Vivek Sancheti shares his journey from a freelancer to an entrepreneur

Vivek Sancheti shares his journey from a freelancer to an entrepreneur

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From being a freelancer, this tech geek from Rajkot is all set to inaugurate his company headquarters early next month. Vivek Sancheti, who used to run a blog called is now all set to launch a startup with the same name- eYuva Technologies. Today in Startup Talk, Vivek shares bits from his journey as a freelancer to an entrepreneur. Have a look.

Who is Vivek Sancheti? Introduce yourself.

Computer Engineer by education; freelance web developer and aspiring entrepreneur by profession. Happy go lucky person by nature.

Tell us about your company, eYuva Technologies.

eYuva TechnologiesI started as a tech blog in 2009 when I had just completed my 12th standard and had taken admission in engineering. After experimenting various things in college I realized that Web Development is my thing. I started working extensively on it in the final year of college. Despite of getting placed into several companies like TCS, Argusoft etc; I decided not to pursue job anywhere. I was firm on my plan to setup my own startup. I began by working as a freelancer and today from consistent freelance earning I have turned my blog to eYuva Technologies and set up my own office in Rajkot which I will be inaugurating on 7th June, 2015. I want to create products which can help users earn money online but I don’t want reveal much now.

You recently started a startup leaving behind your freelancing work. What is the reason behind it?

I started freelancing to bootstrap my startup without any external funds. I believe we should avoid venture capital funds as long as possible. Now, I will focus on my startup and also complete all my ongoing freelancing projects.

Why did you choose Startup over job?

Startup is like a 24×7 job! I chose a fulltime job over 9 to 5 office hours. Here, I have the freedom to do all crazy things and do the impossible.

How did you start your Startup?

I started from developing SMS apps for txtweb where in I won several prizes and then I moved on to websites like Fiverr, Odesk, Freelancer etc. Since a year I have acquired some fixed clients so now I have stopped bidding and searching for new projects. From this small start I am now set to inaugurate my startup on 7th of June, 2015.

How much time and money did it cost to initiate this venture?

Major share of the investment comes from my freelance income. The internet bill and a subsidized laptop my brother got from college totaling up to 14k.

How big your team is?

I will begin with a team of 5 people. Three of us will work in the house and 2 other team members will work remotely.

How eYuva Technologies is different from other technology firm?

Most of the technology firms provide services to others but eYuva technologies will focus on building products along with services.

What keeps you motivated?

My dream itself has always driven me to achieve all the goals and my mother has always inspired me.

Where do you see eYuva Technologies five years down the line?

I intend to work on products which would help users earn money online. I will strive to become a key player online in revenue sharing portals which can be used worldwide.

What advice would you like to give to aspiring entrepreneurs?

Start small grow big. If we consistently keep on doing what we really love and wish to excel in, by putting our 100% we will surely achieve our goal. Never get de motivated on seeing someone else’s success. There is a line by Anon which I would like to quote here “Don’t compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 20.”

What’s your opinion on BuddyBits?

I have been following Nishit and BuddyBits since quite a few years and I have always appreciated and marveled at your consistency! I wish you success! Keep up the innovation and let your creativity flow.

Thank you Vivek for your words. We wish you all the best for your new beginning as an entrepreneur.

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