10 Reasons Why You Should Not Date an Entrepreneur!

10 Reasons Why You Should Not Date an Entrepreneur!

If you’re dating an entrepreneur then you know how ‘different’ it is. It will be unlike any normal relationships. You should never expect any filmy clichéd scenes with your entrepreneur partner. If you are looking for a normal relationship, here are 10 reasons why you shouldn’t date an entrepreneur.

1. They don’t have much time for personal relationships

Running a business is a hectic task. Running a startup is much more difficult. They have to constantly work. Each moment they are not working means a potential loss. So they will almost never have time for things like family get together, birthday parties or even anniversaries.

2. They’re almost broke

Not broke as in homeless but they rarely have money that they can spend on luxuries like gifts. All their resources are diverted towards the establishment of their startup. So you cannot expect them to surprise you with gifts and parties.

3. Normal conversations are rare

You might start off with a casual topic but you will always end up with them talking about their business. It’s their dream and they dream with their eyes open, every second.

4. You can’t invite them to parties

Even if you manage to squeeze some time out from them they are not the ideal choice to hangout with. Your friends will hate them. They are always curious about other businesses and will ask your friends about where they work and the internal workings of their company. Your friends might not even be able to answer some of the questions. That can be embarrassing.

5. They randomly break out into pop quizzes

As they are constantly searching for a new problem to solve they have much more knowledge than the average person. And they love it! They will challenge you every now and then to test your knowledge. Random questions like “what is better a fan or a cooler or an AC?” will be a routine. This can be very annoying if you’re not into discussing random pieces of information.

6. You will be competing with the internet (for attention)

An entrepreneur’s life revolves around the internet. Any device that has an internet connection will attract you partner to it. You will have to disconnect everything to actually be able to have a conversation with them. Notifications will be conversation killers.

7. He meets a lot of people, just not friends and family

Running a business requires that entrepreneurs meet as many people as they can in their limited time. That means their constantly in meetings with business partners, colleagues, prospects, etc. So obviously they do not have much time for family and friends.

8. They’re looking for business opportunities everywhere

Whether you’re watching a movie, ordering pizza or just riding in a taxi, they will see business opportunities everywhere. And they will need to tell you about everything that they discover. That is why they are entrepreneurs. That’s what they do.

9. Calls don’t reach them

Their phone is the most important tool for their business. They are constantly on the phone. You cannot expect to reach them at your own time. You will have to wait or leave a message for them to call you. Even then it is not guaranteed that they will call you. They simply have a lot to do.

10. They don’t like to lie

They understand that lying is a waste of time and complicates things. They prefer harsh truths to comforting lies. It simply saves a lot of time. So if you ask him what he thinks of your new dress or your new hairdo, he will tell you what he actually thinks. Usually this is a positive thing but if you are into playing games then it never works out the way you planned.

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Bhavin Patel
Bhavin likes to write, be it prose or rap. Studies philosophy and economics in his spare time and listens to rap music all day, religiously. An introvert with dreams of becoming the best rapper alive, he knows he has a long way to go and is willing to take on the journey.

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10 Reasons Why You Should Not Date an Entrepreneur!

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