TV is the past. Say Hello to The New Source of Entertainment!

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I used to watch TV every day. Then I got busy with studies and other hobbies. The fixed programming of the TV was something that didn’t suit me. I could never catch my favorite shows. Even if I actively managed my time to fit some TV time, it was never the same again.

And then I discovered the Internet. Actually I knew about the internet but I only used it for emails and the messenger. I realized that I could download videos of my favorite shows, which were mostly cartoons. It was difficult to find them but it was better to watch the shows at my own convenient time than plan my schedule around what the TV programmers decided.

Today, you don’t even have to download the shows. You can stream them straight from a website. This trend has caught on in the US and they have a special service named Netflix there. Netflix lets you stream your favorite TV shows online for a fee. It has become so popular that now there are Netflix exclusive shows too. This is the future of the entertainment industry.

In India we don’t have much of an online streaming industry. So the Indian audience is increasingly moving towards shows from the US. But that is changing.

There are these guys from The Viral Fever (TVF) that have created an online series named “TVF Pitchers”.  You can watch it on Youtube. They currently have one episode with another releasing soon. They’re set on changing the entertainment industry. Let me tell you why.

The story is of 4 people stuck on dead end jobs, trying to escape the rat race using an idea of a startup. Watching the episode didn’t feel like I was watching just another Youtube video. These guys are professionals. From plot to cinematography, everything was excellent. The actors did a great job and the dialogues were nicely written. I would even say they did better than most of the movies releasing these days in Bollywood. Now you might think I’m exaggerating but you need to see it to believe it. By the end of it I didn’t even know that 40 minutes were over. The story keeps you engaged with the characters. Better than any freakin’ daily soap out there. If you’re still stuck with daily soaps I would advise you to get on youtube and watch this series.

I’m eagerly waiting for the next episode to come out. Waiting to see how these guys shape the entertainment industry in India. TV shows, with their monotonous stories and gimmick have no chance against actual talent. I have not seen such work on the TV since the days that I stopped watching TV. If any of you TVF guys is reading this, keep up the good work! India needs this!

Bhavin Patel
Bhavin likes to write, be it prose or rap. Studies philosophy and economics in his spare time and listens to rap music all day, religiously. An introvert with dreams of becoming the best rapper alive, he knows he has a long way to go and is willing to take on the journey.