10 Things To Do When Your Internet Goes Down!

10 Things To Do When Your Internet Goes Down!

Some of us can’t get enough of internet in a day. 24 hours are not enough for internet.  Huge number of people is almost addicted to the internet. They cannot stay away from internet even if they want to.

But sometimes we feel like enough is enough. The internet can be something that can drag your productivity to zero. So once in a while we decide to get out life together and the first thing that comes to the mind is to stop using the internet, or at least limit the usage.

Most of these attempts fail because it is very hard to unplug. When your regular schedule involves about 8 hours of internet time, you just cannot imagine a life without it. The major factor here is that you don’t know about many things that you can do offline. Doing some activity will occupy your mind and will keep your cravings in check.

So here we have for you 10 things you can do outside of the internet.

1. Plan a Hangout

Plan a Hangout - 10 Things To Do When Your Internet Goes Down!

Meet up the people you love to handout with. The internet has surely made these hangouts rare. When you feel like you have nothing to do, call your best friends and ask them to meet you some place nice. Meet them and chat about random things. Observe the funny things that people around you do. Laugh at silly jokes. You don’t get to experience moments like these on the internet.

2. Go for a Walk

Go for a Walk - 10 Things To Do When Your Internet Goes Down!

A walk can be a refreshing experience, especially on a river bank or a beach. Lakes and ponds are great places too. Get closer to nature and relax a little bit. Just the atmosphere at these places will take away your stress and give you an intense sense of calm. If you have a camera with you and like photography, grab it on your way out.

3. Lie on the Grass and Watch the Clouds

Lie on the Grass and Watch the Clouds - 10 Things to do when Internet Goes Down

Or in other words do nothing. Just go out to a park and lie down and stare at the sky. It’s almost like meditation. Clear your mind of all thoughts and just stare at the blue and white space above you. Contemplate about the purpose of life, the reason of existence, why sunflowers are yellow, anything and everything random. Follow a train of thought till you forget where you started then trace your thoughts back to it. Let your mind wander.

4. Get in Touch with Long Lost Friends

Get in touch with long lost friend - -  10 Things To Do When Your Internet Goes Down

Think of people you liked and start calling them just to say ‘hi’. Share stories about your life with them. Tell them to share theirs. This could be a very good bonding experience for the both of you. Maybe you’ll find a precious friend again who you lost just because you stopped talking for no reason. Don’t feel scared to call anyone. It will be awkward at first only. Once you get started you can chat for long hours if you like.

5. Read a Book

Read Books -  10 Things To Do When Your Internet Goes Down

Books are always an effective way to get your mind off of things. A good book can keep you occupied for hours a day. A good book will even make you forget to eat and sleep. If you are planning a long term break then get a book series. There are a lot of great series out there which you will enjoy reading non-stop.

6. Cook and Eat

Cook and Eat - 10 Things To Do When Your Internet Goes Down

Who doesn’t like eating? Grab a recipe book and find the dish that is begging to be eaten. Get the ingredients ready, go shopping if you have to and get started. Once you’re done you can get someone to taste it for you or you can get selfish and eat the whole thing yourself.

7. Go Shopping

Go Shopping - 10 Things To Do When Your Internet Goes Down

Have something that you were planning to buy but always put off due to lack of time? Well, go buy it. And while you’re at it browse around, take a walk through a mall or your local street market. You never know what you could find there when you are not actively looking for something.

8. Organize your Space

Organize your Space - 10 Things To Do When Your Internet Goes Down

If you’ve got a mess of a house or a room then start organizing it. Just focusing on work will keep you from getting bored. Yeah, it might look like a lot of work but once you get started you will not even think about it until you’re done or exhausted. Nice way to spend time productively.

9. Play Games

Play Games - 10 Things To Do When Your Internet Goes Down

You can always play games on your phone or the computer. It’s not cheating as you are not really connected to the internet. Try out competitive games which constantly challenge you. Sports games and racing games can give you an adrenalin rush while you’re playing them. Stay away from games that constantly ask you to connect to the internet.

10. Watch TV

Watch TV - 10 Things To Do When Your Internet Goes Down

When nothing works, there’s always TV. Just flick through the channels till you find something interesting. A good choice will be wildlife channels. Just observe how the animals live in the wild. Every little thing they do becomes interesting when you have nothing else to do.

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