Two Entrepreneurs bring e-commerce into Healthcare Business
Rajandeep Singh and Bhanu Mahajan (Co-founders, KiviHealth)

Two Entrepreneurs bring e-commerce into Healthcare Business

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‘Let’s make Heathcare better’ that is what these entrepreneurs from the Indian School of business were thinking when they started KiviHealth. There are a lot of times when you visit a doctor and they tell you that you have to do certain tests and bring back the reports later. If it isn’t a serious problem, we just skip these tests because we are too busy or lazy to go to through the whole process.

KiviHealthWell, these entrepreneurs from Ahmedabad are here to make it easier for you to manage your healthcare. KiviHealth is a startup that aims to unify all three aspects of healthcare i.e. Clinic, Pharmacy and Laboratory. With doorstep medicine delivery which includes even prescription medication and blood collection at home, most of your medical needs will be complete with just the visit to the doctor. To further improve on this, you can find doctors and book appointments instantly using KiViHealth app and website.

The team of 23 was specially gathered from the top engineering colleges of Gujarat like DAIICT, MSU and DDU. They started on December of 2014 and within just a few months have over 2000 doctors enrolled in Ahmedabad. Besides that they have business with the famous laboratories in the city too.

KiviHealth Team

Rajandeep Singh and Bhanu Mahajan wanted to create a one stop solution for patients’ needs. A big problem with healthcare e-commerce was selling prescription medicine which they have solved with including doctors in their system. Their system will prove revolutionary for the healthcare industry as they have removed the hassle that comes from having to go to all the places themselves to get reports and medicines.

Beside patients, doctors and labs also get a chance to reach out to more people. The e-commerce business is booming and businesses are looking for ways to cash in on it. KiviHealth puts healthcare professionals and vendors online.

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