An Open Letter to Hardik Patel from a fellow Gujarati!

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Open Letter to Hardik Patel from a Fellow Gujarati

Dear 22 year old, Hardik Patel,

I, another 22 year old fellow Gujarati, am writing this letter to discuss what has happened in Gujarat in last 48 hours. You, me and all fellow countrymen are aware about the peaceful protest that you have been leading since last few days. To be honest, I didn’t know you until 25th August 2015. The movement of Patidar community asking for reservation is going on in Gujarat since a month, but I heard your name for the first time on 25th August, when you lead the Maha Rally in Ahmedabad. And I believe there are lacs of Gujaratis like me who heard about you on the very same day. We thought the entire movement was being executed voluntarily by all the Patidar fellows, but the rally got a face on 25th August (at least as we fellow Gujaratis know it). I noticed couple of things when you addressed the rally in Ahmedabad. Listing down some of the points here.

1. Firstly, you were gathered to ask for reservation for Patidar community from Gujarat government. Both the community and government would have understood you, if you have addressed them in Gujarati language. Gujarati language would have left a good impact too. But you started with Hindi and completed your entire one and a half hour speech in Hindi. Which took us by shock. Your audience were Gujarati, then why did you choose Hindi?

2. Secondly, Patidars were gathered in the rally to ask and talk about reservation. You talked about reservation for like ten minutes. Your rest of the speech was to defame Gujarat government and our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. You were clearly trying to impose your political views on fellow Gujaratis.

3. Thirdly, we all noticed the tone of your speech. “Ham log pure Hindustan ko apni Aukaat dikha denge!” Who are you? Al Queda leader? Aren’t you a fellow Hindustani too? How can you use such a dreadful tone while addressing the rally of lacs of people?

4. Fourthly, the most annoying thing about you was your arrogance. You challenged Chief Minister Anandiben Patel to come to you and accept your application? Who are you to order a Chief Minister?

5. Fifthly, you clearly provoked the rally towards violence. “Agar hamari mange nahi sweekari to lanka jala denge!” When you are leading a peaceful protest, you don’t make statements which can provoke people to incline towards violence. But you clearly did that.

With these five points, I cleared my perspective about you from what I observed in your first speech in Maha rally. Now I will try to enlighten you with the knowledge I gained in last two days. Please have a look at my detailed observation on various points related to your peaceful protest.

Is reservation really possible?

First and foremost, according to the Supreme Court of India, only 50% or less than 50% of total seats can be reserved for backward class.

27% of the total seats in Gujarat comes under OBC (Other backward class) and 22% of the total seats comes under SC/ ST (Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes). Which means 49% of total seats in Gujarat already comes under reservation, which cannot exceed according to the judgement from the Supreme Court of India. So technically, more reservation is not possible.

Why would government not give more reservation?

More reservation is not technically possible, but let say if government gives reservation to Patels. In that case, Rajputs from Rajasthan, Singhs from Punjab and Maratha from Maharashtra will come and ask for reservations. So if they are allowing one particular caste to be included in backward class, it will be injustice to all other castes. Hence, government would not give reservation to any more castes.

Do you really need reservation?

Firstly, I would like to translate Patidar. Patidar is a Gujarati word for landowner. And as the name suggests, Patidar is one of the wealthiest castes across Gujarat. Patels dominates all industries in Gujarat taking from diamonds to real estates to textiles. Majority of diamond polishing industries of Surat are owned by Patels. Maximum Indian immigrants in USA belong to Patel community. Patels dominate motel industries in USA.

When I witnessed first rally asking for Anamat in Surat, I saw people joining the rally in their Mercedes cars. Can you imagine a guy coming in a Mercedes to ask for the stamp of backward class? Indigestible. Isn’t it?

Open letter to Hardik Patel from a Fellow Gujarati - Jaydip Parikh

(Photo Courtesy: Jaydip Parikh)

Majority of ministers who run Gujarat, belong to the Patel community including Chief Minister. Even you said in your rally that Patel is the most powerful community of the country. Then why do you need reservation?

Government keep entire population of a caste in mind while including them in reservation quota. I agree on the fact that there are many farmers in the Patel community who are suffering from the issue, but the community on the whole is not suffering from it. So I don’t think government would give reservation based on a minority number when the community on the whole is one of the wealthiest communities of Gujarat.

You said your brothers are not getting admissions in colleges due to your non-OBC status. Now, majority of Engineering colleges and other colleges of Gujarat are being run by Patels. Can’t these Patels come forward and offer seats to such Patels, who aren’t getting admission due to reservation system? No you can’t do that. Because, seats which aren’t allotted by government are literally sold in the name of management quota and NRI quotas. Now I would like to get on the point. I would like to share things which made me write this long letter to you.

Was your movement really peaceful?

It all started on a good note and entire day went peacefully. But suddenly the protest turned into riots. Why? Gujarati media and Patels are blaming police who suddenly imposed Lathi charge (Baton charge) on the rally. Well, do you know, what made them do this? No, most of us don’t know.

Government allowed you to carry out the rally and allotted you GMDC ground without any fees, because they wanted to hear you and your community. You went to the government to take permission to do Anshan andolan (Hunger strike), to which government didn’t give you permission. You were allotted the ground till evening. When the police came to you to ask you to vacant the ground after the allotted hours, you denied them to vacant the ground. Which forced them to arrest you. And the same came as a disaster for all of us. Public started giving reaction to your arrestment; which made police to impose Lathi Charge. I’m not saying that the police was innocent. They were not ordered to do so. So they were at fault too.

After the Lathi charge, the rally became violent. They started stone pelting in the city, they started setting buses and other public properties on fire. I mean let’s be honest. Whatever reason they had, is this the right way to protest against something? The riot spread in entire state from the city in just seconds. It started in Surat, Mehsana, Morbi, Rajkot, Vadodara and other parts of the city in just few minutes of what happened in Ahmedabad. Government was forced to impose curfew and section 144 in several parts of Gujarat. The community became brutal. They started setting police stations on fire. They started stone pelting on ministers’ homes. They damaged a lot of public property in span of just an hour. Seeing the situations, police released you. And just after a second of your release, you declared Gujarat Bandh. Who are you to declare bandh?

Open letter to Hardik Patel from a Fellow Gujarati - City

(Photo Courtesy: City Tadka Surat)

Second day started. We thought things will become better. But it got worse. More people came out on roads to damage public properties, to demonstrate your POWER! You were fighting for your community. Why should all Gujaratis keep close on your orders? Some dared to open their shops and offices. You came and started damaging private properties of common men! What’s our fault dear Hardik? You want Anamat for your community from the government. Why are we suffering? Why are you damaging public properties which are bought with our tax money? This is not it. Your peaceful protest has took 8 innocent lives, including police men, common men and people from your community. Is this the way to ask for something?

Gujarat is the state, which hadn’t saw curfew since last 13 years. But your peaceful movement changed it. Government had to call army to handle you guys. Do you still think you’ve done something great?

Is police responsible for the riots?

You and your community are blaming police for the riots. Ok. I admit it. The police is playing important role in making the riots bigger. They are treating common man like dogs. But why? Did you think on it?

Open letter to Hardik Patel from a fellow Gujarati - Police

When you saw videos of police abusing and damaging public and their properties, did you think on it even for a second? When you heard police entering in societies to beat people, did you think what made them do this? Here is a possibility. Bunch of people pelted stones on police or set a bus on fire and ran away when police reached there. They ran to hid in their homes and police chased them to their societies. And when they knew police were following them, they started shooting it on a camera. And they shot angry policemen damaging private properties, but didn’t shoot what lead them to do that. This is just a possibility. I am not advocating police. They are equally responsible for what has happened as I stated earlier.

So my point is, as everyone is blaming, police is not the only one responsible for the protest turning into riots. Protesters are equally responsible.

Why we fellow Gujaratis are angry?

Open letter to Hardik Patel from a Fellow Gujarati - Burning Building
Photo Courtesy: Nikhil Madrasi

Firstly, you weren’t fighting for us. You were fighting for your community. So why were we imposed to close our offices? Have you any idea how much loss we’ve made in these two days? Common men have died too along with the police and protesters in your peaceful protest. And not only Patidars, we all Gujarati paid for the properties you damaged.

Impact of what has happened in Gujarat in last two days will be worse than what we’re thinking. This incident will be used for political debates; image of non-violent and peaceful Gujaratis won’t be same again; Gujaratis, especially Patels will become a new sensation for stand-up comedians. And a lot more to follow. Because of your wrong stand and attitude, entire Gujarat will have to suffer from the shame. Our state used to be known for the peace and harmony between people. But this one event will change our image. This is what is saddening fellow Gujaratis including me. Until this, I told you what all you did wrong. Now I have a solution too. What could have been done instead of what you did. Have a look.

So what can be the solution?

I see only two possible solutions here.

1. Either remove entire caste based reservation system and make this country free from reservations.

2. Or remove caste based reservation and introduce EBC (Economically Backward Class). In which reservation is given on the basis of your economical situation and not the caste. In this case, those who are wealthy and comes under current reservation quota, will get eliminated and the needy from other castes will get included in the reservation quota. So this is the best option available right now.

If you had asked for reservation free India, my friend, not only lacs of Patels, but crores of Gujaratis like me would have joined you in the movement. But you fought for all wrong reasons and that too, just for your community. Please don’t show your power to the people of Gujarat. If we’ll get united against you, you will forget your power forever. We are Gujaratis. We are known for our unity and peace. You might have forgotten it in the greed of leadership and fame, but we have not. Let’s not divide our country in the name of caste. Let’s stop going backward. Let’s together make our state and country a better place to live!

Jay Jay Garvi Gujarat. Jay Hind.

– Another 22 year old Gujarati

Impact of this Open Letter

After we posted this letter on our Facebook page on 27th August 2015, the post went viral. Lakhs of people read this letter and thousands of them are sharing it on social media. Writer of this letter and the founder of BuddyBits, Nishit K Jariwala, was invited by Times Now on a debate on reservation with Arnab Goswami in their program Newshour. The episode aired on Times Now on 31st August 2015, where Nishit shared his views about the reservation and co-panellists and Arnab Goswami appreciated the idea of reservation based on economy rather than caste.

Entire debate can be found here on official YouTube Channel of Newshour.

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Nishit Jariwala
Foodie, photographer, traveler, cinemaholic, storyteller and dreamer are just a few words to describe Nishit. He is captain at BuddyBits.


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  1. It’s very sad :/ Everything is possible with just one word “Peace” !! I am patel. I also get that type of situation in my education journey but I never feel to solve that problem like this !! Today, I am studying outside the Gujarat, and people always introduce Gujarat as a peaceful state. I don’t know what will I feel when someone say peaceful state again. I can’t write more than this.. sight get blur because of tears.

    1. if you want to cry and you had faced the problem, then don’t comment, because your parents are rich so they got you admission outside gujarat, but what if you don’t have money to go outside and have enough marks to get admission in gujarat, but didn’t get just because of reservation system, so support this jAndolan or keep quit and cry ok.

      1. Dear trishul !! I have some questions for you.
        1) How can You decide My parents is rich or not ?
        2) How can you say studying outside means You need lots of money for admission ?
        3) Do you know from where I am ?
        4) Do you know my hard-work behind my admission ?
        5) Do you know a single thing about me and you are judging me ? Not just me but also my family !!

        6) Why do I keep quite ? I mean Why ?

        I cried because I believe in peace and I didn’t find any peaceful event in last some days of Gujarat !! I cried because I believe in humanity and I wrote this comment just because of it !!

        1. @bhumifaldu:disqus
          I am not a Patel but just a Fellow from OPEN category.
          Plz ask all the above questions to yourself on behalf of those who are part of JanAndolan.
          You can talk about PEACE as you have not reached your limits but others have.
          Like old habit :”Nobody will shout unless you are pinched or harmed” and only possibilities that we can guess here are:
          you are still @ safe zone or you don’t wanna any trouble.
          Everyone struggles in there life and they have their own view, so we are in no position to tell what they could have done ? what they should do ? etc.
          Unless you are very well aware of each and everyone’s life cycle.
          And here you are talking about an entire STATE.

  2. still i will say if you would have removed that ” do you really need reservation ?” part from your latter,it may sound more meaningful! Because if you know the reality not everyone came in mercedes ! if u know what i mean!! and second thing We general category people don’t get admission on our economical basis! if u can give them admissions in NIT,IIT,IIMs,AIIMS on donation then they may reconsider it!

    1. How selfish is that… Are you Patel only not getting admission? If you want to stand again reservation stand for entire society who is not getting this benefit rather than showing off like its only Patels who is going through this injustice. Even if you are granted reservation, which is entirely impossible – Do you think that is justice to other left out public. Then will it right for us to come on roads and burn the buses and your properties? tell me? Wrong is wrong – Hell if you are a terrorist or a normal person or A patel…

      1. First of all !! U need to learn some politeness! And second thing they have asked for support of other general category castes! And some of them have supported too! And third thing read my response I hv nowhere written PATEL,i hv clearly written about General category as a whole! Btw I share ur opinion on giving reservation to evryone or remove it !

