and sharing your experience with different tools. I have heard about asana a lot but not sure about rest of two tool you mentioned, will check them soon!. Which one is your favourite? put your comment here for happy readers! 🙂


      Paryush Sanghvi

      1. Paryush, My fav is proofhub ! They got everything which my team was looking for months ago. Group Chat and Quickies are my favourite features in this tool.

  2. This is a really good list!
    I am a freelancer and most of the tools you mentioned here are the ones I used everyday. To be honest, I can’t work without Skype and Google Apps. However, for time tracking, I use Time Doctor since I find it more useful for us. It’s actually designed for remote teams/remote organization etc.

7 Tools to Increase Your Productivity at Workplace

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