This Teacher is following his passion even after Retirement!

This Teacher is following his Passion even after Retirement

The main motivation of a teacher is always to nurture the future generations. There is a certain connection that develops between the teacher and the place where they teach. It becomes a part of their life. The building and the people become inseparable pieces of their daily activity, especially when they enjoy their work. Maybe that’s why this teacher kept his routine and went to his school again just the next day after his retirement.

Rajnikant Patel
Rajnikant Patel

Rajnikant Patel from Olpad has been teaching in the Nagar Prathmic Shikshan Samiti’s Primary School no.: 114 for 23 years. The school is in the Katargam area. He was to retire on October 31st 2014 but he’s been going to school just like any other day. He says that the school has become a family to him and that he feels a special bond with all the staff members and the students of the school. He enjoys teaching kids.

He has been working in the school without a salary since the day of his retirement; he teaches the students there and even helps with the office work. He says that he has a farm in Olpad, his hometown, but that lies neglected as he just wants to teach children. He loves his job too much to leave it.

The passion and dedication that Mr. Rajnikant Patel has shown for his work is worth admiration and praise. He is a great example for our young generation and the students that attend the school are lucky that they have him to guide them. He put his passion above his greed and has remained true to it. Not a lot of people can or will do that. We wish to see more people like him in Surat. He is truly a valuable person for the city of diamonds.

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