10 Reasons why you should do Good Deeds

10 Reasons why you should do Good Deeds

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Everyone knows why we should always do good. There are no hidden advantages of doing good. But today we are listing top 10 reasons why we should all do good deeds. Check out the list.

1. Make a difference

It may not be a big deal for you. But it can bring incredible difference to someone else’s life. Spending some time with elderly person in an oldage home or spending time with kids in orphanage home means a lot to them who don’t have a family.

2. Shows good upbringing

You doing good shows your upbringing. We are taught to do good since our school days. And you doing good proves that you’ve learnt and applied it all in your life. It reflects thoughts of your family and friends.

3. Karma

We all are aware about the Karma theory. It says what you do comes back to you; whether you do good or bad. So keep doing good selflessly. Good things will happen to you.

4. Self growth

People who do good for others are always said to be grown ups. Doing good will grow spiritual side of you; which in fact is the most important thing one can achieve.

5. Satisfaction

Doing good gives you inner satisfaction. Believe me, if you’ll do something good with someone, it will give you inner peace. You will feel satisfied at the end of the day.

6. Moral Duty

It is our moral duty to give it back to the society. We have been taking a lot from the nature. So planting trees or caring for them will be a start of giving back to the environment.

7. Pride

Believe it or not, doing good will boost up your confidence. Doing good gives us admiration and appreciation from the society; which help us build the pride at the end of the day.

8. Happiness

Doing good fills our lives with inner joy and happiness. Imagine a day spent with underprivileged children. Imagine a day they smile because of you. Doesn’t it bring smile on your face?

9. Increasing the self worth

Imagine a day you spent volunteering for a cause. You gave up hanging out with friends for a day and decided to volunteer for a cause along with friends. At the end of the day, you will increase your self worth.

10. Improving the world

Not everyone thinks of doing good for the society. If you are doing good, you are one of the rarest gems of the society. And people like you change the world. So in a way, you are improving the world by doing good.

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