Kapil Sharma wants to invite Narendra Modi in Comedy Nights!

Kapil Sharma to invite Narendra Modi in Comedy Nights with Kapil

Kapil Sharma is the television sensation and Narendra Modi is the political sensation of India. Who wouldn’t want to see both of them together on a single platform? Well, our wish might come true if Kapil succeed to bring Indian Prime Minister to his show Comedy Nights with Kapil.

Kapil Sharma recently did a show in Canada where political figures of Canada attended his live show. Since then, Kapil has a wish to bring Narendra Modi to his show. His show is coming back after a break again very soon. And don’t be surprised if he brings the most loved political figure of India to his show. Yes, he will try to bring him to the show. Kapil is confident about Modi accepting his invite to join the show. Now let’s wait for the new season of the show to see if Kapil succeeds to bring Narendra Modi or not. Till than, stay tuned to BuddyBits for news around the globe.

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