Pain and Suffering, Arthritis calling

Pain and Suffering Arthritis calling

Imagine all your joints slowly pulled apart. The locations are such that they divide your body into two symmetric halves. Yes, it is the disease of Arthritis. Rheumatoid Arthritis to be specific. Literally making you feel uneasy. No matter how much you sleep you shall still feel tired and no matter how tired you are you still wont be able to sleep in this agony. This is an excerpt from APM presents “Joint Words” by Preeti Vangani. Despite the pain, she has the will of an “Iron Lady” to stay strong. We whole-heartedly wish her a good life. Have a look at her amazing poem.

Watch Preeti Vagnani performing “Joint Words”

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Yash Tamakuwala
Yash is a computer engineering student (by will), a die-hard football fan and a tech nerd. He likes to put his grey matter in pressure by solving and playing puzzle games. He enjoys brain storming and laying one-liner puns in a group adding to his humour factor.

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