Police catches two friends while they deliver a mysterious parcel. What happened next?

Ketan gets a call at midnight and he and his friend are forced to deliver a parcel at midnight. One the way to their delivery, they are caught by the police. What happens next will leave you in amazement! Watch this Gujarati short film.

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Film Credits

  • Produced by: Entex Production
  • Co Produced by: FPS Pictures
  • In Association with: V3 Films Creation Art & BuddyBits
  • Directed by: Bhavin Patil
  • Production Manager / Designer & Editor: Aman Sukhadia
  • Special Thanks to: Mehul Surti
  • Cast: Hiren Vaidya, Setu Upadhaya, Nilya Jokhakar, Pranav Vaidya, Satyen Naik, Visnu Gohil