7 Handy Ways to Beat the Heat

7 Handy Ways to Beat the Heat

This summer is killing me. No, not literally but it certainly feels like. It’s so irritating that I lose my cool every time I step out of the house. I had to ask a pundit how to survive in this open oven. And I am willing to share. So get a glass of cold water and read on if you too need to beat the heat.

1. Place a wet cloth on windows which get a lot of wind. Even though the air that blows in is hot the water in the cloth will evaporate taking the heat from the wind leaving you with a cold breeze. If there isn’t any wind in your area then close the curtains! Use curtains that have a reflective surface facing the windows. This can reduce the amount of heat seeping into your house by 45 %.

2. So you have your AC on full yet it isn’t cooling as much as you’d like? How about you give the filters a check and clean them? That could make minutes of difference in how fast your room is cooled. Once you have your room cooled to your liking, seal all exits as tightly as you can. For better cooling experience use the fan with the AC. Keep the AC on low and start the fan.

3. For those who don’t have an AC or simply don’t like to turn it on, you can keep a spray bottle in the fridge and spray it on and around you. Start spraying at your wrists, that’s the place where your body looses a lot of heat.

4. Keep a vent fan in the bathroom to blow the moisture out. Moisture with heat is a very uncomfortable combination. You don’t want to be sweaty again before you step out, do you?

5. Your computer is a huge source of heat. Let your computer sleep when not in use for more than 10 minutes. Shut it down when work is done. And you don’t have to worry about stresses on your hardware with repeated shutdowns. The new hardware can handle it.

6. Dry your clothes and dishes outside the machines. Evaporated water is a great cooler. So use every chance you get to cool your surroundings. Also these machines use a lot of energy and release a lot of heat too so if you can avoid using these machines altogether then that would be a great reduction in your temperatures.

7. And finally the classic: wear loose clothes. You want air to circulate around your skin so that sweat evaporates off of it and reduces your body temperature. Also lose the shoes, keep your feet cool. That rhymed more than it should. I digress but even your feet need to breathe and trapping them in a packed environment would only heighten your discomfort.

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Bhavin Patel
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