10 Amazing Facts about National Startup Conclave (Gujarat Edition)

10 Amazing Facts about National Startup Conclave (Gujarat Edition)

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Last week, our team set a benchmark with our first flagship event – National Startup Conclave (Gujarat Edition) in Surat. It was first full day event of Gujarat to have included A to Z of startups. Speakers from across the state and delegates from across the country joined NSC Surat on 8th August. Which was indeed a proud moment for team BuddyBits. We have made a list of 10 amazing facts about NSC which will leave you in shock. Have a look.

1. Surat is the city where very few events happen around startups and entrepreneurship. Surat is the city of traditional businesses. NSC was very first full day startup event of the city.

2. NSC was supposed to be a country-wide event when we thought of it. But we changed it and kept it state-wide (Gujarat edition) when we announced it.

3. Total 150 delegates joined us in Surat for NSC from which around 65 came from 10 other cities including Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Pune and Banglore.

4. National Startup Conclave was​ conceptualized on 11th of July, announced on 13th July and executed on 8th August.

5. Schedule/ agenda of the event was prepared in just an hour. Speakers were finalised in just 24 hours after conception of the event.

6. NSC is very first event of Gujarat to have a conceptual trailer of the event.

7. We took only 20 days for the promotion of NSC. In such a short span we covered both online and ofline marketing and we were able to reach to more than 10 lakh people through various marketing campaigns.

8. 65% of total registrations came on the week of the event.

9. Average age of our team is 21. Yes, you heard it right. 70% of our team members are still graduating and rest 30% are just graduated. Age of the founder of NSC (Nishit K Jariwala) is just 22.

10. 100% attendees gave thumbs up to very first NSC. We got overwhelming feedback to the event.

This is how our team looks like

Team National Startup Conclave
Team National Startup Conclave

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