This is how Selfie With Daughter turned into Festival of Abuse!

This is how Selfie With Daughter turned into Festival of Abuse

How did a decent idea like #SelfieWithDaughter turn into a festival of abuse? It all started with Indian Prime Minister in his routine address “Mann ki Baat” asking people to upload selfies with their daughters with inspirational messages. Selfie with daughter was a nice idea that came from a Panchayat head of a small village in Haryana who has done a lot of work for the “Beti Bachao” campaign. The idea was to send a positive message to the world that you are a proud father of a daughter; just a little idea to spread the message that daughters are not inferior to sons.

The message was positive, the idea was easy to execute and it did go viral and there was a significant response. It actually gave me positive hope for the country. Until Kavita Krishnan entered the scene with her stupid tweet.

Kavita Krishnan accused the PM of stalking women and the double standards he shows with the #SelfieWithDaughter campaign. A baseless remark only aimed to defame the PM. The supporters of our Prime Minister did not take it nicely and it resulted into a flood of abuses getting thrown at her.

While I do not support the actions of the abusers, I do think that it was a stupid thing to say and she should be held accountable (socially not legally). Any act that raises awareness about the irrationality of gender discrimination should be celebrated. Criticizing the campaign is acceptable, you have the right to your opinion, but this was just plain slandering.

If Kavita Krishnan thinks Selfie with daughter is pointless then she needs to check her standards. She was a major supporter of the KissOfLove which I think was well-intentioned but counter-productive. I’ll tell you why.

Kiss Of Love relied on angering people who do not support the cause without any intention to educate or motivate them. This tactic is a very bad way to promote something positive among people who disagree with you. What it accomplished was that it gave an ego boost to people who participated and made the “conservatives” hate the liberals even more. They were just trying to cause trouble.

In contrast, Selfie With Daughter was a very nice campaign that urged participants to show a simple gesture of support for a cause. A selfie with daughter does not cause people to hate you. It is a very normal act which everyone is pleased to see. It raised awareness without anyone feeling any negative emotions towards the acts and was a success too. I personally like the idea.

Now I’m not saying that you should not protest or speak up. I’m just showing you the double standards that Kavita Krishnan and people like her show when it comes to movements. I’m sure that her tweet was politically motivated. People should look beyond politics and support a good movement. I would’ve welcomed some positive critique from someone which could be used to improve the impact of the movement. Instead she chose to throw accusations at the man who was trying to do something good.

Bhavin Patel
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