        1. Ok with all politeness; I was not there in the rally as never heard non-patels were invited. Listened to the entire speech of your so called young leader, never heard other castes were invited. I agree that you haven’t written patel anywhere and really appreciate the same. I just dont like this differentiation that its only we who are suffering and also include us into reservation which as a whole will leave nothing for general public as a whole.. I am glad we share a common view about removing the reservation.

          1. This protest is against reservation and I guess Patel community took the initiative. Someone has to take the initiative, right? If you have similar thinking then please join the protest. No one’s stopping you from joining the protest.

      2. Chirag ,patel k kandhe pe gun rak ke sab community k liye stand le ki bat kar te ho how selfish is that?
        Invitation is open any general community can stand wid patel ,patel dont mind that thing why other general community wont take stand wid patel

      3. Hey You… Just Mind Your Language..
        If You Face Admission And Such Other Problems Then Stand Up For A Solution. Don’t Keep In Mind A Thought That Others Will Serve You And You Will Eat. If You Want Reservation Or Want To Remove It As A Whole Then Takr A Stand And Have Agitation As Per Your Thought. Don’t Make Some Useless Statements Which Only Seems Like A Childish Talk.

  3. Very well said bro. All the points covered which i was telling to my patidar friends. My view and your view matches. And i think lacs of Gujarati has the same thing to say, what you said. Hardik patel is Kejriwal 2.0, and we gujaratis won’t get fooled. Many of my patidar friends also started hating this guy.

  4. Nice Observation.. Good Initiative.
    I appreciate this initiative of young individual like who understand ” It Is you – A common man who will suffer”by all this ruckus they made.
    Its your wright to ask whether they really need reservation ? or If they want reservation for how many years? so that they can ensure they will show there growth in the decided time….
    Good keep it up.

  5. We are also happy to remove this cast base reservation but if we ask to remove this reservation then your brothers will came on street to oppose us.One another thing before writing article please follow any local gujarati news like sandesh . Because national news are not giving complete ground truth.They saw police attack without giving any warning . Media people are also injured in this action .

  6. Awesome very very well said … and completely true .. fighting is not a solution for anything ,we all are from place of mahatma Gandhi the father of nation … I have just one question do any one think that we are following even one word of that great person… he taught everyone Ahinsa parmo dharma and what we are doing??? Shame on the people those who are making loss of there own INDIA for there small benifits, be together my friends don’t fight with each other don’t blame each other ….. always remember our child hood story that any one can break one stick easily but no one can break a bundle so think we are fighting with each other and giving wrong people chances to enjoy that … I request all readers don’t spread be one and make India a one man country only HINDUSTANI no other castism. Jai hind jai Bharat

      1. What ? I am not blaming any one , I just wrote that fighting is not solution, in this thing mistake is from both sides … The demand of Hardik Patel to call CM there is wrong and the way of cops to treat public is also wrong … We all need to make peace .. That’s it… Bro.

  7. 200 corer rupees for this patel reservation andolan .. How many schools and colleges can be build.. How many people can get job.. Have u ever thought abt it.. Please mention it in ur letter to mr. Hardik patel.. And let him knw to get the fuck out of our state. Waste of money and time is what they did in a week. Hurting public and government property dosnt work enough.

    1. Mr. Jash Bhatt…Patels are not responsible for what happened on 25th evening and afterwards. We patels are biggest payers of tax. Btw Patels are as educated as other casts in india. We are proud that we are connected to the earth despite of our prosperity and retained our “Down2Earth” image. But that doesn’t mean we are illiterate. We are hardworking community as others. You can know that by researching on contribution of Patels in the field of Industries (chemical, textile, diamond,pharma, engineering,metal,bulilding construction etc.) , agriculture, education and health in Gujarat. I m ready to bet with you that you will find more around 50% schools, colleges, hospitals are built by the domation from the Patel community living in India and abroad. Interestingly the children of same OBC ppl (Patel hater policemen who hit us and our woman with abusing casteist comments) are studying in these school, colleges with their quota. We Patels are the largest community living in the USA,UK and Africa among the Indian diaspora. Other reason of our foreign connection is that our children are not getting opportunity in this “RESERVED” country forcing them to fly out from India in the land of Opportunity. Btw I’m not Hardik fan or supporter of reservation to Patels in the present form. It should be in the form of EBC. The reason behind explaining you about the hardworking “Patel” community is to remove the misconceptions about our community. Hope u will take it in positive way.

      see more 0

      1. Are sanjay bhai how many times you will copy paste the same statement. …kahi se copy kar liya aur pure discussion mai kahi bhi bus paste kar dete ho…dont u have something else to say….

  8. Gujarat police sucks !! how come they damage the private and public property. Who ever wrote – must be jealous of Hardik popularity..Gujarat police.. Fuck SC/ST/BC/OBC…

  9. it was nicely compiled . But here people missing one angle. .
    1. Is it possible to remove reservation from country in current situation? Where no a single political party in this country against reservation. (Yes/no)

    2. What u think in above situation what is best way to nullify reservation? Is it not equal right for individual who is born as patel or any cast which is not covered under OBC.

    3. Without using cast/religion do you think any movement possible at that high scale? Currently government understand cast politics so need to talk in that language only….

    Do you think if u come up and speak against Reservation how may will support it….? Government will crushed u if u r not in mass.

    5. I believe now its start… all cast join and should convert this movement in country wide reservation movement. …

    Final summary:

    “”if all cast join this movement then it will be complete movement against reservation. “”

    Hope one day people of Gujarat and India will understand motive.

    1. What is we are patidars, there is injustice to us.. we patels suffer so much. That itself is wrong, dont you think so?? other communities who are not under reservation criteria suffer as much as you guys. Dont you get that?

      Question is how can you do a public movement and ask for 2 completely opposite requests. Stick to one. All this agitation either to get you guys a reservation or to remove the reservation. This itself is so contradictory. I am shocked how can 5 lakh people be following blindly for such an idea.

      1. First of all i m not suppoter of Hardik. I m supporter of movement.

        Second patel got it very clearly that why they r fighting against system… agree other cast also suffering but its doesn’t mean that patel also don’t speak and keep suffering. Did u get it now?

        Please one more time what i mean to say….

        1. I get your point but why you want to differentiate.. Patels, non patels and all stuff. Already society is suffering and you are just adding more pain. The motive, the slogans of this movement is like only patels are suffering and we want reservation.. What the hell. You take more 20+% reservation and what will be left then? I have seen hell rich Patels, and of course like in all communities, there are poor beings also. So, when you make a point that you guys are the ones who are the most united, have guts and all.. thn help your fellow needy brothers instead of wasting your time on such movement asking only for a benefit of a community.

          Tomorrow other communities will stand up more furiously (may be not as powerful as Patels but even the smallest community has power to put a dent in regular stuff of entire nation) and ask for reservation or increase in reservation.. Everyone will come on roads and fight with each other. That’s what you want?

          P.S. – I understand your view here and agree to it but I hate the way the movement has started, see the slogans and the speech of this guy.. Hate the way he just speaks and also the way people are being supportive of it.

          1. Read my point no 5. Is it about only patel? Infect our patel leadership already in talk with other cast who want to join this movement. .. note me… it started by patel not only for patel… now its up to other cast would they like to join us or not….

          2. Totally agree with u paragpatel…..
            firstly this movement is not only for patels ,its again the injustice that student of open category faces in admission. I would like to say to my other frnd that it is the responsiblity of your community to speak against such injustice. As a educated person you should understand it. So you can’t say “what abt us”, for that you all need to speak up…
            Second, i am totally against reservation given on the basis of caste. It has to be on the basis of economic status bt this political leaders will never implement that method bcoz of their vote bank….
            Third, The entire movement was going on peacefully ,it was then when the police arrested the hardik patel and done “lathi charge” on the 2000-3000 people present on the ground and that also when the rally was declared over. There was no reason behind doing lathi charge. IT was this polices who forces the people to convert the peaceful movement into tense situation….

          3. Are you dumb..? The letter says that it was hardik patel who sat on ‘anshan'(which was not permitted) and was legally arrested. The riot was due to your dumb head patels who think by their knees and got involved in this non – sense riot.

          4. Mr. Chirag, I like your sermon but some hard facts I would like to mention. (Disclaimer: I’m against Reservation to Patels despite of being a Patel and a Hardik hatter)
            1. In present days India nobody comes forward when it is for General cuause…but community does…so they moulded it that way. In democracy you can not prevent anybody to represent something.
            2. Patidars were pati-dars 50 years before….after 2-3 generations now so many Patel individual males (heading a family of 4-6) are having a very small peace of land (0.5 to 2 Bigha), and it is not possible to run a family of 4-6 on the income of this peace of land and sometimes this land becomes costly due to high cultivation cost and low yield/income from it.
            3. In this world every problem is relative. if somebody without any qualification gets good opportunity and not you despite of having more qualifications than the former than the problem starts.
            4. More important…nobody discussing why patels become so agitating…basically patel is very hard working peaceful community… but their fear of being lagging in the race, made them to be little selfish which nobody can say as “rubish”. Patels have remain a leading (No.1) donor community in Gujarat for school, colleges and hospitals and interestingly children/ppl of all casts taking advantage of these institutions/hospitals. In contrast you can see the hatred of other community towards Patels in the “atrocities” done by Police (which were non-patels mostly OBCs). This atrocities started this violence. Patels have given so much to Gujarat but other community always envy of their prosperity.

      2. correct it chirag.. not only 5 lakh… thae mass was more than 20lac in rally. and almost 1 crore peoples are part of the movement.
        And i dont think that 98% of the community is blind

      3. Will your so called movement will help poor people falling under General Category & won’t give reservations for rich people.

    2. baraber che bhai nai to aa loko desh ne kya lai jase tame loko e karayu che 40% vala jode operation ke pachi sara doctors ne recommend karo cho
      vichar jo bolta pahela

    3. Only one way is left . If pressure from masses of all General Category casts is applied on Government by agitations , a new Ayog can be formed to review/rethink/reconsider the whole system of reservation. Meanwhile to pacify the grievances all General Category class ,one interim decision as under can be taken by the Government which can withstand scrutiny by courts also. As per SC economical reservation is not possible. Goverment has to do another definition of social backwardness bypassing the cast criteria for General Category. People who live in villages below 20000 population can be considered socially backward. Students of all casts of General Category who have/had taken their primary and secondary education in villages of less than 20000 population and whose parents have/ had resided in such villages may be given the benifits of OBC till the new reservation policy is implemented. This is a good solution for reservation tangle.

  10. Mr. Jariwala. Do your research before putting article up? How can you assume entire caste is wealthy based upon few percentage of population successful? Talk about people owning motels and business in USA. Well, my friend, they all settle broad becuase they get sick of treating differently in their own country, therefor it forced to live away from their own home. Now lets talk about real issue, riots and damaged properties, how can you say all police is not reacting to losing their OBC seats over people throwing stones at them. Look back at each and every one of those videos, most of times there is quiet dark night, drop silent with hardly anybody moving. Despite all that, polices are actually breaking into gates and breaking cars windows and damaging vehicles. Now lets understand, If Hardik Patel asked for entire OBC and reservations to get rid of imagine how big the riots would be? Since reservations has gotten so many of OBC caste into police and varies governmental institutions, and them finding out they’re losing their reserve sits, how big the mess would it be? Here is guy doing calculated risk, you why? it is already done 49%, now in ordered to add any other major caste into that 49% Supreme court would have to change the constitutions, which is what everyone is hoping for it. Either little by little add all the caste in reserve or remove the entire reservations. See my friend, you just do not know the real politics and want to sit on your computer desk and predicate which way this 22 year old Hardik Patel could done right and which way he went wrong. It might be better for entire country, if you truly fad up reservations system, why don’t you also come on street or talk to your local leaders and show your concerns. –Jay hind, Jay Sardar and here is also another 25 year indian concern of brain drain in west.

    1. “Either little by little add all the caste in reserve or remove the entire reservations” 100% True… and that’s what Patidars real intention is …

  11. Hardik Patel voice is not a single person’s voice, it’s a voice of all the open category people who faced the problem after hard work in education and government jobs. Their children worked hard and get 90 to 93 percentages in 12th science and they are not eligible for the MBBS and higher education while the reservation cast children easily get it at 55 to 60 percentage. If the reservation cast children get a higher mark the they took admission in the general category.

    The Patidar community supports BJP and the Narendra Modi government and being a part of “Sab ka sath, sabka vikas”. They have already proved in last state government(against GPP) and central government election. We are not demanding to involve us into OBC but we are requesting to the government to look out the general category children who worked hard and get the higher marks.

