Silver Oak College becomes first Indian college to launch a product on Virtual Reality!

Silver Oak College becomes first Indian college to launch a product on Virtual Reality!

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“The technology that is going to revolutionize the way we think, learn, work and even we play.”

There is a big difference between virtual world and the real world. The promise of virtual reality has always been enormous. A decade ago, nobody would have imagined that they can talk or see their dear ones by sitting miles away. The revolution in technology is unbelievable and technology has made all this revolution possible. It has also made reform possible in real world; which is called as the Virtual World; a place where your mind can roam anywhere sitting at one place. One can live his/ her imaginations. Put on goggles and roam anywhere you want just sitting at a single place. And to make this boon of technology live, Computer/ IT Department of Silver Oak

SOCET Vision
SOCET Vision

College of Engineering & Technology (Ahmedabad) has taken the initiative of making their students aware about virtual reality with the help of in-house product named “SOCET Vision”. The college made gadget is an upcoming virtual reality head mounted display, being developed exclusively by the CE/ IT department of the college. SOCET has provided students, a platform to understand, study and do R&D in the field of “VR Technology”. All the resources adding to this research like high-end graphics card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 690 and NVIDIA Quadro 6000, have been provided by the institute. With efforts of Professor Satvik Khara (Head of Department, CE/IT), faculties and the students of Silver Oak College of Engineering and Technology, this device has been developed and will be made available for the students at a pocket friendly price, on the day of annual tech fest – “Talaash 2015” on 24th & 25th March.

Following the idiom “seeing is believing”, institute has made students think, imagine and visualize more. The more they imagine, the more they will earn and believe. SOCET Vision helps you to feel and sense your imagination. A device that will take people beyond their imagination and make them feel and experience the things which may not even exist in reality. Students have been working on the technical aspects of the device. They are working on the software and apps required to understand and reveal more features and functionalities of the device. This initiative has made Silver Oak College of Engineering and Technology as first and only engineering institute in all over the nation, to come up with a technology that can change the creative thinking of world and masses in its own kind.

“SOCET has always been working to excel and will continue to do so by providing more and more opportunities like this to students as well as faculties and institute will keep on adding feathers to its cap.” said Satvik Khara on the launch of SOCET Vision.

“We divided students into different teams, like product development team, design team, marketing team, operation and research team so that we can learn product development life cycle practically. SOCET Vision didn’t only help us to learn virtual reality, we also learnt important steps of product development.” said Deep Patel, a student associated with SOCET Vision.

Any technology is said to be successful if it is in the knowledge or hands of common man. You can visit Silver Oak College to be a part of innovation by registering here. For more information related to this technology, you can visit the college during their tech fest “Talaash 2015”.

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