Top 10 Best Episodes of Sarabhai VS Sarabhai

Top 10 Best Episodes of Sarabhai VS Sarabhai

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Admit it. Sarabhai VS Sarabhai is the best Indian show ever produced! We all have watched all episodes of the show at least twice. Taking from Maya’s sophistication, Monisha’s middle classiyat (as Maya calls it), Indravadan’s sarcasm, Rosesh’s poems and Sahil’s decency, we love everything about Sarabhais. Making list of top 10 episodes of the show is the toughest thing to do. There is not a single episode which didn’t make us laugh. But after a lot of struggle, I was finally able to list out 10 best episodes of Sarabhai VS Sarabhai. Have a look at the list.

10. Rosesh gets Kidnapped

Rosesh Gets Kidnapped - Top 10 Best Episodes of Sarabhai VS Sarabhai

“1 crore se sidhe 10 lakh par utar aaye tum?” Remember this line by Maya?

Rosesh was kidnapped by some goons who wanted to settle scores with Maya. They asked for 1 crore rupees in exchange of Rosesh. How Indravadan and Dushyant bargained with kidnappers was the funniest part of the episode.

9. The African Chant

The African Chant - Top 10 Best Episodes of Sarabhai VS Sarabhai

“Bhel kaise jala di Monisha ne?” Remember this? Thanks to the African chant Dushyant gave to Sahil. After reciting the chant, whatever Sahil said, happened. And which came as a disaster for Sarabhais.

“Hain? Hain? Hain?” Three Madhusudan fufas running after Indravadan was the best part of this episode.

8. Homeless Indravadan

Homeless Indravadan - Top 10 Best Episodes of Sarabhai VS Sarabhai

“Monisha, ye apna ghar railway platform kyun lag raha hai?” 😛

Remember this line by Sahil Sarabhai? He said this when Maya made Indravadan leave his house. All the struggle Indravadan has to go through at Sahil’s apartment is the part we enjoyed the most.

7. Monisha’s Makeover

Monisha's Makeover - Top 10 Best Episodes of Sarabhai VS Sarabhai

“Don’t call me Monisha. Call me.. Call her Mo-ni-ze.”

Remember this epic line by Monisha and Mrs Khilawala? Maya insisted Monisha to drop her middle class habits & helped her with the makeover. And what Monisha turned out after the makeover came as a shock for the Sarabhais. This was really one of the best episodes of the show.

6. Popat Kaka

Popat Kaka - Top 10 Best Sarabhai VS Sarabhai Episodes

“Popat Kaka ki atma ka Popat ud gaya, ud gaya, ud gaya re;
Shristey Ke Sarjanhaar se Popat jud gaya, jud gaya, jud gaya re.”

Do we need to say more? The poem Roshesh wrote, the Bhajans Indravadan prepared and the speech Monisha gave made this episode epic.

5. Bachelor Indravardhan

Indravadans Bachelorhood - Top 10 Best Sarabhai VS Sarabhai Episodes

On his birthday, Indravadan asks for bachelorhood from Maya as a gift. And he gets it along with Sahil. The way they spend their bachelorhood in Sahil’s apartment is so funny.

The Chai in the Freezer, Bhindi ki Sabji in Grinder, Ironing the Rotis were some of the things Indravadan used to do as a bachelor. The scene where he describes it to Sahil is the funniest part of the episode.

4. Indravardhan and Rosesh Become Friends

Indravardhan and Rosesh Become Friends - Top 10 Best Episodes of Sarabhai VS Sarabhai

“Aisa lagta hai jaise dono sagge baap bete hai.”

This line by Radhabai (maid) was the funniest one in this episode. The way Indravadan and Roshesh (who are enemies) bonds in this episode is the best part.

3. Kavi Sammelan

Poetry Competition - Top 10 Best Sarabhai VS Sarabhai Episodes

“Main lukhkha Hoon.”

The best poem of the show was spoken in this episode. Remember Kachcha Kela? When the producer Aatish Kapadia himself debuted in the episode as Kachcha Kela and the Kavi Sammelan took off, we couldn’t hold our laughter. This episode was a treat for all who love Roshesh’s poems.

2. Confession Day

Rosesh Confession Day - Top 10 Best Sarabhai VS Sarabhai Episodes

“Ek baar maine Roshesh ko apne hath se paani pilaya tha. Paani toilet tank se nikala tha.”

Confessed Indravadan on Maya’s confession day celebration. The time all Sarabhais make confession in this episode is one of the best moments of the entire show. We personally liked Monisha’s confession the best. Do you remember it?

1. The Gadget Freak Dushyant

Gadget Freak Dushyant - Top 10 Best Episodes of Sarabhai VS Sarabhai

And this is the best episode of Sarabhai vs Sarabhai. This was the episode where they had introduced Dushyant and Madhusudan Fufa together.

“Kal raat tak to achcha bhala hasta khelta thanda tha nai? Fridge?”

The way he says this while repairing the fridge is the funniest moment of the episode. The way Dushyant and Madhusudan Fufa irritates the Sarabhais are so hilarious to watch.

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