This is How Foodies can bypass the Service Tax Increase!

This is how Foodies can bypass the Service Tax increase

It’s 1st June and the increased service tax is set to change the way you eat. The service tax was increased from 12.36% to 14% this year meaning that eating at restaurants is about to get more expensive. But the average foodies need not worry. We have a few cheat codes that you can use for your feeding desires without losing much on the cash.

Welcome to The Streets!

The streets are possibly the place where most of the Indian food innovations are seen. Go out in the evening in almost any city and you can see that the streets are filled with stalls and dhabas selling the whole universe for you to eat. On top of that these street side vendors aren’t affected by the service tax increase, simply because they are too small and can fly under the radar. Plus restaurants are boring anyway. Why go to a restaurant when you can breathe fresh air and enjoy the view while you eat?

Or stay in your house

With a lot of options coming up in the ready-to-cook categories there’s always something new for you to try out. The service tax won’t affect packaged products so you don’t have to shell out more for the same food. You can try to innovate in this too, add your own touch to the food you eat. It’s easy and won’t take much effort and you can watch your favorite TV show while you eat.

Take your food out too

The service tax isn’t applicable to take-out only outlets of restaurants. So if the place where you want your food from has a takeout only outlet, you can fill your tummies without emptying your pockets completely. Plus you can choose where you want to sit and eat. Parks and beaches are fair game. Heck, if you want to eat in your car that’s cool too.

Are you Ready-to-eat?

Ready-to-eat is a relatively new concept in the food market. Ready-to-eat services offer parcels that you can take home and open and devour. The services that offer ready to eat food parcels at an MRP will not be under the service tax burden. The hardest part here would be finding such service providers, as this concept is new and providers are rare. But if you can find one that will be something you will constantly use, assuming the quality of the food is good, of course.

All is not lost for us low-mid tier foodies. We still have a lot to taste, a lot to explore, a lot to love and a lot to hate. Paying more is an option, but why go there when you can get better experiences and save a little? Go out, explore some more ways and tell us what ideas you have to dodge the tax axe.

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