    I am the eye witness and I was a part of the lathicharge attack by the police on GMDC ground. The police didn’t annouce or warn to leave the ground. They didn’t provide 15-20 mins times to public and Hardik was already ready to go with them but police became aggresive and started “Andhadhun Lathicharge”. Police didn’t want to spread this news and they had broken media camera and vehicle also.

    We found a person who make a noise against the reservation after the 68 years of the freedom. The government must have to take the issue seriously and think about it.

    1. No one against this topic, People Against Hardik Individually, on how he asking… Dadagiri? Badhu Bandh kari desu? su City ma revawala Patel bhai o Kheti karse city ma… su vicharya vager ni vato kare che…

      1. bhai te tane khbar na pade ke agar admission na male to kai sache e loko kheti kare ke ? e feeling nai samaj pade ke tamne potani jaar rakhi ne juo ke 80% vala ni same 40% valo sit lai jaay tyare dadagiri na dekhai ?

        1. BHUMIKABEN, I can understand what you feel because I am also a general. But the point is, he compares Patidars (or lets take generals in a broad interpretation) with Kasab. Kasab didn’t permission because he was a terrorist and he was here to kill Indians. Law and order and peace of India was not his responsibility. But we are Indians, and its our duty to maintain law and order and peace. Hardik himself got 49% marks, what he knows about studying hard and not getting an admission? He was not able to compete and take admission or a job opening if there would have been no reservations at all in India too.
          The language he used sparked communal violence, disturbed law and order and people dead. There are several legal ways to protest something. There is a court which denied reservations to muslims since there is no provision of reservation on the basis of Religion. He should talk logic. Why was he always an absentee when there was a meeting arranged with top leaders of Gujarat Government. I hail from Dehradun (ancestral place Lucknow), I am not a Gujarati and also a Kayastha (Kshatriya Varna) so I am trying to analyse this in a neutral point of view. However I am completely against quotas to OBC. But violence and hate speech can not be a proper way.

          1. First thing first i m boy not a girl Second thing is it is not about his percentage it is about overall . you know if some one with reservation quota get higher marks than he/she will get sit of open category . and open category never get sit of reservation category because if you are belong to reservation or not people get low marks but in reservation category they will get chance even if they have low marks this is going wrong

  12. Those farmers who suicide are 90 % patidars.The patidars who own the business and Mercedes are only in 1%. You talked that chief minister of gujarat is a patidar .I would like to tell you that prime minister of our country is from a lower caster.If a lower caste person can become a prime minister , what is the need of reservation for them. First you increase your knowledge and talk.

  13. I went to Gujarat tour first time in my life on 20th August and returned on 24th August. I was planning for relocation. I had fantastic five days there. But after these incidents, I see no difference in Gujarat and Bihar. I will prefer Maharashtra now. Shame on media as well this Moron H P.

    1. Dear gomediclaim…Patels are not responsible for what happened on 25th evening and afterwards. We patels are biggest payers of tax. Btw Patels are as educated as other casts in india. We are proud that we are connected to the earth despite of our prosperity and retained our “Down2Earth” image. But that doesn’t mean we are illiterate. We are hardworking community as others. You can know that by researching on contribution of Patels in the field of Industries (chemical, textile, diamond,pharma, engineering,metal,bulilding construction etc.) , agriculture, education and health in Gujarat. I m ready to bet with you that you will find more around 50% schools, colleges, hospitals are built by the domation from the Patel community living in India and abroad. Interestingly the children of same OBC ppl (Patel hater policemen who hit us and our woman with abusing casteist comments) are studying in these school, colleges with their quota. We Patels are the largest community living in the USA,UK and Africa among the Indian diaspora. Other reason of our foreign connection is that our children are not getting opportunity in this “RESERVED” country forcing them to fly out from India in the land of Opportunity. Btw I’m not Hardik fan or supporter of reservation to Patels in the present form. It should be in the form of EBC. The reason behind explaining you about the hardworking “Patel” community is to remove the misconceptions about our community. Hope u will take it in positive way.

      see more 0

  14. now we should let hardik know that do not backup fight to death. in police I think all is B.C., ST/Sc and they got job just because of reservation. they don’t have mind. they got this job on 45% what we can accept?

  15. This is my first time writing for such issue but its worth it.. I lost my admission in one college just by one seat because on other category girl scored comparable to open category student… If we score less do we get admission in other category seats.. NO!!! then why are they getting it.. I agree to your suggestion of economical category… Some people just dont understand how to leave peacefully…

    1. Some people just dont understand how to leave peacefully…
      do you mean “how to LIVE peacefully??

      no wonder if you lost you admission 😛

      1. no wonder you lost your admission (If should not come here and there’s spelling mistake in your). Nevertheless as Akshada mentioned this is too big of a topic to be distracted by such small mistakes but I wanted you to taste your own medicine….

  16. Nothing more but someone have to put PIL against him in case of murder of 8 people and Damage public Property.

  17. I totally agree with u. Surat city prided itself in being one of the fastest developing city of the world. Now who is going to pay for the damage those patidars created. Certainly we common people. Are those patidars who came in mercedes and jaguars are honest enough people to even pay taxes. Doesn’t look like it…

    1. Mr. Jariwala…Patels are not responsible for what happened on 25th evening and afterwards. We patels are biggest payers of tax. Btw Patels are as educated as other casts in india. We are proud that we are connected to the earth despite of our prosperity and retained our “Down2Earth” image. But that doesn’t mean we are illiterate. We are hardworking community as others. You can know that by researching on contribution of Patels in the field of Industries (chemical, textile, diamond,pharma, engineering,metal,bulilding construction etc.) , agriculture, education and health in Gujarat. I m ready to bet with you that you will find more around 50% schools, colleges, hospitals are built by the domation from the Patel community living in India and abroad. Interestingly the children of same OBC ppl (Patel hater policemen who hit us and our woman with abusing casteist comments) are studying in these school, colleges with their quota. We Patels are the largest community living in the USA,UK and Africa among the Indian diaspora. Other reason of our foreign connection is that our children are not getting opportunity in this “RESERVED” country forcing them to fly out from India in the land of Opportunity. Btw I’m not Hardik fan or supporter of reservation to Patels in the present form. It should be in the form of EBC. The reason behind explaining you about the hardworking “Patel” community is to remove the misconceptions about our community. Hope u will take it in positive way.

  18. It’s a bullshit.
    You nishit jariwala who are you to blame Hardik Patel for this issues in past two days.
    people of Patels are not that type of full that they dont understand what to do ? How to do ? We have our personal minds and no one can change it.
    which has done in last few days is because of police.

    You are trying to say we don’t need to get reservation but i asked you why you all people need reservation ? Since 1947 you can’t succed by using reservation , it’s your fault not our fault .

    So please do not blame Hardik Patel for this. He announced people not to be violent. It’s the police who started this and they have to ans for it.

    In my life first time i am writing this long comment because all you are trying to say is bullshit .


  19. Superb Dude.!
    You Got exactlly to Your Point.! And the Solutions are also best.!
    If reservations will be given to “Patidars” then athor castes will also raise their voice against it.!
    So better to remove reservations or Go for EBC..
    And Hardik Patel,Dude You are doing the right thing but you are doing it by wrong way.!
    Don’t ask for reservation for particular Caste. Ask for reservation free India and for that All the People suffering from this will join.!
    And keep this in mind that whatever happens in Gujarat, it is happening with “OUR GUJARAT”..
    Keep in mind.!
    Aapnu Gujarat.!
    Sau no sath..!
    Sau no Vikas.!
    Jai Jai Garvi “GUJARAT”.!

    1. bhai tu uthi ne ke kale ke hatavi do 100 loko ubha thase tare joitu hoy to mang ne hatava ni su karva maa fade che etle evu j kevu pade ke ammne do baki na ne to samjva ni vaat che ke badha ne aa nikalvu j che

  20. Dont you realize that the main aim behind this was not getting reservation for Patels but to make it ultimately so unfeasible that they would have to remove the whole unjust system?

      1. just shut up . you want publicity right? ok i will give u publicity .. but just don’t do it like that by telling right as wrong

  21. well written dude ! kudos…
    some of the comments are hilarious though.

    i read..” Btw I share ur opinion on giving reservation to evryone or remove it !”…giving reservation to everyone ?? haha lol…what does this sentence even mean ?? pls check up the meaning of the word reservation before you use…didn’t mean to be harsh..but you gotta admit, that was hilarious !

  22. Nisitji, why don’t you start anti reservation for all general class and see how long you last on the street, all politicians are worried about SC,SC and OBC votes, no one dares to oppose it. I assume (I may be wrong) most cops today in Gujarat Police are from ST>SC>OBC, they and their community people may be partly responsible for violence (I guess, again I may be wrong), (they dint even get any orders from CM/Administration as CM herself said she dint order any lathi charge) and thinking their so called reservation birth right was in trouble took law (crime) in their own hands and blame it on Patel’s … Politics is hard to know and understand by naked eyes … you are too young to know or remember “anti-reservation Mandal agitations of the 1980s in Gujarat”… Google it, you will get the answers to all your questions, as well as why Patel’s are asking themselves to be included in OBC and not opposing it. FYI a citizen can demand or put his/her wish to meet anyone, its CM’s (or the counterpart) wish to fulfill it or not! YOUR INTENTIONS LOOK GOOD, PLEASE START ANTI-RESERVATION EVERYONE WILL BE WITH YOU 😉 GOOD LUCK AND GOD BLESS

    1. Any one in Gujarat or India wish to start Anti Reservation front we Patidars are always with you, lets give it a try 😉

  23. How much in crores has been paid for this kind of propogation. We all know How bjp believe s in JUTH BOLO JOR SE BOLO AUR. LAGATAR BOLO.
    Don’t underestimate us, wait for some time there would be a bigger answer for the people who are paying you for this kind of Propogation

  24. So Mr Hardik I think this letter was sufficient to make u understand , so better dnt dare to show ur stupid attitude, and start hunting for job , which might I think u will not get bcoz of ur comedian non resonable andolan, and so as you are also barred from any foreign entry or immigration . So take 1 Katora and start ur own business at any one of best spot of gujarat may be u can live rest of ur life. You Asshole…

    1. Btw Patels are as educated as other casts in india. We are proud that we are connected to the earth despite of our prosperity and retained our “Down2Earth” image. But that doesn’t mean we are illiterate. We are hardworking community as others. You can know that by researching on contribution of Patels in the field of Industries (chemical, textile, diamond,pharma, engineering,metal,bulilding construction etc.) , agriculture, education and health. I m ready to bet with you that you will find more around 50% schools, colleges, hospitals are built by the domation from the Patel community living in India and abroad. Interestingly the children of same OBC ppl (Patel hater policemen who hit us and our woman with abusing casteist comments) are studying in these school, colleges with their quota. We Patels are the largest community living in the USA,UK and Africa among the Indian diaspora. Other reason of our foreign connection is that our children are not getting opportunity in this “RESERVED” country forcing them to fly out from India in the land of Opportunity. Btw I’m not Hardik fan or supporter of reservation to Patels in the present form. It should be in the form of EBC. The reason behind explaining you about the hardworking “Patel” community is to remove the misconceptions about our community. Hope u will take it in positive way.

  25. Nice Article…though its in English…..Patels cant read english…..they are backward caste…..dig that suckaaaa

    1. Great Sarcasm Mr. Kothari… not able to read English is not an offence in India yet. Btw Patels are as educated as other casts in india. We are proud that we are connected to the earth despite of our prosperity and retained our “Down2Earth” image. But that doesn’t mean we are illiterate. We are hardworking community as others. You can know that by researching on contribution of Patels in the field of Industries (chemical, textile, diamond,pharma, engineering,metal,bulilding construction etc.) , agriculture, education and health. I m ready to bet with you that you will find more around 50% schools, colleges, hospitals are built by the domation from the Patel community living in India and abroad. Interestingly the children of same OBC ppl (Patel hater policemen who hit us and our woman with abusing casteist comments) are studying in these school, colleges with their quota. We Patels are the largest community living in the USA,UK and Africa among the Indian diaspora. Other reason of our foreign connection is that our children are not getting opportunity in this “RESERVED” country forcing them to fly out from India in the land of Opportunity. Btw I’m not Hardik fan or supporter of reservation to Patels in the present form. It should be in the form of EBC. The reason behind explaining you about the hardworking “Patel” community is to remove the misconceptions about our community. Hope u will take it in positive way.

  26. Honestly, a lot of points in this letter are Bullshit, firstly, the writer is ON RECORD asking a politician to use his power to get admission through management quota, secondly, the constant mention of “us” and “Community” as different entities is bullshit, This community forms a majority of “US”, and what is being demanded is not just reservation for us, but complete removal of the so called general quota which increases competition for “us”. Also, breaking property is not justified, agreed, but non nonsensical argument on how will they benefit from it is not acceptable, you must realize that public instability creates pressure on the government to act on things which require attention, here, to a point where they require immediate attention, so please stop this bullshit and get your facts right, the violence was not justified but nor are the suicides every year which take place due to students not getting admission due to reserved quota!

