What! Salman Khan is not Hosting Bigg Boss 9?

What Salman Khan is not hosting Bigg Boss 9 Farah Khan

Salman Khan might not be hosting the next season of Bigg Boss. This news comes as a shock to all BiggBoss and Salman Khan Fans. He has become the face of Bigg Boss ever since he took to hosting the show in season 5. He has been doing a brilliant job hosting the show and we like when he takes a stand against something stupid that the contestants do. But he has indicated that he will not be the choice for the host in the next season of the reality show.

In a recent interview with DNA Salman has said that he has not yet been contacted by the makers of the show and he thinks that Farah Khan would be the choice for the host of season 9. Seeing that the show gained in TRP when Farah Khan took over as the host in the middle of season 8, it is likely to be true.

Salman Khan had previously confessed that he does not like doing the show as it was very “tiring and painful.”

Before season 8 he said, “I did not want to do ‘Bigg Boss 8’ because it is too tiring and painful. I have my own set of problems and here I am solving 10-12 problems of others. These people involve me and somehow I get involved.”

And now with the statements about Farah Khan doing a better job than him, we are sure that he will not be hosting the next season of Bigg Boss. A lot of BiggBoss fans are not going to like this change. Salman is a favourite among the BiggBoss fan communities and he adds an extra touch of personality to the show. Let’s hope that Farah Khan will bring some flair of her own in the next season and we will not feel the absence of the Charismatic Khan in the show. No matter what though, the show’s image was Salman Khan and he will be deeply missed.