Bigg Boss 9’s theme Double Trouble Explained!

Final list of contestants of Bigg Boss 9!

Yet another season of the most popular Indian TV reality show is out and we can’t wait to see contestants locked up in the house for over 100 days. List of contestants participating in Bigg Boss 9 is out, almost. And the theme of the show is also out. Ninth season of the show will be based on the theme “Double Trouble” as per the promos. But what does it really mean? What are we in for? Read on to find out.

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Bigg Boss’ Double Trouble Explained

According to BuddyBits, two contestants (strangers to each other) will be tied in a pair. Contestants will be entered in the show in pairs according to us. They will vote in pairs, they will nominate in pairs; in short they will have to do everything inside the house of Bigg Boss as a pair. All the decisions will be accepted in pairs. If you think, Bigg Boss is coming up with a unique concept, you are wrong. The same concept has been adopted in the Big Brother show (from which the concept of Bigg Boss is adopted) in year 2014. Big Brother 11 (Australia) had same concept in that particular season. And it was fun to watch them in pairs. As Bigg Boss 9 promos suggest, the drama in the show will be almost double!

Now let’s wait for the show to air to begin the fun ride. Till then, stay tuned to BuddyBits for stories around the world. Write down your views in comments below.

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