  27. hatts off .. nishit.. every word of your letter is a way convinving..
    and i really admired the EBC approach.according to me its the best possible solution . because if we look from govt P.O.V making this entire country reservatIon free may not entertain them much . hope your this letter result in some fruitful output.

    1. Dear Kenny,

      Pls note EBC is a good strategy but people will choose to be economically backward rather be prosperous to get reservations.
      So this EBC will naver allow people to be rich and wealthy.

      1. It is only thinking of people like you. Even such type reservation should not be for generations. You have seen , the cast based reservations whether has brought any improvement?

        1. BPL application will get increase,
          And as we know we are having only 3% Tax payer in india(that way…. we are having 97% of people who are having less income, beggar, or not having sufficient money on hand based on Govt. Record) ,So This 3% percentage will decrease if applied EBC,
          And there will be huge economy imbalance in our country
          So why not we think of to remove caste system and
          No backward caste, upper-lower caste !!!

      2. Now this can be taken as pessimistic view … Kuz dear rather den thinking in a way DT it might lower down the financially wealthy society ,let’s just approach to its optimistic direction … I mean people even though belonging to general category BT are financially weak can gt advantage from it . n apart from this I even have more better option .. Keep this reservation quota as it is but only to a certain limit .. For example say it as till only higher secondary… N remove d rest from ug or pg course … Kuz by DT tym individual would be matured n intelligent enough to take seat on its own capabilities..

        1. Correct. Instead of reservation, facility should be provided so that only deserving, the poorest of the poor are benefitted. Those who cannot study for want of means can never be benefitted by any kind of reservation. Only free educational facilities with free boarding can help the downtrodden. Benefit of any kind of reservation will only go to the affluent of the class.

    2. Dear Nishit,
      tell me one thing honestly, do you think the people from reserved category will let the new law of EBC come? no they will not let it pass and rather come on roads against it…its a crime now to be born in general….

  28. Just because a community as a whole is rich, doesn’t mean that there aren’t a lot of extremely poor people in it who struggle to make ends meet.
    Just because a community as a whole is poor, doesn’t mean that there are a lot of people in it who do not need reservation.

      1. no one does bro.. but if people riot, job of police is to punish them and bring to justice, they dont get to take revenge on poor people and beat them..

        1. Punish who? Hardik Patel? Didn’t they arrest him? Look what happened?

          Or, 9.9 lac other people who were part of that rally and eventually contributed to the riot for a nonsensical reason? No matter what the government or the authority will do, we the people will find some or other excuse to term it ‘violation against human rights’.

          Police in India only have sticks to defend themselves. You might have got tasered or had a purple mark on your chest somewhere of a rubber bullet if you were in other countries for burning public assets (bus and buildings etc.)

          When police wanted you to taste your own blood, you got scared, you were okay until you were cutting others.

          1. There is soo much judgement and assumptions in your tone, that its better you debate with yourself.. I am not supporting the protesters nor hardik patel. Police beated innocents, and destroyed property of innocents and police don’t have this right. They can beat sticks to rioters to control the crowd, not go at peoples home and beat them, which the police did..
            Police cant be gundas, police has to do their duties without getting their personal emotions involved. an eye for an eye will make the whole world blind. And thats not a civilized country..

          2. No one is against police in containing the crowd, but police going into the homes of the people and beating them is pure bullshit. Thats not containment, thats revenge, thats violent.
            No one supports riots, so stop using words like, “you got the taste of your own blood”
            Dont personalize shit, where there isnt any.
            I am sure you have no idea of code of conduct of police, vs the dadagiri of police.
            People like you are a shame to this country as youre as equal to hardik patel, believing in taking laws at your own hands.

          3. Unfortunate that you like to take things personally. Read it again, the comment is addressing the rioters. I am sure you, (now I am talking about ‘you’) don’t look like the one who would go to the streets and damage public property.

            In case if you were one of them, then you have all the rights in the world to take this personally and say whatever you want, as I do have mine.

            Wonder where this guy is now? So much hype for 15 days, damage done and vanished for better opportunities (Or I would like to think until proven wrong).

            Secondly, if I am shame to the country or you are neither you or I are to decide. I respect your ‘opinion’.

  29. Hardik Patel has given another option – to lift the entire reservation system. Of course,his real intention is the second option only !

  30. રડ ના હાર્દિક
    આ અનામત ના
    રોટલા માટે

    ખાય ગયા
    કાગડા, કૂતરા
    અને બીજા

    નથી કોઈ પ્રકારની
    આ અનામત મોં
    નથી અહી કાંઈ રસ્તા મોં

    પહેલ કર પાટીદાર
    બનાવ પટેલ સમાજ ને
    ખરા સરદાર
    બીજા અંબાણી

    કમાવા અને
    કરવા કરોડો
    કરો મહેનત
    પાડો પરસેવો

    લાવો પાછી શાંતિ
    કેળવો ભાઈચારો
    વધારવા એકતા
    ગુજરાત ની શાન

    – અલકેશ શાહ

  31. I agree with This 22 year old boy. He is right. I mean he has said everything was correct. I support him. Thanks Yar. “Baka sakhat maryu 6e..Hardik saheb,,vicharjo kaik…”

  32. Lets make reservation in all jobs.
    Like government aircraft where those who get 40% will get first chance.and also in hospital jobs, oh I forget about nuclear and atoms jobs.government is not doing fair with you guys. And u talked about few people being killed.
    When there is need for change shits happen. 12 lakh people got killed while partitioning between india and pakistan whom u blam.?

  33. Such a stupid letter with Stupid arguments and Stupid solutions.
    You have written in letter things like reservation should not be there, we should remove reservation and much more. But have you done anything on ground to remove reservation? Have you done a single thing to remove reservation (Excluding this letter)?. The person whom you are writing a Open letter has taken some stand against system. He may be wrong or right. but, it does not matter here because he is at least doing something instead of just seating. You and me are not even qualify to write letter to him, because he has done something against system, rather than just discussing or writing some STUPID letter.

    You know, these days I find that everyone is writing an open letters. The person who do not have any clue about ground reality in India, the person whose world is limited to only a social media are writing open letters. Not only that, additionally they are providing solutions for problems from their limited knowledge and unrealistic picture of idle situations in mind. I am not judging you, but from letter you seems like you belongs to category. why?



    Your First solution, You are talking about removing reservation, but do you have any idea about situation of tribal, SC and ST people, who are living in rural areas in India?.
    1) Most of the SC and ST people are doing labour works, they are not connected with technologies, they do not have money to educate their children, which is essential need in this competitive environment, they do not have saving for their future, So reservation for SC and ST Must be there. So we left with OBC.
    2) OBC has two parts creamy layer and non-creamy layer. Non-Creamy layer are those who are not having good financial conditions, so they required reservation. so we left with only Creamy Layer of OBC.
    At present, Even OBC Creamy layer do not get benefits of reservation like Non-Creamy layer OBC. so You can see clearly that Removal of reservation is not at all solution.

    Your second solution is EBC. Unfortunately in India tracking of one`s economical status is highly impossible. Government can`t track financial condition of Labours and Businessman. What happens, if your parents are government employee with 50000 salary you will be in unreserved quota, but your friend having 1 crore property will end up in reservation quota with some fake paper and hidden black money. so EBC is unrealistic (at least for present time).

    Then what should be the solution: To find solution you should FIRST UNDERSTAND THE PROBLEM. Problem is not that others are having reservation and we donot. Problem is the Injustice happening to general category person due to reservation.
    For example: Suppose There are 20 seats in college, so as 51% the 10 seats will be for general. I have 97% and having 10 th merit rank General category. one another person with 98% belongs to OBC. Ofcourse person is more talented than me and deserves seat before me. Suppose that OBC person took admission on General category so general category lost one seat to the OBC, the general qouta have now 9 seats. The number of vacant seats in OBC Quota remains same so some other person with very low % can take admission. But in this process, General quota losses one seat and that will costs me MY FUTURE. Sometimes the large number of general category seats will be taken by OBC persons and OBC seats remains vacant, Despite of having vacant seats i cannot take admission to that seats because they are reserved.

    All we know that 51% belongs to general category. Additionally anyone from reserved quota can take admission to this seats.
    1) One possible solution will be make some part of 51% reserved for general category. Suppose make 35% seats reserved for general category. so no one from other category can take admission on that seats. The remaining 16% will be OPEN for everyone.
    2) Once person take admission on general quota, that person will not get any benefits of reservation in future.

    First, Clear your mind and look at both aspects, instead of singing one song. Things become harder when it is related to politics. I think you do not have single clue about the reservation demand. Do you think it is that easy to remove caste base reservation and implement EBC?. If you are thinking this can be possible forget about it, because it is NEVER going to happen. because reservation means politics. so we left with one choice.

    Do not give such a argument that Patels are rich so they do not require reservation. We already know that technically reservation to Patel is not possible. but to change system we need to do something and we are. Because government is not going to change this system. To make things right this is the only way. Either include us in reservation or change the system. I am not supporting the violence approach that our protest has taken. We all are totally against the violence. GOVERMENT KE BHAROSE MAT BETHO. IT IS TRUE THAT MOST OF DO NOT REQUIRE RESERVATION, BUT WE WANT JUSTICE.

    I am writing this against your argument that Patels are rich and do not require reservation and yes , I am Proudly Patel.

    1. I agree Chirag, that Hardik dares to go against the system to improve it; but it should be in a proper manner, where national properties are not harmed and peace and harmony of nation is not endangered. If a leader is not going on correct manner, I feel that such Open Letters can wake him up.

      This is not a issue where Patel Community should feel offended. I am sure, even Hardik would have appreciated the suggestions and views provided in this Open Letter. Anyhow I agree that he could have written a letter to him (Hardik) personally, but anyways there remains some flaws in every acts done out of emotional imbalance.

      Anyways, this might be your personal opinion. I don’t intend to make you feel offended, but I would like to have United Youths in India as like you, me , Hardik and the writer of this Open Letter. Let’s be support for each other and then change the system, not by pulling someone’s leg down. Hope you agree to this. And please don’t take it personal. 🙂

      1. Dear Dhairya,
        I respect your views as a progressive youth, but you can’t remain saint between the demons. The rally was peaceful till its dispersion. The problem started after the high handedness and cruelty of Gujarat Police. They started beating them and also targeted and damaged private properties belonging to Patel community. Also used abusive language for women of Patel community. After watching CCTV/mobile footages of this barbaric act of Police, I can just imagine how much hatred towards Patel community in Gujarat in the hearth of OBCs/BCs…Huh…my heart bleeds. Mind well so many schools, colleges and hospitals are run from the donation of this Patel community and so many students of OBC/BC communities gets admission in this School, colleges under government quota “or get treatment in Hospitals. Patels were the founders of Swet-Kranti”/ “Operation Flood” i.e AMUL and other dairies of which all cast now reaping the fruits including OBCs and BCs. Patels were founders of Co-operative movement in Gujarat state. As far as creation of employment is concerned, Patels are leading cast in the state be it Chemical, Textile, Health Care, Engineering, Building Construction,Diamond and Agro sector. But ppl in the “Khakhi” just forget all that good works and done atrocities on the community. I have been a loyal BJP supporter believing in “Nationalist” ideology of RSS and not believing in any caste till evening of 25th August 2015, but now I have been shaken from inside and seeing every OBC/BC person in my friend circle with suspicion. Btw I’m not supporter of Hardik Patel or reservation to Patidars, but supporter of reservation on the basis of EBC only.

        1. Patels belong to the Tribal caste in India….
          They should be given Reservations for Tickets in Indian railways..Mr Chirag and Mr Sanjay emm Suu gandagiri kare re tu Ghelshapuuu… Tanee Public toilet ma Reservation apuu na…Tension natee tanee majje na life….

    2. Dear Chirag,

      The option can be going to Supreme Court of India asking to define Socially backward as mentioned in the constitution of India. Many General class lawyers and thinkers are with you but not with Violence and the thought process of Hardik Patel. File a PIL, of course all the Patels (almost) and other Generals agree to the point that OBC reservation based on Caste system is not good for the unity of Indian subjects. SC/ST reservation can not be adjusted and there is no need to disturb that part of the quota system, however OBS reservation can be challenged. The fee and other expenditures can be beared upon by all the people by generous donation which should be transparent and properly audited. The language which Hardik uses in his rallyes definitely infuriates and agitates people which lead to civil war kind of situation in Gujarat.
      If you want to protest. protest can be done without violence. I am also a general and a hater of OBC quota system. EBC is the best option but for that we need to go systematically. What if BJP government resigns and other comes to party? They can not do it unless there is some legal way to add Patels (I think which actually you people do not want) or repeal OBC quota and if required place EBC quota (in my opinion which you truly want). Let’s not blame it on existing government because BJP has not implemented it and neither they proposed any changes to the existing system. This whole thing may tarnish the image of Gujarati people and Gujarat.
      I am from UP as I said but I like Gujarat and Gujaratis more than UP and people from UP because they are loving, peaceful and honest.

