5 Ways to Market your Product for Free!

5 Ways to Market your Product for Free!

Marketing can be difficult task for a startup. They don’t have much reach, they don’t have any extra money and they don’t have much time. You can’t do anything for time and reach but you can reduce your cost of marketing. You can employ a lot of marketing techniques that will not cost you anything. Yes there are a few ways you can market your business for free.

1. Local Awareness

The usual tools for local marketing are ads in newspapers and local magazines. But you can get some free publicity if you can get featured in a story. Find some writers that focus on your field and contact them. Have a story that surrounds the products. Hype it up a little. Stories of how you have affected the local market or your struggle with the company can make good stories. See what you can come up with and pitch that to the writers. You’re likely to get featured by some of the writers.

2. Email Marketing

Studies have showed that email is the best channel for marketing. The best part of this news is that emails are free. Use your emails to send out newsletters to prospective clients. This keeps them updated about the workings of your company and is a great platform to inform them about new products and offers. Create a list of emails of potential clients and email them an offer. It’s very simple and free.

3. Social Media

Social media for the most part is free. It is a great platform if you are looking to market your product. It has a massive market of potential customers. Post relevant and useful information on your pages to get more shares and likes from people. Link your profile to your website to get more customers engaged. Focus on quality over quantity when posting to these sites. There are insight tools available which can give you important information about your customers. This in turn will help you hone your content to suit your largest customer base and increase your reach even more.

4. Ask for referrals from satisfied customers

Your satisfied customers are your best marketing team. Word of mouth publicity is highly effective. So take every chance you get to ask your satisfied customers to recommend your product to their friends and colleagues. Don’t overdo this as it can get very annoying very quickly. Find a perfect balance that is polite and effective.

5. Posting on Forums

Forums are the best place to find people that are highly interested in a very narrow field. People that regularly visit the forums are those that are looking for help and those that have an exceptional knowledge about specific subjects. You can start by answering the questions people ask. Mention your business name in your profile in case someone stumbles upon it. Sometimes you may even find people that are actively looking for products/services that you offer. These are the times you can be explicit and recommend your product openly.

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