Here are 5 Instant Noodles Alternatives if Maggi gets banned!

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Maggi noodles were the first thing I learned how to cook. I liked the idea of not having to disturb my mom every time I wanted to eat something. It tasted delicious,and it still does. It had become a sort of backup food for the times when you can’t find anything to eat in the fridge; sometimes even served as dinner or lunch.

So when I heard about the regulatory authorities in India were trying to ban Maggi I panicked! There were times when if it weren’t for Maggi, I’d starve. But thankfully, there have been a lot of new entries in the instant noodles market. So maybe it isn’t that bad. So if you’re worried about your backup dinner too, here’s a list of other brands that offer instant noodles.

1. Top Ramen

Top Ramen Noodles - Alternative of Maggi

Top Ramen actually has 6 products Super Noodles, Scoopies short noodles, Cup Noodles and Curry Veg., Oat Noodles and Atta Noodles. Super, Cup, Oat and Atta Noodles come in different flavors too. Choose what you like.

2. Ching’s Instant Noodles

Chings Instant Noodles - Alternatives of Maggi

Chings has 3 flavors to offer: Hot garlic, Shezwan and Manchurian. Mind you, these are the spicier ones out of all the available instant noodles on the market.

3. Wai-Wai

Wai wai Noodles - Alternatives of Maggi

Wai Wai is becoming popular in the North Eastern states, Sikkim and west Bengal. Take a pick from the range of brown noodles and white noodles it offers. Wai Wai or Wai Wai Quick come in 2 flavors. Wai Wai Xpress comes in the same 2 flavors while Wai Wai Xpress Masala delight only comes in one.

4. Smith & Jones

Smith and Jones Noodles - Alternatives of Maggi

Masala, Curry, Chicken Masala are the flavors to choose from here.

5. Yippee Noodles

Yippee Noodles - Alternatives of Maggi

A Sunfeast brand. Three flavors here: Classic Masala, Magic Masala and Chinese Masala.

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