      No offence intended. No personal comments intended.

    3. CHIRAG,

    4. “Such a stupid letter with Stupid arguments and Stupid solutions. ”

      Here comes an offended patel. Please be clear on whether you like violence in gujarat or not. The article addressed the fact that whatever happened was wrong.

      We are not addressing intentions. Its the way people wanted things to happen.

  34. “Many suspect that Hardik Patel and his fellow Patels aren’t really looking for reservations: by demanding the impossible, they are actually seeking the abolition of the present system.”
    This is exactly what needs to happen.

  35. First Use ur comman sense if you have than ,he speaks in hindi coz he knows that what ever he is going to speak entire india going to listen if he said every thing in gujarati no one is going to understand out of gujrat ,so he use our national laguage.
    Whts wrong in it?
    There is always 2 side of coins so think it before you justify ur self

  36. Do you think, people who joined rally in Mercedes and Jaguar should not support their cast? They were there just to get justice for poor people of cast who really need reservation. that does not mean they will use the reservation to get any govt benefit.

    and another thing is, what DO YOU MEAN by “If we’ll get united against you, you will forget your power forever”. Are you again trying to challenge people for the power of their cast? You shouldn’t dear.

  37. India is only the country in the world where reservation system exists.. let together we can remove this system so that our childrens will dont face this issues…

  38. it is a pop up form congress where they are trying to find in every nook & corner to poke holes in the development of India and ultimately REMOVE Modi. Unfortunately it is not easy to tilt the balance in favour injustice from Jusice. TRUTH ALWAYS WINS, IT MAY TAKE LONH!

  39. i think that an independent body like election commision or something should be constituted in country to look after reservation allocation..and its proper implementation..whether it is caste or economic based..n o one needy talent in country should be left here without opportunity… though m from general category but still feel these steps from government…

  40. Mind blowing Nishit! No one else could have made this so clear, crisp & give a suave slap on Hardik’s
    face for doing what all wrong he did. Hope he corrects his ways. You have beautifully summarized, analysed and pointed the right & wrong with no bias.

    Standing ovation to you! Be a leader, instead of Hardik, you will gain better results for your state & the country.

    1. whatever Hardik did is not in debate he speak in public Nishit Jariwala has no guts to speak in public against reservation, or he is from OBC, so you guys who have reservation will obviously oppose the Hardik Patel, but I would rather slap you, then slap our dirty politicians, because you guys get the reservation and make INDIA inefficient.

      1. Hi Trishul, My Name is Daxa for your information and I do not have my full name displayed in my Disqus sign on and that is my personal choice. By the way I am a proud Patel and do not support reservation. Patel would rather die then beg, Period. Now Is this Hardik guy fighting for reservation or as you mentioned, fighting against Modi Ji??? Just curious.

  41. we said brother…but i really dont understand that if a person once get benefited by reservation then why his son needs it again…his father is not capable of making money for this family if he is capable then no need of reservations for his future generation.
    Instead of reservations ask for financial support from government which is already provided. A doctor who got admission by 50% cant be better that we all know.

  42. It is an excellent article and an eye opener for not only the Patels of Gujarat but, the fools of this country who agitate for reservations on the basis of caste and religion. Mr. Hardik Patel is funded and some anti social elements are behind him to enrage the peaceful Gujatat. The government should take stern action against this Patel and put him behind bars. The presstitutes who have given importance and unnecessary publicity for such useless rallies be given notices. I wish , Patels , the richest community of Gujarat should feel ashamed for what all has happened and try to rebuild the confidence of the whole Gujarati population towards progress and prosperity of the state and country.

  43. I would personally not recommended EBC (economic backward class), as it would need monitoring on yearly basis. Govt cant issue EBC certificate to them as over a period of time, people fate change and can improve financially. I would rather recommend to go for scholarships. This will help you and bright students to get best education facilities within India. Moreover, govt shud make some kind of bond agreement such that the students will serve govt for 7-10 years depending on the need of the sector. This will help our young generation to grow without and hassles of interview and also students can in a way repay the scholarship back to govt. I am simply against any kind of reservation

  44. hey nishit, I read your article and it makes lot of sense. However there is one thing that I would like to ask. how do plan to impose EBC?
    If you gonna based it on people salary, they can use ill practices to show less salary just like they do to evade taxes.
    and secondly,reservation based on caste system was introduce to combat social discrimination which resulted in poverty for these people.
    i do not favor caste system but I am against this false notion that the reservation was introduce to to fight poverty.
    contradictory it was introduce to encourage equality, based on the notion that unequal cannot be treated equally. the disadvantaged should be given some special rights so that they are at equal footing as others.
    yes reservation was supposed to be for 10 years only. however it was expected that by the end of ten years people will stop discriminating based on caste.
    however the situation has not improved much. dalits are still discriminated in undeveloped society. and removing these system would result in horrible repercussions. we need to teach them fishing so that they can be independent and fight for their own rights.
    its been so long since independence but I have never seen a rally for the rights of dalit or for better working conditions for them.

    yes caste reservation is very bad for general public however it is because there is lack of school and collages. one way of combating it would be opening new schools and universities.
    with limited supply and excess demand someone will be left unsatisfied. In such a situation oppressing the backward class will increase the division between rich and poor.
    thus instated of fighting to decide who is more deserving we should try and make these basic facilities available to all. so that when the time comes they all can fight together for prosperous India.
    i know now the argument would be that not all have the money to set up a new school. but everyone can take out a little time from their busy schedule and can work for some ngo who works for development of poor kids or can make small donations.


  45. Problem is not reservation, problem is scarcity of opportunities. Have you ever thought why do we have 5 or 10 IIMs and IITs in a country of billion? The students who dont make the cut at 98% are just as smart as the guy who got in.
    Reservations are needed for those who did not have access due to resources, caste bias, access to private schools and tutions. Time may have come to rethink but it should be based on analysis not on stupid arguments like why should my community not get it.

    I am a Gujarati and always pride myself from being a state who proclaim themselves as business minded entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs create jobs for others, dont go and beg for govt jobs and reservation. We are a state who gave Ambanis, Premjis and so many other business leaders. They created jobs for others and wealth for state. If we fall into this trap of reservation, who will create opportunities for country?

    Please stop using Sardar’s name for this petty politics. Just read his life and deeds. He would have shut his entire community for asking this.

  46. It is very easy to discuss after something happens… Everbody will accept that there are poor in patel community also… Patels who joined rally with their high end cars will be covered under creamilayer class evenif patels get reservation … But what about poors… If you say that someone (Hardik) should raise his voice against reservation… But do you know implications of raising voice against reservation… It might result in cast vs cast riots which may be worse than police vs patel… Even without declaring you might not be able to send your children to school, you might not able to open your office or business… As a citizen of India I would like to ask that why reserved cast get opportunity at each and every stage whether it is admission or posting or promotion… Why you tie up capable person’s legs and give them more stages of competition for proving themselves… As per my opinion it is crime to give post to someone not being as capable of other person only because of reservation and other person who really deserves the post is not being there because of he is covered under general cast… Just for an example it is just like posting a handicapped person in army… You can very well understand what I mean… When a handicapped person can not protect our country because he is not capable of doing so then how can you think that under merit person will be capable of contribute in country’s development… Then how can you give assistance and favour someone in admission, posting, promotion etc. based on reservation?
    As per my opinion government should help economic backward class person only upto academic stage not beyond that like posting, promotion etc.
    I am proud to be CA because we all CAs are CA because we deserve being CA in real sence not based on cast or any type of reservation… And we also having a good reputation and recognition all over the world because only deserved person can be CA… if one Institute can go beyond reservation then why not all academic institutions think of that? However, government can help in preparing someone capable only upto academic stage after that it is his responsibility to prepare and prove himself for open competition only based on merits…

  47. I don’t know who the hell you are…. Gujrat Police is responsible for all the things happened in Gujrat. If they don’t start lathi charge the riots did not happened.

  48. Mind Your Language Dear… Whoever You Are…
    Don’t Talk About Anyone’s Power Again, Otherwise Won’t Be Found Where Lost. Don’t Need Such Bluddy Suggestions And Mind That Something Like An Event Has To Happen For Any Change Based On A Nation, Rollover The History. On The Growth And Taxes, Just Check Government Records Who Pays Howmuch Taxe Then Talk On It. Keep Silence And Don’t Provoke Such Caste Based Disputes.

    1. Don’t try to threaten me. I’m not scared of anyone. And yes, as per your comment, if Patels are paying maximum tax, why the hell do you need reservation? People like you are putting all other Gujaratis and Patels in shame.

  49. You rock dear… I like your second suggestion… remove caste based reservation and introduce EBC (Economically Backward Class). In which reservation is given on the basis of your economical situation and not the caste.

  50. There is no way reservations can be removed. There is no way reservation can be fought with reservations. Once rights and privileges are granted, they can not be taken away peacefully. As long as castes and political parties profit from reservations, they will fight back with violence and civil unrest. They will fight reservation based on economic status on the ground. Firstly, many families can easily hide their income to claim economic hardship. And same caste brokers can use economic criteria to create votebanks among poor, and it will make communists happy to play class warfare – so all it can do is to add one more division to play politics with. There are only 1.5lakh new government job openings annually nationwide while over 150lakh youth enter job market annually to look for jobs – so solutions to providing opportunities to youth is not in Anamat jobs – there is nothing there for all youth. Why waste national unity and precious political capital over something that is not going to solve anything?

  51. We need more Nishit and eradicate arrogant, dirty political puppet Hardik ( I refuse to call him Patel )who only care for his fame. Keep up the good work Nishit.

    1. you guys are not enough brave to write your name in this discussion and you are talking about Hardik Patel, who is able to speak against MODI, and whole government.

  52. You lost a reader right at
    “Patidar is a Gujarati word for landowner”

    Dude, you must be living under rock since you were born. Gone are those days when a certain caste used to control the business/land/motel/whatever.

    You know Reservation is not the right thing for anyone. It must stop.

  53. So all you OBC guys whose ancestors or themselves were never discriminated is screwing up for dalits, hats off.. and those *)(&& who on facebook and elsewhere posts against dalits have no guts to do the same against these OBC’s. OBCs who cannot rise up in the caste hierachy to brahmins takes it upon dalits. it is a shame allover..

  54. Nice Post!

    However, I don’t think Singhs from Punjab would ask for reservations. Not saying singhs are superior to anyone, but definitely not inferior / backward community… Rather one of the most prospering community.

    Nonetheless, In my personal opinion only people who should get reservation are the ones below poverty line! Not necessarily SC / ST/ OBC.. these are all man made terms and labels. I personally know a few people whom society has labelled as SC/ST/OBC, being more successful and rich than me and many like me! Once they have proven their worth and gained enough name. fame money etc… their reservations should be taken away!
    Poor people are the only ones who should get all the benefits (and maybe more) that today SC/ST/OBC get!

  55. Hi Nishit,

    Greetings of the day and congratulations on your impressive blog.

    The issue which I find in the last para of your article is the points which you are making as a solution for whatever happened. I too am a young professional working in Gujarat and I am viewing this from a neutral point of view since I am not a Gujarati.
    I hail from Uttar Pradesh and I am a Kayastha Kshatriya (a Forward caste, as declared by Herbert Hope Risley, the founder of rigid Indian Caste System).
    The 1st point you make is to eliminate the entire caste based reservation. This is not practically possible due to 2 reasons. First being the appeasement of the so called Backward Classes, because the castes which are included in backward classes get certain benefits which the other general castes are not benefited with. The abolition of caste based reservation police will deprive them and enrage them against the government who dare to do so. Hence every government want to appease these castes to maintain their vote bank.
    Secondly, the Constitution of india defines Backwards as Socially and Politically backward and the supports of the caste based reservation system argue that there is no mention of “Economically Backward” classes and the prevailing system cannot be abolished. The Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes have been granted with reservation to secure that the practise of Untouchability can be abolished permanently. Around 1947-50 the contemporary leaders believed that the practise of untouchability is so much embedded in the habit of Indians that it cannot be abolished within,lets say 100 years. But our great leaders lacked the vision and foresight that once the practise of untouchability and other related social evils are eliminated, the provision of reservation will itself become a social evil. Mandal commission proposed the reservation for OBCs for 10 years and then further evaluation, but almost 35 years have elapsed, Koris/Shakyas/Kushwahas (Patels as known in Gujarat) along with Yadavas, Gujjars and Jats are now one of the most advanced castes and should not be included within National Commission for Backward Classes list, but the two points I mentioned above prevails.

    Irony of fate, India which developed Varna system is ruined by the caste system developed by Mughals and British India.


