To honour Dr. Kalam, Let’s Start Making Mistakes

To honour Dr. Kalam Let's Start Making Mistakes

This guy called Abdul Kalam died today. I know him only by name and photos and that he was once the president of India. I’ve heard that he’s done great deeds that are worth praising. I’ve also heard that he was a scientist. Must’ve been intelligent too. Must have been a good guy to have so many people remember him after his death. But I didn’t know him. I didn’t meet him. I didn’t want to meet him. Not that I did not like him but I never really thought about him outside of a GK perspective. To me he wasn’t a person, he was just a piece of information. Useful at times when you wanted to show off your knowledge. Some quotes I’ve read make me think that he really liked the dreamers. He encouraged those who would want to go against the flow. I like that. I support that idea too. The world could do with some more strange people with the courage to put new ideas out there.

I once got hold of an audio book called Wings of Fire but couldn’t find the equipment to hear it on. Then I forgot about it. People say that it is a good book. I don’t know, it might be. But there’s one thing I know that Dr. Kamal was never involved in any scams. As far as I know he was never a political personality. He must have had a clean and strong character to have had such power and not use it to gain an unfair advantage. From the photos that I have seen he looks like a simple and disciplined person. I like disciplined people. I think I would’ve liked him would I have known him. But I didn’t know him and I think it’s sad that I didn’t hear about him much. See, there’s this thing about good people, they don’t get much attention. And I understand that. There’s not much entertainment in the lives of good people. They live their own life, follow their own dreams and on their way inspire those few who notice them. No controversial activities, no breathtaking adventures, just a simple life lived following their goal. And then suddenly they leave this world and will slowly fade away.

That is why we need more good people than bad ones. Nobody notices a good person, only the bully gets attention. Good people don’t seek any attention anyway. They just do what they love and if they get any attention for that then that’s a bonus. People notice mistakes more than the achievements. I don’t like this. This world we live in is not a positive one. Wouldn’t it be better if we focused on achievements more and mistakes less? If they didn’t focus on our mistakes then we wouldn’t have to worry too much about making them. When we make mistakes, we learn. The more mistakes we make the more we learn. This world of ours makes us hesitate in doing anything new because every mistake will be noticed. And then there’s the fact that there are more ways to fail than to succeed. If you don’t try, you will never discover the ways which won’t work, and more importantly the ways which will.

There’s too much negativity in our world. Can’t we just focus on the good things? Like trying to solve problems instead of worrying about them? Like teaching each other how to overcome fear instead of scaring them? I’m not saying that crimes be forgiven. If you hurt someone then you need to be responsible for it. I’m just saying that we need to learn how to make mistakes. We all make mistakes every now and then. How about we for once, try to correct then I stead of trying to escape the blame?

I think Dr. Kalam would also want this. If he was the simple man that I imagine him to be then he would have wanted to see a world that wasn’t scared of making mistakes. I think the best way to honor good people like him is to appreciate the people who are at least trying to do something, no matter how small or big, no matter how many mistakes they make. He would’ve liked to see people admitting their mistakes and learning from them. He would want us to teach those less experienced than us how not to be afraid of trying.

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Bhavin Patel

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