Two students from Rajkot created Whatsapp Alerts System

Two Students from Rajkot created Whatsapp Alerts System

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Today we are featuring two young individuals from Rajkot. They have created a Whatsapp information service that will give you information about a lot of things like the SSC results, your PNR status and news headlines right in your Whatsapp inbox.

Krunal Panchamiya and Mitul Gadhiya are two aspiring entrepreneurs who want to leave their mark in the digital world. They both come from Rajkot and are Masters of Computer Application who graduated from the Atmiya Institute of Technology and Science.

Krunal says that they came up with the idea when they saw that mobile companies had a similar service but it was slow and costly. There was no such service on Whatsapp. Whatsapp is free and only needs a basic internet package to run. So they decided to provide this information service and launched it on 25th May 2015. They claim to have created this in only 10 days.

Two students from Rajkot created Whatsapp Alerts System
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It is an information service that uses Whatsapp to supply you with the information you ask for. All you have to do is save their number which is “+91 9408942579” and send a Whatsapp message with a keyword and a prefix “@” to this number and you will receive the information you asked for almost instantly. Send any message to the number and they will reply with all the valid keywords that you can use at the time. The news is sent as headlines with links to the complete article.

At present they are offering information about SSC results, PNR statuses and news from Aajtak, Akila, Divya Bhaskar and Google news. Their first service was from Akila news, a Gujarati news agency. They asked for permission to access their site’s information and they got it. Since then they have added the above mentioned sites to their lists and expanded their service. They are further planning for the addition of a lot of other sources to the services like movie reviews, movie suggestion, and regional updates like temperature and weather.

This is not their only achievement though. They also have an online shop for Gujarati farsan and other food items.

BuddyBits wishes Krunal and Mitul all the best for their future plans and hopes that they keep adding value to the digital world.

And for our readers out there: Give their application a try. It’s free, it’s fast and it’s useful. Tell us what you think about it in the comments. We’re always eager to know your opinions.

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