Ahmedabad is celebrating Foodie's Day Out

Ahmedabad welcomes Monsoon with Foodies’ Day Out!

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Ahmedabad: We all know that we all love food. Gujjus are often boasting about being the most food oriented people on the planet. And to prove that they have done a lot of things.

The Foodies’ Day Out is one such event. It is a 4 day celebration that the Amdavadis are celebrating since 2013. The whole festival is about their love for food. People that love food are invited to a certain place in the city to try out all different kinds of food that the city has to offer. This is a great way to get the closet foodies to come out and socialize with other foodies of the city. Sharing ideas and recipes with others is always a good thing. You cannot disagree with that.

And it’s happening right now. Head to their facebook page to get in touch with them and participate.

To accompany the food and add to the atmosphere, they have a band playing unplugged, they have planned 1 minute games that they will play and there’s a photobooth event. They have also announced special food games for entertainment. Wonder what that is?

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