    1. Hardik Patel got 49% is not problem he raise his voice for Person from general category who don’t get admission in college if he get it in management quota then after getting good marks he didn’t get JOB, so what do you think ancestor of Patel gave PATEL a ” Sona dene vali murgi” which gives gold egg every day, this situation is from the 1948, and yet you guys think Patel are rich how it is possible, and if they are, they have left INDIA long ago, because of reservation, and if you don’t know nobody likes to leave his/her country but because of no JOB and because of hard to get admission in College they have to left INDIA, Otherwise they started business but what about who was doing farming, now after some Generation they didn’t have land because land does not increase as salary, so friend same on you who says that Patel are rich and asking for reservation, put your self in this category and feel it, as you guys who are in OBC and using this INTERNET CONNECTION means they are not poor, and yet you guys don’t want to leave reservation, go to villages there are more PATEL, some of them don’t even have Fan in Summer. Think about all Patel, not only rich Patel, because there is reach people in every cast.

      And some people said why don’t there rich brother help there poor brother, so listen how many ruppees did you gave to you cousin brother or sister, so think about it, no one help other, everyone want to get rich, don’t say that.

      Some said there is more Patel in Gujarat Parliament and CM is Patel, So remove them we don’t want them, they are not going to help us anyway.

      1. Dear Trishul,

        I am not saying that I favour Reservation. I files PIL from m home town Lucknow long ago in 2012 when nobody knew about Hardik’s so called revolutionary ideologies. I am merely saying that there are legal ways to fight. OBCs have not received reservations through violance, it was granted by the vote bank hungry leaders and is continued by them only. The dismissal of OBC quota system is only possible according to law. We “The General Class” cannot wage war against our own country because we are not getting reservation and quota. There was no caste system until Mughals came and the present caste system is made official by Herbert Hope Risley. The seed that was sowed by Mughals who were ignorant and unknown to Indian Caste Systems (Varna System as prevailed in Hindu society) and the British who wanted to divide Hindus to avoid any uprising or mutiny against them, and we the Indians and particularly Hindus are paying the cost.
        My only urge is that fight through Legal System Available. Violence will destroy our cause.

        No offence intended Trishul.

        1. bro Ankur if you see the education of our leader I mean politician merely some of them are with good education but still we choose them including me and you because most of us think like why do we have to go in such things right…put your hands on heart say it..when hardik started this agitation he was in his own feet. and for kind info they have followed the legal procedure but collector refuse the petition.. even I dont like the way its happen but what to do man.. police were misusing the power and govt not taking any step against police…. Personally I dont want any reservation many more in community… only some of those who are economically backward but still they are saying remove the reservation and give equal right to everybody else in nation

          but media always show their way…we know that becoz of this system.. we hindu will fight each other and politician will take benefit of it

          1. You are right Bhavesh Bhai…. Most of our leaders are least educated in comparison to leaders across the globe. But we chose them; we chose them on the basis of our caste, region, religion, etc. etc.. It’s our fault. Now what we sowed is what we are reaping. I agree for SC/ST and EBC reservation, they need it. But I am strongly against OBC reservation. If you be calm enough and thing again, a Collector who is authorised to handle district level civil issues can not accept a petition related to a matter which is directly under supervision of State or Central government. As per the guidelines of Supreme Court of India on Reservations and Quotas he did what was legally correct. When something is subjudice in Supreme Court of India or any Higher Court in the state, how can a district collector can accept a petition on that subject. In this case you people should have to file a PIL in either High Court of Gujarat or the Honourable Apex Court. The Morcha and Rally was ok but it should have been a peaceful and you should have taken the signatures along with the complete name and full address of the participants in the rally and you should have simply filed your PIL supported with Lakhs and lakhs of application as attachment to the PIL. If you do things this way, we are all with you, all Kayasthas, Kshatriyas, Brahmans and anyone else willing to join. But we don’t support the comparison of the general mass with Kasab. Kasab had an agenda to kill as many Indians as he can that was truly against our State (Republic of India), but if we agitate against our own law and order and our own country that will be an act of treason.
            There are reasoning to support the arguments to remove quota based on caste, but the reasoning that Hardik Patel gives are not convincing enough to kill our own fellow civilians, to destroy our own property and stand against our own law of the land. This is what Naxalites so and not law abiding citizen.

        2. Brother you loaded complaint in 2012 yet you got any result, No, because Court is not here to listen common man, it is for politician only, so don’t believe in SC, so we all person should gather and make our own government who can make right decision, and remove reservation and give the reserved people ” Roti, Kapda our Makan” so they have enough Resource to compete in World.

          1. Dear Trishul Bhai,

            It was an initiative from people like me and groups like citizens for equality and many other organization who opposed quota in 2006, we filed PILs in Honourable Supreme Court and the Honourable court quashed increment of OBC quota in the institutes of Higher Education implemented by UPA government. It was the action of Supreme Court only, which created an upper cap of maximum quota allowed dhould be less than 50%, otherwise Vote Bank Politicians would have sold our future long ago.
            Believe me, our routes may differ, but we are fighting for same reason. We are both revolutionaries, but I cannot support violence in my own homeland. I would prefer to challenge this in Court. fortunately in India the Apex Court has power to review laws and quash it if it’s not as per the soul of the constitution.

      2. Brother,

        Why then ask reservations for people who are moving big fancy cars & have luxury of all the things they require. You are correct there are people who are too poor to get good education & no is against them. Let them take full 49% reservation, but why rich people. That’s the question?

        1. what do you think if you are rich and from the childhood you want to be a doctor and you got 90 % in 12th science, and your father don’t want you to land money to study MBBS and want to make him do business, or he is not capable of that management quota seat,

          Lets say his father help him and give him money to do MBBS, Do you even know how much money he needs to pay, he will have to sell his MERCEDES, is that fair that person who is paying tax, follow government rules and yet just because he is Patel he need to pay money with 90% to get admission in MBBS, And you know what that management seat is already booked by POLITICIAN, so he is not able to get admission just because the is PATEL and Average rich with 90%.
          while OBC student with 70% marks get admission in MBBS, where that OBC student’s father is businessman and not showing enough income to continuous get OBC BENEFITS, so what do you think none of the OBC PEOPLE IS RUNNING BUSINESS.
          AND what do you suggest if some of PATEL have money enough to get survive today they should wait until they all get bankrupt, and then go to government for reservation.
          And reservation was for only 10 years and it is extended to 60 years what do you think who will be agree to remove where not a single political party is supporting or even speak a single word against reservation system,

  56. First, Who the hell you are ?

    I have not read your entire this post as well.

    I think you dont know about the Patidar community in detail otherwise you will never write like this. All Patidar dont have BMW and Ferrari. Around 90% of patidar is now below then middle class, Do you know that? Did you visit any time any village ? Did you know how they can feed there children and provide education?

    Without knowing anything about ground level you have no writes to write about any community.

    Who is reach 10% of patidar they dont want reservation, Even I dont want reservation. who is reach they support for other patidar for the same. That why they came with his own car and what wrong with it?

    And how can you tell other OBC cast dont have any reach person, They all are poor??

    Garib Jati Dekhke Peda nahi Hota!!!

    About riots
    are not supporting the Hardik Patel! But what is happen and Gujarat
    burn because only one and one behind is Police. If police make peace
    then already Peace is there in GMDC ground! If police not act 2-3 hours
    then all crowd will disappear. But Police want to show like Baba Ramdev
    time! And Gujarat Burn to hell, Still people want make peace but police
    act in next day is out of law! Only Police behind on it. If police right
    then why people make a peace after Army deployed? Have you think that?
    If you listen some of the people what Police did then you can

    What you think Police did is right thing? They have rights to kill anyone? They have any rights to touch any lady without any lady police?

    You support this nonsense?

    Why dont you rise voice against the remove reservation? Its easy to write via internet, but when is need to act on it. Its hard!

  57. Hats off,,dude..seriously..I would always wish of no reservation system…that would make everything more transparent,which is very much inevitable for our country…

  58. dear 22 year old gujrati, Patels who joined rally in Surat with Mercedes does’t mean that all Patels have Mercedes, Patels who r king of motels in US does’t mean that all r rich. many Patidars r poor farmers in Saurastra nd many r working for monthly salary of 5000 per month in diamond industry…, this rally is for who r poor nd for there sons, bt u won’t understand this… buy 250-300rs ticket to Saurastra nd go see the condition of farmers. Getting our name under OBC was our first moto but do u know other reasons why we organised this rally?

    1.Reservation system was for giving a chance for backward people to come forward so that every people in india atleast have money to spend there life… Reservations is still there


  59. Good observation and so the narration. EBC as conclusion is really demand of the time. BPL can be substituted otherwise. Perhaps only tribal communities supposed to be allowed with sincere approach.

  60. Dear Mr Nishit(entrepreneur by choice)
    Why you wasting time suggesting on 22year old infant(your point of view)?
    Why you are not starting the movement my friend?
    Just don’t express your view on internet, start from ground level.exactly as that boy has done.
    Let the public decide whom to support.
    Spare some time for your country as he is doing.
    I am not a supporter of Hardik but I follow him in hope that atleast something will happen.and not teasing him as some passionate people do.
    Whether he is right or wrong he started something from point zero(ground level)
    Do you know Gandhiji was not the person who started the movement of independence in our country . But he joined the movement. and make people to believe his thoughts, and ended it in independent country.
    Start movement for what you suggested in your post my friend.I assure you if no one but I will be there to support you. And if you don’t have guts or time than please don’t tease people who spare there life.

  61. I really appreciate ur views and thumbs up on this… but Hardik Patel have no time to read this.. Its like water on ulta pot

  62. I wish u see all my facebook updates as it says all what u have said. I also was one of the persons to state that had this movement been just “remove reservation”,not only gujarat, but entire nation would have united. but this got biased towards a community, which was wrong. Above all, they didn’t follow what they were told to while allotting the GMDC ground. Its their mistake which turned into violence with police having some role in that. but I must say, police was not at fault. They are our protectors and did what they should have done at that time. Makes me remember Tom Cruise’s dialogue in MI5 “Desperate times, desperate measures sir”


  64. Dear Friends,

    I read some of the comments blaming one another on what happened, 11 innocent people died, who were just supporting Hardik, But to my shock i hear that Hardik went to one of the Patel’s house who died in police custody and said that he was our army man, He said to his family that think you have sent you child to fight, Ohh god, If he is fighting for the community should he say this?????? In addition to this he went more further in saying that the female patels should lead the agitation so none of the male patels would die….. This shows his maturity level,. Innocent patel’s died i feel sad for their family.

    What reservation does he want, Why should he include people who are well settled, When he is fighting for his brothers who have not got job, If such things happen then in the near future patel’s who are working with good companies may loose their jobs. I my self have more than 150 patels working in my company, None of them took leave to support Hardik. Because they said that the maturity level was low, This was the reason Lalji bhai patel took his support when Hardik challenged our CM.

    I am a Brahim. If i am asked for reservation, I would say no because I am well settled, This should be given to people who actually need it. Not to people who travel by luxury cars. He is doing similarly as Arvind kejariwal, First fight for a cause and them form his own political party.

    I hope educated patels would understand this and withdraw their support. Rather use a healthier way and approach.

  65. A big THANK YOU to NISHIT…..
    Your inputs are worth considering and I hope our Government has the time to go through and think over……..
    Thank you once again

  66. Wow…..this is what we call a real leader who deeply analysis whole circumstances then advise the truth. Hatsoff dear such nice blog. And the idea of EBC is outstanding. I hope people like hardik or same can read and understand meaning of real humanity. U r real gujratian dear.

  67. I definitely agree with your solution no. 2 of EBC Reservation which should only be applicable to education and not in case of jobs. I think it is high time that our political parties should make their stand clear on this issue (no politician is speaking either in favour or against it for obvious reasons). For upcoming municipal elections all the candidates should be forced to make their views public about reservation.

  68. Very well said Nishit! Although I am surprised at certain point of views but I am impressed by the so far sensible discussion. Emotions are high but we are discussing this sensibly, which is how we should be going about this or any problem. So firstly I thank all of you for being civilized and putting up the best of our culture here.

    Personally, I feel saddened by the turn of events but stumbling on this discussion has raised my hopes… Lage che garvi Gujarat ma haji ghani jaan baki che…. Ghor andhar che aaj ni raat…. pan akha vishwa ma ajvalu felavi de… e savar ni shuruvat baki che…..

  69. Mr nitish jariwallah I could not understand how the solution offered by you I.e abolition of all reservations can solve the problems of Patel’s.And what is the solution you are offering to uplift those unfortunate castes who suffered descrimination and oppression for 3000 years and still continuing to suffer?what solution you are offering to bring them to a level playing field with the upper castes in leiu of reservations?.It seems that you don’t bother about them.
    Instead of abolishing reservations why don’t you people think of reserving every thing in proportion to the population of oc BC sc st etc?
    And lastly gujaratis are only a small fraction of Indians.It is wrong to extrapolate to entire India what happens in Gujarath.
    Finally I would like to remind you that the world remembers Godhra when Gujarath is mentioned in any context.

