So Weekend is Here!

So Weekend is Here

So weekends here (once again) and there’ll be millions of you cursing your fate through the whole week whining about your life, your work timings, your boss and every other thing that has been pissing you off since weeks or even months…but with the weekend not only change your mood, try changing your attitude, do something that makes you happy do something that makes your mind go bonkers, whether you are a chic flick type or a self refined man…just GO have fun.

Because the weekend is here

Go drink down a few shots, dance to the tunes of Mohammad rafi or even Maxwell

Who cares?

Just go have fun

Take your car, buzz some friends travel, refill the fuel in you, fuck what the gps says drive as you like a one left left a two right right

Be spontaneous be adventurous travel miles just to have your favorite butter chicken with butter naan and buttermilk

Just GO have fun!

Because the weekend is here

Gulp down mix some vodka with whisky and puke (on Monday)

Forget the count make it two no wait may be a three tequila shot

For the love of god once in your life break the bondages break the rules

Because weekends here

Dance like no one’s watching or may be eat like no one watching

Who cares?

Because the weekend is here

Stand on the front porch feel the wind yell out loud what hurts, feel free

For once quit your social life, no one cares what did you have for dinner or how sexy your company was, refrain from selfies

Smile for yourself, dab on make up or nothing at all

Let those red lips exude sensuality or may nothing at all

Who cares?

Just GO and have fun, because the weekends here

Wear those jimmy choo sandals or may be those ultra comfy flip flops

A may be salsa here and a pappu dance there

Who cares?

Because the weekend is here

Sit home and read such articles or may be create some

Who cares?

Because MY weekend is here as well.

Niharika Suneja
A person who's parked diagonally in a parallel universe, part time music lover, drools over men with beard, a funjabi and yoga yoga Mujhse Nai hoga! Can we just skip to the part of my life where I travel the world ? Please.