Top 10 Best Indian Advertisements of All Time!

Top 10 Best Indian Advertisements of All Time

Generally people don’t like watching ads on TV. It is like taking medicine, you don’t like it but you have to take it :P. They are over promising. Ads are mostly annoying; it’s like a third wheel to a happy couple. Imagine you are watching a thrilling murder mystery, you are about to find out who the killer is and you hear “Abhi lautenge chhote se break k baad”. BUMMER!! Right?

But they are not all bad. Some ads are very interesting and entertaining too. Some of them convey very useful info or message. Some of them really come with great visualization and effects; we can say that better than any show! I personally love to watch this kind of ads on TV. Here I collected some funny and interesting ads of all time! You will be definitely forced to un-mute your TV when below ads are running!

10. Wedding by TBZ

This ad by TBZ, short and very sweet. Portraying Indian wedding traditions with a surprise touch.

9. Keep your City Clean

Being supporter of “Clean India Campaign”, I would advice every Indian to watch this once.

8. Nescafe Advertisement

Very Inspirational one. Makes you feel if he can, then so can I.

7. Cadbury 5 Star Latest TVC

Ramesh and Suresh, these two names became very famous after this ad.

6. Vodafone Zoo Zoo

Very funny bunch of ads. They became very popular among kids and elders also. People would wait for these ads to appear.

5. Time of India Ad

There is an old saying “Ekta mai hi bal hai”. This ad shows this message along with that cute kid taking initiative to make things better.

4. Amazon TV Advertisement

Crazy shopper husband wife, betting over a match. Ads shows you don’t need a reason to shop.

3. Khushbu Gujarat Ki

After watching this ad, you will want to spend your next vacation in Gujarat.

2. Google Reunion Ad

Very emotional ad. Very nice drama showing the use of Google.

1. KBC 2014 Launch Film

Ad with a great message. Ad says people come to the show from every parts of India with the message being, don’t neglect any state or town no matter how small or remote they are.

Hope you guys liked these ads. Don’t forget to share it with your friends; I’m sure they will love it. Stay tuned to BuddyBits for more amazing stories from around the India.

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  1. May i know how you segregated this ads in top 10 best ads of all time, they have different objectives and different way of convention of message and using all time in what sense? Plz reply with ur category.

Top 10 Best Indian Advertisements of All Time!

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