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Who will win MTV Roadies X2? Check our Winner Prediction!

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Twelfth season of the most popular Youth TV reality show MTV Roadies has come to the end. MTV Roadies X2 was the most unique season of Roadies for sure. This season was more filled with emotions and bondings unlike fights and drama of previous seasons. We witnessed stronger bonds between contestants and gang leaders this time. This season had the maximum number of Roadies (participants). Finale of the season will be telecasted this week on the television.

Finale of the show will be completed in three parts. First part of the finale has already been telecasted on the television. Five Roadies out of all twenty are going to the second round of finale; who are Prince (Pune), Rajatdeep (Delhi), Rizwan (Delhi), Amaneet (Delhi), Gurmeet (Delhi) and Kajal (Punjab). Only one of Esha, Ranvijay and Karan’s gangs are qualified for the round 2 of finale; where as three participants will participate in round 2 from Vijendar’s gang.

In second round of the finale, eliminated contestants (X-Roadies) will vote for their favourite contestants. And two out of five semi-finalists will be qualified for the final battle of Roadies X2. So basically, X-Roadies will vote for two best Roadies who will go to the finale of the show.

Winner of MTV Roadies X2

Now the main question, who will win MTV Roadies X2? Who two will fight for the glory? According to us, Gurmeet stands maximum chances of getting into the final battle. Gurmeet is surely going to the finale according to us. He is a performer and has a very strong bonding with fellow contestants. So Gurmeet will qualify for final battle with majority according to us.

Now who will compete with Gurmeet? That’s a tricky question. We feel either Prince or Rizwan will compete with Gurmeet in finale. And from Prince and Rizwan, Prince has brighter chances of getting qualified for the finale.

So according to us, most probably Gurmeet and Prince will be the finalists of MTV Roadies X2. And from Gurmeet and Prince, Gurmeet has higher chances to win the show. So ultimately Ranvijay’s gang and Vijendar’s gang will be competing in finale.

According to us, either Gurmeet or Prince will win the title of MTV Roadies X2; most probably Gurmeet. Now let’s wait for the finale episode (20th June 2015) to find out who wins.

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