  70. Kudos bro..this is exactly the next generation thinking..i really appreciate the EBC concept..our country is in a dire need to implement it..i wish if our posts could do some good and bring a change in our country..!!

  71. First of all I am not supporter of negative statement used by Hardik (As he is not capable of leading whole community and also his arrogance is too high and maturity level is too low)..currently I am not Gujarati but off-course my origin is from Gujarat and I love this state .I belongs to Patel community….But also I am mostly dis-agree with the language and facts used by Mr. Nishant Jariwala in this open letter …guys just think what he is trying to pass-on by saying like “Please don’t show your power to the people of Gujarat. If we’ll get united against you, you will forget your power forever”.. what a nonsense statement just for getting some cheap popularity by dividing the youth on the basis of community ….several times in this letter he has written like “your/our community” what the motive of this kind of words…just to get few like or click to get some penny from Google….man grow up and if really you care about or nation then please think twice before using such kind of words over social media(other wise you will be doing the same thing that Hardik had done)…yes reservation is bad for our country and the way how it is implemented must be changed (I will not be in favor of removing it completely because in our county a large number of people really need some kind of support to grow in society due to huge economy gap).And we really can’t compare a child of very poor man with a child of rich man ..I have seen various examples where poor students really got the opportunity due to reservation(As we know without reservation it is not possible to get opportunity by a poor student due to high level of corruption and JUGAD system and this JUGAD system is more dangerous than reservation and only few special category are getting benefit by JUGAD system from the time of British government)…reservation is also a counter part of JUGAD system for other non-special category…I have seen various people having very thin knowledge and qualification who got opportunity due to this JUGAD system….
    Yes reservation must be on EBC based but on the other hand it is not simply possible (Because of high level of corruption in among the common man)…so lets try to remove this JUGAD , corruption and adopt EBC to help people who really need then only we can achieve something better for country and society….And in last I am requesting to Mr. Nishit please don’t be another Hardik by using this kind of words ..we all are Indian and try to create UNITY among all community…


  72. I am Patel too. I cant handle this Hardik Patel bullshit. His agenda behind all this is political career however he is denying that when some reporters ask about him but you can easily reckon that he is lying. who appointed him as a leader? Patels can not be this fool to make a leader like this guy. I dont know anything about his background but i can guarantee that he is a failure in his life and he cant blame reservation system in india for his failure. I have been to almost all parts of india and image of gujarat is peaceful and safe state and he is proving all india wrong. Demands are totally wrong and especially with violence. may be tomorrow every community will unite and ask for reservations like this. Its better to ask for reservation free india and crores of people would join but obviously NOT under leadership of Hardik Patel. Reservation free india will definitely improve image of india in other countries.

  73. Hardik Patel go n see ur viral video on you tube n then ask ur known ones that are u a good example for any one or not . u r no were like a aam aadmi . there is no concept of aam aadmi in politics … Guys plz search for hardik Patel’s video with a girl on you tube … Really shame full

  74. Yeah dude… Ur every word is a shamefull truth for gujarat… This incident pushed gujarat 10 yrs back…

  75. Hardik Patel got 49% is not problem he raise his voice for Person from general category who don’t get admission in college if he get it in management quota then after getting good marks he didn’t get JOB, so what do you think ancestor of Patel gave PATEL a ” Sona dene vali murgi” which gives gold egg every day, this situation is from the 1948, and yet you guys think Patel are rich how it is possible, and if they are, they have left INDIA long ago, because of reservation, and if you don’t know nobody likes to leave his/her country but because of no JOB and because of hard to get admission in College they have to left INDIA, Otherwise they started business but what about who was doing farming, now after some Generation they didn’t have land because land does not increase as salary, so friend same on you who says that Patel are rich and asking for reservation, put your self in this category and feel it, as you guys who are in OBC and using this INTERNET CONNECTION means they are not poor, and yet you guys don’t want to leave reservation, go to villages there are more PATEL, some of them don’t even have Fan in Summer. Think about all Patel, not only rich Patel, because there is reach people in every cast.

    And some people said why don’t there rich brother help there poor brother, so listen how many ruppees did you gave to you cousin brother or sister, so think about it, no one help other, everyone want to get rich, don’t say that.

    Some said there is more Patel in Gujarat Parliament and CM is Patel, So remove them we don’t want them, they are not going to help us anyway.
    AS YOU SAID, we should asked for removal of Reservation, do you know all people from OBC will oppose that, why don’t they support it if they are GETTING ADMISSION, JOBS, MONEY AND ALL,
    DID YOU EVER NOTICED THAT WHY DIDN’T SINGLE POLITICIAN SAID ABOUT REMOVAL OF RESERVATION, because if he say that then he will not get vote from them, so how you guys think that anybody will support the removal of reservation, if you think another cast will left why they didn’t speak a sing word yet and now they are blaming Patel community for not speaking for other community,

  76. When this system as implemented, there were 2 suggestions . One of them was EBC but high court refused and allowed it to be on cast base. Second thing is it is not about getting reservation for wealth but it is about the justice. If anything that is on talent base then it shouldn’t be judged on reservations. And you are saying that almost all NRI are patel who are rich but dude they are there just because of reservation.

    My support is to the change in education system. Let make it equal and who has no fees to pay can have admission in reservation. We all have different perspective but you will surely notice the suffering of scholar students who don’t get job and commit suiside.

  77. Excellent Letter. Agree with you 100%. Here’s another Idea, Instead of EBC Reservation just provide money or even Free Education to Economically Challenged People, but keep admission as Merit Based Only. Need 90% to get in medical, if one get’s it but can’t afford pay for them.
    Isn’t that better?

  78. Bravo and an excellent letter ny you Nishit! Very well balanced in the approach!
    I am a so called NRI who chose to relocate to gujarat 2 years ago.
    For the 1st time, Patidars led by likes of brat Hardik, shook my confidence in Gujarat! I am grossly disappointed in their behaviour. They really made a show of themselves at the expense of some of us aged by threatening their peaceful life.
    Absolutely out of order, obnoxious and belligerent behaviour by adults!!! What an example to growing children and teenagers-sadly led by people like Hardik who himself appears to be immature!!!

  79. i myself being Patel, dont support Hardik Patel and its cause….. But i dont agree to last point about police ….. there are cctv footage of many cameras in night when there was no people out side still police came there break the gates entered private property and they simply destroyed every vehicles parked over their and even at last damaged cctv…..

    just for proof

    and here people are just seeing outside what is happening with their small children ..

    like this you can get many videos…

    even one more thing what proof do u have the violence was done by patel only… was there any tag on the people who were burning buses and other public property …. there is possibility it might have dont by other anti social elements .. and in surat it is proved to their local anti social elements were the one causing riots….

  80. Amazing Article agreed with most of the things mentioned, Hardick Patel is a Drama Queen like Delhi CM,

    Except for the part where you mentioned Patidar as Landowners is wrong, basically we are farmers not landlords/owners, the real definition of Patidar is different then you know as you might have google it as shows the result of Fake News Provider known as Times,

    Patidar actually means Patels United there are various types in that too then people are aware of most famous are Kadva and Leuvas which also has Sub Categories,

    The rich and wealthy who dominates USA Motels & Highly Developed in India belongs to Leuvas Patel Community, Kadva are still developing still farming hardly 2-5% might have developed completely, rest all of Kadva are either low or middle class.,

    This Reservation system was implemented as per the view of Baba Saheb Ambedkar, he did mentioned the time frame giving enough time for those community to develop if am not wrong the period was supppose to be more more then 20yrs,

    But Mr. Singh and Nehru government later Gandhi’s exploited this part as a vote bank and kept extended it,.

    The best part you said is to remove this entire system and implement EBC, but you do know there would be flaws in this too right?

    I don’t think there are any economic backwards people left in this country specially when even a rickshaw driver uses a Samsung Smart Phone of 15K-30K,

    but i could be wrong also the one’s who are actually really in need never gets help in our country its just good old bribe system that would even place a wealthy person in EBC category,

    Btw do you have the statistic of how much of the population of india really pays Tax? and not just that do they really pay equal to what they earn? as i dont think they do due to our policies, nvm if i start putting forward the con’s… so its better to stop

    I would like to give a example of my best friend who is NT3 cast, never took his 12th Science exams seriously as he was so much full of proud of his cast that he would make in Medical College with just 50%, this entire system is corrupting young minds from work and killing their real potential,

    So its my point of view that if we are eliminating Reservation System dont implement any new System as they would be flaw found and misused again.

  81. Why should Rich patels get reservations, what about Poor people who fall in General quota, don’t they have right to education & equality. Give reservations to anyone but why based on cast or religion. Now every caste, has rich & poor people. Why not people falling under any backward class should get BPL certificate & then get the reservation.

  82. The reason why hardik Patel started this moment is…cause he is just a graduate..super fukat in life…not getting job anywhere,earning he thought if I do this I’ll get famous..there are chances of me getting into politics cause people will vote for him and if the reservation is accepted by the government then he can get admissions and other incentives available to obc..get a life dude…because of people like you India can never be a developed nation ..and if you think your brothers are not getting admission,tell them not to play and study hard dear…we do the same .

    The best thing government should do is no reservation at all…its been more than 60years since independence and still obc and all prevails…grow up,everyone is considered equal now ..everywhere admission and jobs and on merit and how smart you are…so stop crying…thank you

  83. And I forgot ..I have many friends who are obc,sc,st and own merc,bmw,bungalows…now I am poor so should I also ask for reservation? Please let me know Patel …no doubt you are given the right surname..Patel only you are :p

  84. Mr. Modi used to roar in Odisha during election rallies that Orissa people migrate to Guj for good job opportunity. Now what happened to Guj Model that Patidar are demanding OBC status.
    This rally was peaceful but inept handling by police & Gov having ulterior motive turned it violent.
    General caste of Guj are welcome to join this movement rather whole of India should join it & make it à National movement to weed out the injustice.
    This is a right step in right direction by Patidar & Hardik.
    Don’t get distracted by different views posted by different persons & Gov agents. Mr. Modi has mastered that art of using social & electronics media to defame,supress, tarnish any person or movement.
    Speech of Hardik in Hindi is praiseworthy as patidar has AUKAT to lead the movement for the benefit of whole Nation.

  85. This should certainly reach him. How smoothly have you interpreted and described every aspect and action taken place. Well done!

  86. This is a thing on everyone’s mind, atleast on the minds of who really care! Seriously, one man, wanting his way in politics, using a whole community… I used to be very, very proud of my state, Gujarat. But in just one week, the kind of social joke i have become among my friends and relatives from other states and countries.. nothing ever is going to be able to recover this humiliation… Why can’t people give a thought in what they are getting involved? How can a single person be able to mislead such a respectful community? How can this state be ruined by one of the communities who created it? Pity on the man who is wanting to do all this! Pity on the people who follow him!

  87. I think these people are under the false assumption that being labeled under OBC will give them some great upward social mobility.

  88. I do agree on this letter and I am also a Gujarati.
    some citations from my side:

    1) I agree this is not the way that it really should be. Now Patel community can`t ask for complete reservation free India because other backward castes step in which leads to a major riots.That`s why they are asking for their own reservation. What do you want to explain in this point, I didn’t get it.

    2) You showed the photo of the JAGUAR here. I want to tell you that the statistics have been changed, my friend. Same thing happened when some non-patel from Ahmedabad commented after seeing an AUDI at rally that why this guys are asking for reservation and later he came to know that AUDI owner was from the backward caste only!!

    3) Haven’t you heard about anti-social elements which take advantages on this kind of situation. Whatever govt property were damaged in first half by Patels and anti-social elements ,in later half Police is searching for the random innocent people to be get arrested. so at that time people were protecting themselves by stoning at them.

    4) Removal of Reservation based on EBC, I would say a noble work to be carried out in today`s India. If I got it right, You said that there was no proper leadership(yes, i agree), but who will lead this work in proper way? Everybody wants something without doing it. I think we are wasting our time in writing, reading and commenting this kind of OPEN LATTER. If you know proper management, step forward rather than blaming on those who have at least keep their feet in mud.

    this list can go on..I am not opposing you but please think in the protesters’ perspective also.

    In anti-reservation agitation of 1984, there was no conclusion other than ruling party`s resignation. Now it`s BJP ruling for past 20 years and its time to bring the unfair reservation issue which may result into something BJP have to payout to save their heads. Or bring it to be a national issue would at least change something. hope for the best!

  89. nobody wants caste based reservation ! I would say “remove caste”. This is the final solution. I always has question in my mind that why we are the only country having this bullshit?

  90. If the blogger Nishit and those who commented on the blog represent any meaningful per cent of Patels, then, who were the people who had thronged to hear and support the demand made by Hardik Patel ?

