This is what is wrong with Indian Education System

This is what is wrong with Indian Education System!

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We Indians always criticize our education system. It is known fact that our education system produces educated labours. What exactly is wrong with Indian education system? I’ve tried to explain through what I have observed. Have a look.

There are two types of students.

  1. The one with all the facts. The one who can mug up everything written in the books.
  2. The one who know where and how to use engineering, but he can’t mug up or remember text books.

Now, how universities and colleges ask questions in tests?

Example: They will ask- Explain phases of web development.

And there will be more than one answers to this single question; which will contain phases, stages, steps and types. For example let’s assume this question has 5 probable answers. The first type of student (the mugger) will mug up everything.

The second guy know how to develop a website, but he can’t remember all these steps. But unfortunately, he won’t be able to get good marks as no one has asked him to write steps of developing a website.

This thing will repeat during all 4 years of one’s Engineering. The mugger will keep mugging and scoring. And the second guy who is a real engineer won’t be able to get marks/ SPIs.

Now, time for Campus Interview.

Very first condition to appear in Campus Interview- One should at least has a distinction to even appear in Campus Interview. The second guy gets eliminated from the thing in which he is really good. And the mugger guy will again get to appear in the interview.

Interviewer will follow the same procedure. He will ask same questions as the university, and the mugger will get selected.

After selection, mugger will get training of what the second guy already know since last four years. And the second guy who deserved to get the job, won’t get job anywhere due to the system. This is how Engineering works.

Due to this education system, companies keep complaining about lack of good human resources, colleges keep complaining about lack of good recruiters and students keep complaining about lack of good jobs.

Every child is born creative. But Indian education system and parent’s mentality eventually ruin creativity. This should be changed if we want India to be a skilled country.

What do we learn from this?

If you are a mugger, congratulations, you will get the job for sure. No learning for you.

If you are a company owner, in stead of checking mark-sheets, check the talent your applicant has got.

If you are the second guy, you don’t need to worry if you don’t get the job. You can do things on your own. You don’t need support as you already know how things are done. And most importantly, after going through this typical 4 years of your life, at least you know how to take risks and how to do jugaad. So, you can be an Entrepreneur and create jobs.

And to colleges and universities, please focus on practical learning. Change traditional book based education, focus on skills instead of marks.

What do you think?

Do you agree? Add your views in comments below.

Nishit Jariwala
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