Digital Vidya announces Course on Mobile Marketing

Digital Vidya announces Course on Mobile Marketing

Digital Vidya, the leader in Digital Marketing Education announced today, the launch of a new course, the “Mobile Marketing Master Certification” (CMMM) course, in association with Vskills, a Govt. of India enterprise.

The course is a 3 month, instructor led, online program that focuses on Mobile Marketing skills. Participants will be taught about various aspects of Mobile Marketing, an emerging field which is set to rapidly grow in the near future. The course will deal with skills related to creating effective marketing presence, mobile apps, mobile analytics, how to leverage mobile advertising channels, measuring the ROI of Mobile Marketing campaigns and much more. Seeing the rapid growth in the number of mobile users, Mobile Marketing skills are a must to prepare yourself for the future in marketing.

Speaking on the launch of the course, Digital Vidya’s co-founder Kapil Nakra said, “There are 2 types of businesses existing today. One that is already been disrupted by Mobile and other that will be distributed by mobile very soon. At Digital Vidya, we realize that while the businesses are aware of this fact, they are not really prepared to leverage this opportunity. Therefore, we have launched this 3-month compressive course for professionals to acquire critical Mobile Marketing skills. This course is designed by leading Mobile Marketing experts who are involved in multiple Mobile Marketing projects.”

Indeed the growth in the number of smartphone users across the globe means need for Mobile marketing skills in the future is only going to rise. According to the Jan’15 report by GlobalWebIndex 80% of all adults that use the internet, own a smartphone. In India the number of mobile subscription is expected to reach 1.4 billion by 2020 (Mobility Report by Ericson). This just indicates that the number of smartphones users will soon surpass the number of desktop/laptop users and that the need for Marketing focused on mobile devices will increase.

Digital Vidya understands the needs that this trend will create and has expanded its reach in India by acquiring the Digital Academy India. Till now they have offered the Certified Digital Marketing Master (CDMM) course for digital marketing. Now they are improving their offerings with the Certified Mobile Marketing Master (CMMM) course that will expand the scope of marketing professionals. With CMMM the candidate can master the skills to successfully manage Mobile Marketing campaigns.

This new course is exclusively for the current alumni of Digital Vidya. Only the 10,000 plus that have already enrolled with Digital Vidya will have access to the course which starts on July 19, 2015. Others that are interested in the course but are not an alumnus of Digital Vidya will have to request for an invite to participate in the course.

You can check their website here.