  91. Very well written article….. I urge you to translate the same in Hindi or gujarati so it might make more sense to the men who started this movement…. In India easy escape route for any Community is to ask for reservations…. But does the problem ends there.? .. Do they really think by being in any reserved quota they can accomplish what they want for their community…? Unfortunately the answer would be a big no…. If you have capability to achieve something you may not need any reservation and instead of supporting such movements it would be great if the youth of this nation fight for more concrete issues that we as Indians are facing today… Like corruption, illiteracy, ignorance, poverty……. And the list is endless… But that can happen only if we think ourselves to be beyond patels, singhs, rajputs or marathas…. And we start believing that we are Indians……

  92. Mr Jariwala,
    Most people will agree to your conclusion that reservation should be either on EBC ground or reservation should go out right. But if Hardik patel would have agitated to abolish reservation , the communities getting the benefit wiold have been up with arms to fight with Hardik and country may have faced more violence. Hardik Patel demands OBC status for not only Patels but for the whole farming community of the country and by that demand he is not opposing other communities.
    You wrote that Patels are wealthy community but it is not true for all Patels or all farming communities otherwise many of them would not have to take the extreme step of suicide for financial crisis.
    You wrote that Patels are settled in different countries ,but Hardik Patel does not ask for reservation who settled abroad as such talking about the Patels who settled abroad is useless.
    You wrote that Patels are holding land but if they do not earn from farming in small land, how do they will pay for private colleges.
    The number of MLA ,MP and MINISTERS has no relation with wealthy or backwardness. There are many Yadavs in UP assembly and ministry but they have got backward status.
    It is miss governance to give GMDC free ,it is another miss governance to do Lathichage by Police when there were only 2000 people left on the ground. If you want to disperse people you could do it after midnight so that the violence could be minimized because most of the police force was at GMDC.
    The most important point that police acted and behaved like wild animals. No action is taken by the Government unless a few by court orders. What does this indicate ?
    I tell you the right reason . When Hardik told that only CM should come to accept the Memorundam ,the ego of ruling class was hurt.When Hardik told that Nitishkumar of Bihar is also from our community the ego of BJP head was hurt and that resulted in severe police action which resulted in mass violence. Hardik was not speaking by his post or authority but he was speaking on behalf of the mass gathered there.
    As such I agree with your conclusion of EBC reservation but not with your narration to save the face of ruling people,the police and the ruling party.
    The Jin of Reservation is created and prolonged by the political class of the country,let them face the heat of the masses. It is not possible to get butter without stirring the curd for a while.

  93. Really great post by NISHIT JARIWALA.
    When I am school one story of Two cats and Monkey.I think all Gujarati people knows story.Person like Nishit always take benefit from this type of event.shame on you.before this I don’t know this this personal came in national news.
    Why u have taken this advantage from our padidar anamat andolan.
    Only for gain publicity.
    You said ECB reservation system, have youever put any kind of moment of this?
    Any petition for this system,any kind if letter like this (open letter like this )to government or law society.
    One think I want tell you when SARDAR PATEL start united India,he started from junagadh then started to all India. so nay movement has start point.Padidar great hero HARDIK PATEK started like this.Nothing wrong in his action speech.
    I think never heared any speech our politician it that time u have no time do any analysis.
    Before doing any comment please remember your 2015 new year resolution first resolution IN BOLD “NO CRITICISMS”
    CONGURATION for came in NATIONAL Channel.

  94. This is the best way to approach the caste free nations. This movement of hardik patel should be stopped orelse ultimate loss will be to our dear PM. We all should have faith and patience for the betterment of our dear Nation. It will be get better, we will make it but not this way. Now opposition will take maximum benefits of this resulting again into corruption and ressasion and high price on commodity. And Mr.Hardik lotus was effloresce in gujarat long time back and will continue to be… has a long impact in Gujarat so never challenge and say that lotus will not shine in next election. Coz you still dont know youth power……

  95. i read all of ur disscution i want to ask all those patidar brothers nd there family ….u all fight for reservation quota its ohk….i dnt wanna say anything about that but i want to ask u that why lgnite some school ???????do you really think those all students are also responsible for what was happen?????????? that all thing are happen ?????? who gives u rights to make fire on thats sittings banches there books their play ground???nd those teachers offices ….who are always trying to make their students smater nd honest so they can be a future of india …do you really think thay poor students are responsible??????????????

  96. Government has to apply this benefits for EBP (Economical Backword People). If INDIA is nutral for every casts and religions.

  97. hatts off .dude. you are a true Indian. your letter’s every thing is right. i salute your thoughts. you are right we gujjus are came gather, we have also became more crowded unity. but we want peace. if they are great leader sardar ‘s blood relative, we are also have blood of great leader mohandas karamchand gandhi. and we are also have thoughts of him (peacefull living)

  98. Fantastic….. you completely aired my personal views. Agreed, reservation was need of the hour (40-50 years ago), but not now at least. No relevance, except political gains.

  99. Dear Nishit,
    U r exactly right. Hardik has a very bad tone. He has a tone of Dadagiri against the Govt. Tomorrow some body else will come & talk to authority in this way, is it to be honoured ?
    I think, if Hardik is making a political party and fights election on this agenda, he can’t win even a single seat as MLA. This can be considered as challenge if he has guts to prove it. His real strength can be measured. It is right that he has no control over his tongue, but because of Lokshahi, he is tolerated.

    During recent days, we found Jain victory for Santhara, just because they choose the right way. Why Hardik is not choosing that way ? Optionally, he can choose to go for public election, where his real strength can be measured.

    Hardik is exposing his double standard policy. On one side that his movement is not against any caste / community but Govt., but expected results are different. Or he does not disclose exactly what is expected.

    Other communities are keenly watching the results of Dadagiri. If the dadagiri wins here, other communities will be preparing their dadagiri plans for their demands.

  100. Great brother!!!! U really did about what I was thinking to do… I fully support u..
    I request you to take the lead on the topic STOP reservation or any solution for the rights of general category…..
    If a ST person gets a seat he blocks two seats at a time one of the ST category n one of general category.
    So we should suggest to stop this ….. Take the lead… I m with you…

  101. Hats off bro…..
    Every Gujarati was feeling the same about Hardik that he has broke the peace of our native land…
    Wonderful explanation on each and every incident…
    Hope Hardik would read it,understand it and realize it…..
    Awesomely written!!!

  102. Aaj bande ne dikha hee diya, Gundey nahi hain, Entrepreneur hain BC..
    You knw, your word to word belongs to many of our countrymen.

  103. another brainsick soul.. please somebody tell him to complete his education first, then try innovation…

  104. Well said a 22 year old peaceful Gujarati against a 22 year old arrogant Gujarati.
    U raised the voice of the youth
    And this post should definitely read by Hardik patel(an unknown person to me too till 25 Aug 2015).
    A silent slap for him.

    And I think so that a person should be given a position for his ability not according to reservation system.

  105. નીશીતભાઈ ને મારો એક સવાલ છે.

    સમજો કે તમને ને અમને લોકો ને અનામત નથી.ભવિષ્ય ની વાત કરીએ તો તમારો પુત્ર બહુજ હોશિયાર છે અને એને ડોક્ટર થવું છે. એના માટે એ મહેનત પણ કરે છે. 90% ઉપર આવ્યા પછી પણ જો એને અડમીશન ના મળે અને અનામત વાળો 70% એ લઇ જાય તો ? માનો કે ડોનેશન દઈ ને પણ અડમીશન મળ્યું અને નોકરી માં અનામત વાળો લાભ લઇ જાય તો? શોર્ટ માં કહું તો મહેનત કરવા વાળા ને જ જો એની મહેનત ની ફળ ના મળે તો એની મહેનત નું શું?

    પટેલ લોકો મોંઘી ગાડીઓ રાખે છે ને ઘણું કમાય છે.પણ એના છોકરાઓ ને ભણતર માટે કશું જ નથી લારી શકતા કેમ કે અનામત નડે છે. તો નીશીત ભાઈ આ લડાઈ લાભ લેવા નથી. પણ હક લેવા છે.

    ભૂલચૂક માટે માફી। પણ સત્ય ને હકીકત આજ છે.

    જય સરદાર, જય પાટીદાર

    1. પાર્થભાઈ, એટલે જ તો મેં આ પત્રમાં અનામત ને નાબુદ કરી દેવાનું સજેશન આપ્યું છે. અને જો સરકારને અનામત રાખવું જ હોય તો જે ગરીબ છે એમને આપો અનામત. આપણા જેવા યુવાઓ જયારે જાતીવાદને જ નાબુદ કરવાની વાત કરતા હોઈએ તો જાતી માટે અનામત તો ન જ માંગવું જોઈએ. અગર અનામત જ નીકળી જશે તો મારા ખ્યાલથી એડમીશનમાં આગળ જતા કોઈને તકલીફ નહિ થાય.

      જય હિન્દ.

  106. completely agree with you !!!
    Hats off Nishit

    I have many friends who are Patels
    and NEVER NEVER has any Patel friend of mine behaved so violently
    then why is this guy behaving like this?

    + name of our Gujarat is being spoilt too in the process.

  107. You expect us to believe that a 22 yrs is writing to Hardit Patel.Perfect language,correct grammer.We are fools to think that all are fools.You think Modi is not corrupt.All the scams,please check BJP-ruled states.Now check Gujarat,We are still fool not to understand these politicians.The nation is not shocked,BJP is shocked that a young boy could shake Gujarat up.This is the result of so called Model State.People are not paid for work only half in govt offices,teachers get 50% paid.They have to wait for 7 years to get a permanent and get their salary properly.Toilets have no pits in harijan colony in Ahmedabad.Giving loans to Bangladesh and Mongolia and Reliance and Adanis getting contracts for power and telecom lines.We have 55 lakhs villages and 80 lakhs already built as per did not see any such toilets anywhere in india.opening account brought in 22000 crores into banks,interest at 5 % will be 1100 crores.,will go into whose pockets.Mann ki baat or Daan ki Baat.Reddy brothers and Yeddy in karnataka,check Goa mining,MP or Rajasthan etc……..Airports in Gujarat and Rajasthan are with no users.BJP is making noise in Karnataka about corrupt.Aache Din ,no bachhe din ,we have to count and pay the price.Raje and son and Sushma Swaraj has human feelings for Lalit Modi,15 lakhs for every citizen,FDI,UDI,OROP,Netaji files,Article 370,etc,bring Black money.Weak dollar ,strong rupee,are all topi promises by BJP.Scams will be seen soon.Cant disclose name or pay fine and get away,for people with black money.Dont worry be happy.There is a price you pay for every foolish deed one does

  108. Nishit… Really we r thankful to u for standing against him… Let the all gujratis know is Hardik Patel really want the reservation for patels or he just want to be famous between us…

    Really appreciative letter n thinking of u about EBC…

  109. Cast based reservations in education and govt jobs has put the whole of India in turmoil. Even a poor Patel of Gujarat will refuse doles and it is the case with many who value self respect

  110. Hey nishit,
    I am a Patel, I want to tell you one thing that if you are talking about patels in USA, they have done fabulous growth there, am I right or not??

    Behind that only one reason is there : “opportunity”

    You know what I mean….

    As I have completed my diploma from Nirma and the btech admissions process was going on, I was having 16th merit rank, but i shocked when I come to know that i didn’t get admission in any of my top 5 college with this merit rank.

    Just because there were some people who are far away from me in merit but still they can apply on my seat as well as OBC and SC/ST seats in top 5 colleges and get admission. At that time you really feel that it doesn’t matter whether you are getting 90% or 95%, if you are in open general your efforts since last 3 year doesn’t make any sense in admissions

    I m thinking, that agar esa Hi chalta raha to taaliban ya al-qayda jese giroh me Hi shamel hona padega. After facing such situations we are felling that we are under minorities,

    Actually I don’t believe in minorities and all but still ……

  111. Dear Nishit, I dont know who you are or where are you from and although it doesn’t matter…But But But your letter makes clap for and really each and every statement you used for that person was completely awesome and true and really i agree with you…
    As after 2002 godhra riots this was the first and very shameful incident happen in our peaceful state gujarat..Patels who always say this particular statement that ” Patel the name is enough” i was believing in it but now i don’t and will never be…The solution which you gave are best because either the less economical person should get reservation or everyone should have be capable to get the employment..The capable person who deserves should be given either he/she is from backward class or not it should not be the case..

  112. Hey Mr. 22 year old gujarati,,, you are indirectly pointing that if some patidar owns the major companies,,then any patidar who is not able to have 1 dish of rice in a day wouldn’t get advantage of reservation ???

  113. Mr. 22 year old gujarati u mean to say that patidar owns land, so is that right to give advantage to others just because we had once own the land means we dont have a right to study,,, are u exactly pointing this ????

  114. We dont have right to study because our grandparents owned some patch of land,,,, hehehehehe are u really 22 year old ??????