Addresses are about to become obsolete with wWhere

Ahmedabad based entrepreneur cum film-maker Ritam Bhatnagar has recently launched a web based location sharing app The startup is incubated at Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (IIM-A) and has received funds of $100,000 in February, 2015. Check out our review.

App Review: wWhere is a web-app that seeks to replace long and confusing postal addresses with a short and unique web address. The app lets you share any location as a URL. Just put a pointer on the map and assign a URL and share it. It’s that simple.

wWhere LogoIf you’re someone who likes more details, wWhere has something for you too. Creating a detailed location URL is just a 5 steps process; and everything is done in less than 30 seconds. The three types of locations are very convenient to use. Private locations are for personal use, non searchable on the internet. Public locations for public use, you can search them on Google. And event locations are temporary public locations that get deleted after the event.

This site has the potential to change the way we use addresses. Since Google doesn’t allow labeling residential addresses, this app can make a huge difference in how we our share addresses. Just make a location and share the URL with your people. Simple fast and easy.

The seamless integration with Google Maps means that you just click on get directions and the app shows you the way. No need to search for anything.

Businesses can use the app to mark all their locations under a group. Finding the nearest outlet becomes easier for customers. Adding contact details to the locations is possible and is an added convenience. So you know where the nearest outlet is and don’t have to travel more for the same services. Put your wWhere URL in your visiting cards and make it easier for people to find your business.

All in all, the makes life easier for the average smartphone user and that means almost everybody.

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