This Brilliant Subway Ad Got Everybody Yawning and Wanting Coffee!

This Brilliant Subway Ad Got Everybody Yawning and Wanting Coffee

“This is to inform passengers that train no A1234 blah..blah..blah” are one of the first words commuters hear while jostling between stations to reach their desired destination. In this brilliant advertisement a company puts up billboards in a subway station of a man yawning. The company capitalizes on the fact that 70% people yawn when they see someone else yawn. With the help of attached motion sensors in the billboard, it detects the number of people present and the person in the billboard yawns. The frequency and duration of yawns is directly proportional to the number of people present on the station. What makes it interesting is that a good number of people yawned after seeing someone else yawn. It is a thumb rule, if you yawn maybe its time for a coffee break. And pretty soon two young ladies come and offer Cafe Pele coffee to instil energy in the commuters. Seeing this smart advertisement everyone starts laughing and take a cup of coffee and are rejuvenated.

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