10 Ways to Make Money While Studying in College

10 Ways to Make Money While Studying in College!

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If you’re a student and you need to buy something you like, you don’t really have many options. You can sell something you have, you can get a part time job or you can ask your parents for money. None of these seem very appealing. You do, however, have another option: You can start a business.

There are a lot of business ideas you can find while you walk around your neighbourhood and talk to your neighbours. There is always something you can do which someone wants and is willing to pay you for it. To cut a little bit of groundwork we have assembled for you a list of 10 business ideas that you can try if you are a student.

1. Tuitions

You can make a lot money teaching students of lower standards/grades. Most parents are looking for a tutor that understands school system very well. So you can start by scouting students in your neighbourhood who go to the same school you attend/ed.

2. Babysitting

Parents need some time alone away from kids. You can be their savior. Make sure that you like being around kids. Dig into some gossip around your house and find out if someone needs a baby sitter. You can even post ads in your locality to let people know that you are offering your service.

3. Reselling Local Products Online

If you know something that online buyers will pay a premium for; something that you can find in your neighbourhood, sell it! Reselling local products online is can be a great business if you have the right product. There are a lot of people looking for things that you cannot usually find online. Find this niche market and start making money.

4. Broker

If you are the kind of person that knows a lot of useful people then you can start making money from your connections. Be a broker of whatever interests you. You can set your own times for meetings so you will not fall back on your studies.

5. Mobile apps

If you have an interest in coding then you can develop apps in your free time. You can take projects as a freelancer or you can develop your own apps to sell on the app stores. You don’t even have to make anything complex. Simple apps are often the ones that blow up. Just making an app for solving a simple problem is what you need to do. Revenue from ads and purchases is attractive.

6. Blogging

If you are into writing, find something you are passionate about and start writing about it. Make a website dedicated to the topic. Make it your habit to post regularly and this you can convert this hobby into a business.

7. YouTube

If you are a video buff and you have something to show to the world then YouTube can be a great place to start. There are people who make a living just by YouTube’s ad revenue. While you may not get as many views as the popular channels in the beginning, you can create a fan base in no time if you have something unique to share.

8. Event Coordinator

Planning events is a very tedious task involving a lot of work that people will avoid if they can. This can be your chance to help them and earn some pocket money in the process. Your job is to simply coordinate and plan the event so everything goes on smoothly. And this job has gotten a lot easier with the internet and smartphones.

9. Interior Decorating

If you have a knack for interior designing you can lend your services to people who want to redecorate their place but don’t want to spend much on it. You can try out your new designs with these people to get an idea about your own skills.

10. Proofreading and Editing

Have great language skills and excellent grammar? You can get work at home using these skills to proofread and edit works by other people. There aren’t many people looking for an editor but if you find a market then you can make a good buck from your home.

Bonus: Share Notes & Earn Money

You can share your notes online and earn money for it. One such site which provides rewards for sharing notes is OneClass.

Do you know any more ways to make money while studying? Tell us in comments below.

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